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Cosplayers That Brought the Characters to Life

From ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ to ‘Twilight’, these cosplayers brought our favorite characters to life.
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There has recently been an uptick in cosplayers branching out from movie and game characters to books. And they’ve been doing just as well as, if not better than, the adaptations based on popular books. Some of the cosplayers on this list brought back some fan favorites of the early 2000s, while others are giving us a glimpse at what could be in future adaptations. So, did your favorite character come to life in one of these pictures?

Tric and Mia from ‘Nevernight’

Tric and Mia from Nevernight
@pieraforde on Instagram

I’m going to cheat a little bit because while these pictures were for a miniseries based on Nevernight, it started as a cosplay from Piera (@pieraforde). Author of Nevernight, Pierce Brown, supported the making of the miniseries which covered just a portion of the first book.

Piera portrayed the protagonist Mia, while Jordi (@jordilegit) played Tric. The photo of the duo was taken by @giosiregar, and the picture of just Piera was taken by @ktbsaysrelax. More episodes of the series were being planned a few years ago, but so far, no more news has come about it.

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Cinder and Levana from ‘The Lunar Chronicles’

Cinder and Levana from Lunar Chronicles
@itsamycos on Instagram

With the announcement of The Lunar Chronicles being adapted, more cosplays have popped up recently. But I’m going back to one of the original cosplayers that got me into the series. Amy (@itsamycos) took on the challenge of cosplaying the part-cyborg Cinder.

Amy made the prosthetic leg and hand out of foam, but it looks like metal. Levana was portrayed by @the_eco_cosplayer when the two cosplayers collaborated on videos and photos. I can only hope the movies do the characters just like this duo did.

Lou Le Blanc from ‘Serpent and Dove’

Lou Le Blanc from Serpent and Dove
@throneofyabooks on Instagram

Even though I could barely get through Serpent and Dove, I have to admit the cosplays of Lou and other characters have all been amazing. Liz (@throneofyabooks) brought the character to life and edited the photos exactly how I imagined the magic in my very long read-through of the first book.

Liz is an Australian cosplayer who has only done bookish cosplays, but with the quality of those looks, I’m nowhere near disappointed. If I had to choose a favorite of these two photos, it’s definitely Liz devouring a pastry just like Lou would.

Zoey Redbird from ‘House of Night’

Zoey Redbird from House of Night Series
@andreasophia.c on Instagram

House of Night hasn’t been in the spotlight much, and that’s a shame. It’s one of my favorite vampire series from the 2000s that has yet to make it to television screens. But, the authors and fans have been reaching out to several streaming platforms and networks to get it onscreen already.

Andrea (@andreasophie.c) was the person who reminded me of my love of the series through her spotless cosplays. Zoey is one of my favorite characters of all time, and Andrea has done her justice through her TikToks and makeup work.

Rosalie Hale from ‘Twilight’

Rosalie Hale from Twilight
@lizlacosplay on Instagram

Moving on to another of my favorite vampires from books, Liz (@lizlacosplay) cosplayed Rosalie Hale from Twilight in two iconic looks. Her first try at Rosalie was from the night she was turned into a vampire, while her second was from the baseball scene.

My first introduction to Liz was through her recreations of the scene where Rosalie got revenge on her husband on TikTok. Fun fact: Liz used her mother’s wedding dress as Rosalie’s. I can’t wait to see what other Rosalie looks this cosplayer might have up her sleeve.

Kaz Brekker from ‘Six of Crows’

Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows
@daggerear.noah on Instagram

I have never seen a Kaz Brekker cosplay so good that it knocked my socks off until I saw Noah’s (@daggerear.noah). They look exactly like what I pictured when I read Six of Crows and even looks like the actor who was cast to play Kaz in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone.

Noah has even more cosplays on their Instagram from anime, movies, and other books. And they have even more on their TikTok, where you can see their interpretation of several characters, including Kaz and several Attack on Titan characters.

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Jude Duarte from ‘Cruel Prince’

Jude Duarte from Cruel Prince
@adrestia on Instagram

So many cosplayers have tried their hand at the hair horns of Jude Duarte, and all have been breathtaking. That said, only Adrestia (@adrestia) has made Jude’s looks from both the first and third books.

Adrestia made the entire cosplay herself, from the armor to the hair horns to the props. Her partner Kyle (@tw1tch3n) took the photos, and let’s just say they captured the cosplay perfectly. This makes me want to re-read the series with Adrestia in mind as Jude.

Ginny Weasley from ‘Harry Potter’

Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter
@thestarseternal on Instagram

I won’t lie; I didn’t love the movie franchise’s take on Ginny Weasley. So, when I see someone cosplay her, I always get excited, especially on TikTok. Without fail, cosplayers managed to capture the wit and attitude of the Weasley daughter better than Warner Brothers.

