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Bookish Gifts Perfect for the Book Lover in Your Life

Tired of getting books for the readers in your life? Try one of these gifts that will bring a smile to their face.
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It may sound easy to find a present for the book lovers in your life, but sometimes giving them books just gets stale for you. There are so many other things that could fill their bookshelves, make reading a little easier, or just let them show their love of books to the world. If you’re unsure what to get them, a certified book lover (that’s me) is here to help narrow down the perfect present.


Kindle Oasis and Kindle Fire

This might be an obvious choice, but Kindles are perfect for readers who travel a lot or just don’t have the space for more books. Kindles aren’t the only reading tablets, but they are the most popular. It’s also a little difficult to choose the right one, so here’s what I know from living with Kindle users.

The original Kindle is the cheapest but doesn’t have as many features as the Paperwhite or Oasis. There are two kid options available that limit what can be downloaded, meaning children can’t read mature material. The Paperwhite is more popular because the coloring is less harsh on the eyes.

Book Lights

Book Light Snitch and Flat
The Apollo Box | FIREBOX

Does your book lover spend hours reading past their bedtime? Get them a book light that keeps them from straining their eyes. There are so many choices, from flat lights that illuminate entire pages to clip-on with adjustable necks. I even found one that looks like a snitch flying over the pages.

When I had one, it saved me a ton of trouble and kept my parents from knowing I was up at 2 a.m. Whichever book light you gift, I can guarantee it will be used almost daily. Prices typically range from $5 to $20, but some reach upwards of $100 if they’re super-fancy.

Ember Temperature Mugs

Ember Temperature Control Mugs

Ember has mugs and accessories perfect for people that drink tea or coffee while reading or people that are always on the go. The company makes three varieties of mugs, as well as charging coasters, halo lids, and car chargers.

The travel mug only comes in black and can hold up to 12 ounces. The battery can also last three hours on its own. The other two cups have 10-ounce and 14-ounce options available in a variety of colors. The 10-ounce cups can last for 1.5 hours on battery, while 14 ounces can last for 80 minutes.

Jane Austen Inspired Mugs

Jane Austen Mugs
The Literary Gift Company | @bookishwonder on Redbubble

Does your reader love romance, the classics, or Jane Austen? Then do I have the perfect present for you to give them? In addition to anything related to the queen of romance, a Jane Austen-inspired mug full of Earl Grey Tea could transport them to the Longbourn estate.

The mugs I’ve found for friends have ranged from $5 to $25 for one cup, but I’m sure there are some larger sets. One of my favorites is the one showcasing Austen’s lovely characters. As Jane Austen once said in Mansfield Park, “I would rather have nothing but tea.”

Soft Blankets

Soft Blankets Chunky Knit and Lord of the Rings
@NotVeryLadyLike on Etsy | @SOFTYinc on Etsy

When I read, I have to have a comfy blanket covering me. I can guarantee your book lover would love to have one, or more, too. You could go in many directions with a soft blanket, but here are my favorite two types. The first has book-inspired designs, while the other is a chunky knit blanket.

The chunky knits can get expensive, but that’s only because they’re made with quality materials by people who have mastered the art. When it comes to blankets with bookish quotes, characters, or scenes, you can tell they’re book lovers, as well.

Bath Caddies and Laptop Desks

Bath Caddy
Still Serenity

For people who like reading in the bath, this is a lifesaver. I’m still mourning the loss of one of my favorite books that my mom dropped in the water. When buying a bath caddy, make sure it has a spot for a drink and a place to hold a book.

And for the readers that read on a tablet or laptop, or even people who love reading in bed, a laptop desk is a great idea. Most are adjustable so that you can have it as far away or as close to your lap as you want. Some even have pieces that serve as a holder for books.

Umbra Concealed Wall Shelf

Umbra Wall Shelves
Pottery Barn | Umbra

Have you ever seen those pictures with books floating on walls? I discovered how to do it, and it will be perfect for whoever you’re shopping for. Umbra makes durable products, so get to buying these before they sell out this holiday season.

These shelves have hooks on the underside that you put one cover in and lay the rest flat on top. They’re super easy to install, easy to clean, and hold a surprising amount of books. The small shelves can hold up to 15 pounds, and the large hold up to 20 pounds.


