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The Best of the Spider-Hero Suits

There have been numerous Spider-Heroes from Marvel with iconic suits. But which ones were the best?
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When it comes to the many spider-based heroes, from Peter Parker to Miles Morales, there have been more than a handful of great suits. But with great suits come some really iffy costume choices. I waded through pictures on pictures to find the best of the best. And yes, I played the games for “research purposes.” I had to see if I could unlock all the suits!

From the comics to the MCU, I found the 15 Spider-Hero suits that look amazing and capture the character wearing them perfectly.

Spirit Spider Suit

Peter Parker's Spirit Spider Suit
Sony | Insomniac Games

When I first saw this suit, I couldn’t tell what I was looking at. I had to take a break from Marvel’s Spider-Man to look up the origin of the suit because I hadn’t seen it before. I honestly thought Ghost Rider wanted to be a spider for a day.

In Incredible Hulks Annual (I know, not even a Spider-Man comic!), Bruce Banner resurrects a dead Peter Parker, who in turn becomes the Ghost Spider. And while I prefer Gwen’s Spider-Ghost, this is a close second for ghostly arachnid heroes.

Spider-Man Noir Suit

Spider-Man Noir Suit

This might not be the most creative suit in the world, but I love it. It’s so interesting, from the concept to the actual construction, that I can’t stop thinking about it. And no, it’s nothing like the Noir suit from Spider-Man: Far From Home; it’s so much better.

To make the suit, Peter used Uncle Ben’s old army uniform and crafted a costume for stealth. But that’s not what makes me like it so much; that would have to be the fedora and trench coat that he sometimes wears with it. It’s so out there that it makes sense.

PS4 Stealth Suit

Spider-Man's PS4 Stealth Suit AKA Big Time
Sony | Insomniac Games

Why do I love this so much? I think it’s the combination of neon green and black. As if the color scheme wasn’t enough, this suit also has proper padding and reinforcement.

Also called the “Big Time” suit, it’s the one you’re going to want to pay for when playing Marvel’s Spider-Man game. The design is based on one that debuted in the Amazing Spider-Man comics but somehow made it better.

Scarlet Spider II Suit

Scarlet Spider II Suit
Sony | Insomniac Games

While I like the original Scarlet Spider suit, I can’t help loving the upgraded version more. The design just looks seamless and doesn’t let the red become too much. There’s very little black, but the darkness of the red seems to tone down the whole get-up.

It was a pain to get this suit, but I’m so glad I did. Despite it not having any special powers like some of the others, it’s just fun to see a blood-red figure swinging around New York City. And let’s not forget to mention the red eyes that tie the whole look together!

Miles Morales’s Purple Reign Suit

I’m only including this one because I love the Funko Pop! so much. Yes, it looks fantastic in the Spider-Man: Miles Morales game, but the figurine does it justice. The colors are unique to other Spider-Heroes, so maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to it.

Using his Prowler technology, Miles’s uncle Aaron made Miles this suit. It features claws and a utility belt that could be helpful in combat in a real fight if needed. But I think my favorite thing is the eyes glowing green.

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Anya Corazon’s Spider-Girl Suit

Anya Corazon's Spider-Girl Suit

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Anya Corazon needs more recognition. She’s one of the coolest characters, and her suits always kill it. While I prefer her original black-and-white suit, her new ones look just as great on her.

While I don’t necessarily think it’s the best suit of all the Spider-Man heroes, it works well for her. My only gripe would be the shape of the spider symbol, but that’s just me being knit-picky. I just hope she gets some live-action time with this suit one day.

Ultimate Spider-Woman Suit

Ultimate Spider-Woman Suit

Out of all the Spider-Hero suits worn by women, the Ultimate Spider-Woman suit Jessica Drew dons is my favorite. I loved it so much that it became the first cosplay suit I ever purchased for myself. And I have no regrets.

Instead of the yellow “Black Widow” symbol on the front, we get a primarily red suit with a black spider symbol. And maybe it’s just me, but I prefer more subtle suits most of the time (with the exception of Sam Wilson’s Captain America suit).

