Amy Schumer smiling on red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of 'I Feel Pretty' held at the Regency Village Theatre

No Photoshop. No Makeup. Amy Schumer Gets 100% Real Post-Op

The beloved comedian's recent surgery came with some scary surprises. One week later, she says finding them in time saved her life.
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After what seemed like an uphill battle, Amy Schumer gave her fans a post-surgery update over the weekend. Thankfully, she’s doing A-okay. And we couldn’t be happier for her.

Donning her “Recovery Mode” tee, Schumer announced it was time to let everyone know “what’s up” via Instagram. After keeping her followers fully in the know on her difficult medical journey, she proudly told her fans she’s “feeling stronger and thrilled about life.”

However, the routine hysterectomy didn’t exactly go as planned.

Schumer Cried Through All of The Findings

As it turns out, Schumer’s serious surgery ultimately confirmed related medical issues. In fact, she says those hidden issues were actually causing most of her suffering.

As noted by Yahoo!, three unexpected findings led to a somewhat scary situation, but they also brought Amy much-needed relief. After testing positive for endometriosis in her uterus, Schumer’s doctor wound up removing her appendix as well. Apparently, the endometriosis had begun to attack it, and a dangerous tumor was also revealed. With little time to mull it over, she knew it had to go.

Never losing her sense of humor, she also took to social media to spread awareness about a condition she says is too often undiagnosed.

Amy Schumer poses for hospital mirror selfie on her Instagram account with caption "if you have painful periods, you might have endometriosis"

Amy admits she wasn’t emotionally prepared to learn about any of it, including what she calls the “chocolate cysts on both ovaries” (noncancerous, fluid-filled cysts). After “crying through every finding”, Schumer and the doctors agreed there was no better (or more crucial) time to make all necessary removals.

One week later, Schumer says her mind is at ease and her energy levels are up as her body continues to heal.

Her Mysterious “Lifelong Pain” Is Gone

All along the way, the beloved comedienne has been very candid about her medical battles, including her difficult pregnancy and hyperemesis. After last week’s surgery, Schumer claims the “lifelong pain” she thought may never end was not only connected to the findings but fully “lifted” out of her body once and for all.

“All my lifelong pain explained and lifted out of my body. I am already a changed person. I am busting with joy for the new energy I have to be with my son,” the Trainwreck star gushed.

It’s been a trying year for Amy Schumer, who also suffers from Lyme disease. As she documented her surgery journey as it unfolded, she held nothing back, including how exceedingly difficult some of this has really been. Looking back, Schumer says it was worth it.

She’s Turning Her Pain Into A Powerful Platform

The leading lady revealed that her energy levels returned almost immediately after surgery, adding that she’s been nothing but grateful for the ongoing support from her fans. But just because surgery is over, doesn’t mean she’s done with “the issue.”

Amy Schumer speaks atBlogHer18 creators summit Women inspiring women

What Schumer’s been through has seemingly sparked her desire to help others more than ever before. In a powerful social media message to those who may be suffering in similar ways, she says that women are always told to “tough it out” in times like this, but that’s not how she sees it one bit.

Calling this experience proof of what’s possible, Schumer says, “We have a right to live pain-free.”