Crystal (@thestarseternal) read the books for the first time recently and immediately threw together a Ginny cosplay upon finishing the series. Her friend and fellow Potterhead, Sierra (@theneriumqueen), edited the photo and added Hogwarts in the background. Crystal’s sister Scarlett (@scarlettgrayphoto) took the picture.

Lily Evans from ‘Harry Potter’

Lily Evans from Harry Potter
@starkkates on Instagram

While I’m talking about fiery redheads from Harry Potter, I might as well talk about Kate’s (@starkkates) take on Lily Evans. Kate took and edited the photos herself, and the pictures look like they were taken in the 80s like she wanted.

Kate is better known for her OCs from her Marvel and Harry Potter fanfictions, but she’s tried her hand at other characters from books to movies. Some of her other popular cosplays are Lily Luna Potter, Annabeth Chase, and Marlene McKinnon (also a Harry Potter character).

The Black Family from ‘Harry Potter’

The Black Family Marauders Era from Harry Potter
@the.noblehouseofblack on Instagram

As a way of promoting her business in 2020, Sasha Sloan (@sashaesloan) put together a fan series based on Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Andromeda Black during the Harry Potter Marauder era. The second season, which was paused when Sasha became Miss Utah, expanded to include Regulus and Sirius, too.

Sasha portrays Narcissa while her sister Summer (@summersloanalvey) is Andromeda, and her cousin Karina (@karinagillette) is Bellatrix. Trevan (@trevan_gillette) and Kaden (@caldwellkaden) portray Regulus and Sirius Black, respectively, in season two. I’m patiently (okay, maybe a bit impatiently) awaiting the rest of the fan series.

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Nesta from ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’

Nesta at Starfall from ACOTAR
@itssarahw_ on Instagram

Though Nesta isn’t my favorite character, Sarah (@itssarahw_) makes me want to love her based solely on her cosplay photo and videos. This photo shows Sarah as Nesta at Starfall during A Court of Silver Flames with stars splattered on her cheeks.

Sarah posts most of her cosplay looks on TikTok, but she has pictures and videos from some of her past projects on her Instagram. If Hulu is looking for their Nesta already, hire Sarah because I can’t imagine anyone embodying her attitude and personality better.

Bryce Quinlan from ‘Crescent City’

Bryce Quinlan from Crescent City on Instagram

As Bryce is quickly becoming a favorite Sarah J. Maas character for many, it was bound to happen that cosplays of her would pop up everywhere. And they have, but one of my favorites so far has been from Morri (

She’s best known for her “Toddler Spidey” and superhero cosplays on TikTok. Bryce is Morri’s second book cosplay, with Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses being before. And while that photo looked terrific, I can’t get past the editing that makes Morri the beloved half-fae from Crescent City.

The Women of ‘Throne of Glass’

The Women of Throne of Glass
@macaylacarlene on Instagram

If you’ve read the Throne of Glass series, you know there are a ton of kick-butt women who run the show. Macayla (@macaylacarlene) gathered a group of women and put together this shoot, from hair and makeup to creative direction. I can’t find a thing I don’t love about this group cosplay.

From left to right, we have Shiniqua (@shiniquascott) at Yrene, Macayla as Lysandra, Chelsea (@chelseadrum) as Manon, Alisha (@alishamurray_) as Nesryn, Ruby (@rubyinbloom) as Ansel, and Kristyn (@kristynirena) as Aelin. The photos were taken by Kimberly (@kimi4228).

Minthe, Persephone, and Artemis from ‘Lore Olympus’

Persephone, Artemis, and Minthe from Lore Olympus
@vain.virgos on Instagram

Moving on from a new BookTok favorite to another, we have three Lore Olympus goddesses brought to life by @vain.virgos (they go by Vain Virgo) and Lia (@liathemenace). The Persephone (Vain and pink) and Artemis (Lia and purple) picture was taken by Terry Joo (

Vain has cosplayed several characters on her TikTok and Instagram, but her Minthe (red) is one of my absolute favorites. Every cosplay they do is fantastic, and I keep waiting to see what they come up with next. Lia doesn’t cosplay often, but when she does, she looks just as impressive as her Artemis look.

The Gods and Goddesses from ‘Lore Olympus’

Lore Olympus Group Photos
@caoimhe on Instagram | @jasminepaigemoore on Instagram

While I’m on the subject of Lore Olympus, I can’t skip over the cosplay group that introduced me to the graphic novel. Caoimhe (@caoimhe) got the group together, took the photos, and edited them. And nearly everyone in the group has the images posted on their accounts. Caoimhe and her friends have continuously killed it with any cosplay they come up with.

Caoimhe is Persephone (pink), with her partner Hades (light blue) portrayed by Jennings (@jenningsbrower). Krystal (@misskrisscosplay) is Hecate (dark blue), Mallory (@mallory_scheidel) is Hera (yellow woman), Doc (@doc_egemba) is Zeus (purple), Jasmine (@jasminepaigemoore) is Minthe (red), and Daniel (@mrdanielduenas) is Poseidon (yellow man).