IKEA | Overstock | Scully and Scully

You can almost never go wrong with bookshelves. Even better if your book lover recently moved or is looking for new furniture. There are plenty of options to choose from, either going with the clean white Ikea look or more ornate, unique shelves.

The most popular that you’ve probably seen on social media — especially from the book side of Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube — is the IKEA Billy Bookcase. Others I found that I would love to have include one that can serve as a nightstand or end table and one that looks like a spiral staircase.

Nightstand Book Holder

COLwood Wooden Bookmark
@COLwoodCraft on Etsy

Some book lovers use bookmarks, some stop reading when a chapter ends, and some don’t do either of those things. For those people, COLwood’s book holder could be the perfect way to save their place and save time searching for the page number.

The triangle shape has the perfect angle to keep the spine from breaking and has space in the middle to place reading glasses or other reading accessories. You can find more of these only, but this one is able to come in a variety of colors.

Bookish Candles

Candles Literature and Old Book Inspired
Uncommon Goods | @SMELLSLIKEBOOKS on Etsy

I have so many of these that I’ve either bought myself or received from friends and family, and I have loved every single one of them. And I can almost guarantee your reader will, too. You can find candles inspired by characters, book tropes, authors, or settings for reasonable prices.

Some stores specializing in these types of candles are Wick and Fable, Smells Like Books, and Frostbeard Studio. And if you want to go another route, check out TikTok to find Bath and Body Works scents that “match” characters, according to super-fans.

Perfumes, Colognes, and Fragrances

Cologne Dorian Gray Inspired
Ravenscourt Apothecary

I’m not saying your booklover smells bad; I’m just saying they can experiment with perfumes and colognes if they like that kind of stuff. I stumbled across book- and author-inspired fragrances one day on Etsy and found a surprisingly large variety.

Some companies, like Alt., have inconspicuous labels that look like they’re not bookish. Others go all in, like ThinkGeek’s Khaleesi-based fragrance that looks like a dragon egg. I even found a Dorian Gray fragrance that looks like it could fit in his house.

Custom Bookplate Stamp and Embossers

Custom Book Stamp and Embosser
@PaperPeachShop on Etsy | @MonicaGiftFinds on Etsy

This is only one way to customize your bookish BFF’s books and shelves. I got a stamp early in 2020 and stamped every single book I owned at the time. Unfortunately for me, I have a lot more books that need stamping. That means passing the time during book slumps by stamping books.

There are tons of options from minimalistic to ornate, large and small, self-inking and traditional. Another choice is getting them an embosser that leaves uncolored imprints on pages, but they are a little less portable than some stamps.

Book-Inspired Coloring Books

Coloring Books ACOTAR and Throne of Glass
Bloomsbury Publishing | Bloomsbury YA

While some official coloring books are based on books, like A Court of Thorns and Roses, Throne of Glass, and The Selection, Etsy has even more to choose from. The coloring books include images and passages describing specific scenes. And I can’t applaud the artists enough for their work.

I have a few, and I could easily spend all my time coloring away. It’s a way to see the fantasy worlds in a new light while also adding personalized touches to them. If you want an official book, check out Amazon. But, if you want one from lesser-known artists, definitely look at Etsy sellers.

Bookish Clothing

Bookish Clothing
@BlissfullyBookish on Etsy | @CustomixDesign on Etsy

According to Etsy’s search results, you can find a lifetime-worth of clothing based on books, especially Sarah J. Maas’s works. Before buying anything, though, make sure it matches their everyday style. And if you can find a complete outfit, even better.

Etsy, Redbubble, and Her Universe have some of my favorites. Etsy and Redbubble are usually a little more heavy-handed in their designs. Still, you can find a few subtle nerdy clothes. Her Universe has some stylish clothing options based on so many different fandoms.

Book-Inspired Accessories and Bags

Bookish Jewelry and Bags
@ConsultingFanGeeks on Etsy | @FamilyHouseStampin on Etsy

You can never go wrong with bookish jewelry, purses, wallets, and tote bags. You could even go “nerdier” and get a book sleeve that protects books from getting damaged in bags. There’s no shortage of choices from Etsy sellers to big brands like BoxLunch.