Silk Suit

Cindy Moon's Silk Suit

There’s just something about the pops of red in Cindy Moon’s super suit. After her very first suit was made from her own webs, this was perfect for her superhero journey. I really love the design of the webbing being within the spider symbol on her torso.

Instead of a full-body suit like Peters, she opted to just cover the lower half of her face and let her hair flow. I can’t wait to see how Sony translates that to the screen when she finally makes it to live-action.

Ghost-Spider Suit

Gwen Stacy's Ghost-Spider Suit
Marvel | Sony | Columbia Pictures | Arad Productions | Lord Miller Productions | Pascal Pictures

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include Gwen Stacy’s suit. While it’s not my absolute favorite suit in the world, I love every detail in it. From the ballet shoes to the cowl, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Instead of going with the typical blue and red scheme from Peter Parker’s or the black and red of Miles’s, Gwen’s suit is a bit more in your face. The white, blue, and pinks stand out, so maybe it’s not the best for surveillance, but it’s too dang cute not to like.

Symbiote Suit

Peter Parker's Symbiote Suit

When I compare the symbiote suits from the comics and Spider-Man 3, I have to be honest – I prefer the comic version. And I just hope we finally see a new take on it in the MCU if Tom’s Peter finally gets to face off with Venom.

The symbiote suit is Venom’s take on the Spider-Man suit, so I prefer the comics for capturing that really well. Like in Venom, I would want a suit made of the alien to look slick instead of super-textured. And that’s why the comic version is my favorite.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Suit

Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man 2 Suit
Marvel | Sony | Columbia Pictures | Arad Productions | Matt Tolmach Productions

Out of the three Spider-Men we’ve gotten – Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland – Andrew’s is my favorite. The 3D detailing combined with the darker tones of the Spider-Man palette just hit differently than most other live-action Peter Parker suits.

When the two The Amazing Spider-Man films came out, his suits looked like they were modernizing the original suit. And I love it. I’m so glad it made a reappearance in No Way Home, along with Andrew’s hilarious comedic lines.

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Miles Morales’s 2099 Suit

Miles Morales's 2099 Suit
Sony | Insomniac Games

There’s just something about cowls on Spider suits that look so perfect. With other heroes, it might not make sense, but Gwen and Miles make them work. The colors of the suit are just the ideal upgrade for the next suit on this list.

The original Miles suit was just black and red, but the 2099 suit has black, red, white, and blue throughout it. And let’s not skip out on those light-up eyes – they look so cool in the game. I just wish we could get this suit next to the new Captain America suit because they’d look great next to each other.

Miles Morales’s ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Suit

Miles Morales's Into the Spider-Verse Suit
Marvel | Sony | Columbia Pictures | Arad Productions | Lord Miller Productions | Pascal Pictures

Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer the Into the Spider-Verse suit more than the original black and red comic suit Miles Morales donned. With and without the jacket, it just fits Miles’s style of fighting crime and personality more than nearly any other suit.

I especially love the way his spider symbol looks like it was spray-painted on – primarily because if you’re making a crime-fighting suit on a meager budget, paint is a great option. I wish we’d gotten to see more of that when Peter Parker was introduced to the MCU.

Peter Parker’s MCU Iron Spider Suit

Tom Holland's Iron Spider Suit
Marvel | Sony | Columbia Pictures | Pascal Pictures

When it comes to the MCU suits, the Iron Spider is one of my favorites – and probably will stay that way despite likely never being used again. It was just unlike any Spider-Man suit I had seen before and actually looked like a spider.

Instead of the typical cloth-like fabric, it was metal and nanotechnology. But it’s not the shiny look that I loved about it – it was the spider legs and F.R.I.D.A.Y. Out of all the features the computer could use, “instant kill” will always get me.

Miles Morales’s Programmable Matter Suit

After playing through Spider-Man: Miles Morales recently, I have to admit I found a Spider-Man suit I like more than the MCU’s Iron Spider. At the same time, it’s kind of a cop-out because the Programmable Matter Suit Miles wears features some of the same features as the Iron Spider.

For all the same reasons, I loved the look of Miles’ suit. While the appendages that come out of the back don’t look precisely like spider legs, I love the look of them. Instead of trying to be super spidery, they look mechanical. And I just love that about it. I hope we get to see it in a future movie.