Some of my favorite jewelry pieces that I wear out and about were inspired by books. And, if you plan ahead of time, you can get clothing and jewelry that are all based on the same books and series. Regardless of what you get your reader, they’re bound to use these accessories all the time.


Bookmarks HP
@ShopGigiAndBo on Etsy

I am a certified bookmark fiend, even though I only use three of the ones I own. There are millions of options, from paper to wooden to magnetic to beaded to metal to resin. My favorites are paper and magnetic, and I prefer buying them from small businesses.

The book side of Tiktok even made dagger-shaped bookmarks go out of stock for a few months. The same people who did that also made “book darts” famous, meaning we can tab books without the potential for ripped pages.

Bookish Pins

Book-Inspired Pins
@BookaholicStore on Etsy | @BlissfullyBookish on Etsy

There is no shortage of book-inspired pins, no matter what book or series you choose. They can get pricey, but they are so worth it. Nerdy Ink used to sell some beautiful sets, but they have since switched to clothing and dust jackets. Thankfully, they still have some in their “closeout” sale.

If you type in bookish pins on Etsy, you’ll be searching through hundreds of listings, so make sure to be specific. One Etsy seller even makes pins based on characters’ outfits (which I have been eyeing for months). And, if you know a reader has a ton of pins, get them a pin banner to display all of them.

Book Tracking Journal

Book Tracking Journals
@StellaBookishArt on Etsy | @SunshineandRavioli on Etsy

When you read your whole life, you’re bound to forget at least a few books you’ve read before. This type of journal gives them a chance to track what they’ve read and what they thought of it. There are companies and small Etsy businesses that offer different themes and layouts.

Moleskine has a “Passions” line that includes a book lover version for about $25. Other sellers have “book passports” and yearly layouts. But if your reader is artsy, get them a blank bullet or reading journal so they can design it themselves as they please.

Book Nook

Book Nook
@TheClutterdBookshelf on Etsy

NerdForge on YouTube first brought book nooks to my attention in 2020 when they made a Diagon Alley-inspired one. They are book-sized “mini worlds” that are the perfect space-fillers for bookshelves. The earliest I could find the creation of book nooks was by Monde, a Japanese artist, in 2018.

So, if you think they’ll love these, here are two routes to go with it. You can easily find DIY kits for arts-and-crafts fans. But, if they don’t like DIY or don’t have time, some places sell fully assembled book nooks. And you can probably find one based on a specific fandom.

Letter from a Character

Letter from Characters
@TheRiddledRose on Etsy | @fictionloversletters on Etsy

Looking back on my childhood, I would have given anything to get a Hogwarts letter. Good news for young Harry Potter fans, Etsy has a ton of sellers offering personalized letters. And, if that’s not enough for you, some sellers offer handwritten notes from various characters.

If you type “letter from character” in the Etsy search bar, you’re going to spend hours looking through listings. To narrow your search, find out your book lover’s favorite series or character, and look that up instead. I’m sure you’ll find the character you’re looking for in no time.

Book Box Subscriptions

Book Box Subscription
@owlcrate on Instagram | @unpluggedbookbox on Instagram

Having a bit of trouble figuring out what exactly to get them? Try a book box subscription. The most popular boxes are The Bookish Box, Fairyloot, Owlcrate, Book of the Month, Once Upon a Book Club, and Unplugged Book Box. There are others you can look through, but I’ll let you decide which is best for your reader.

Some boxes are YA, some kids, and some adult-centric. I’ve tried three so far, and Fairyloot is by far my favorite. Most subscriptions have book-only options, while most are book and “goodie” boxes. Book of the Month is the only box that offers books-only exclusively that you can choose from.

Box Set of Their Favorite Series

Box Sets

If you know a booklover’s favorite series, and that they don’t already own it, treat them to a box set with matching covers. The best box sets, in my opinion, have spines that line up to show a setting from the book. Some publishers even made box sets of classics or authors’ works with the same design styles.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is my favorite of all the box sets I currently own. When you line up the covers, it shows multiple scenes from each book. Puffin put out the Puffin in Bloom Collection, where each book has floral motifs on the outside covers and end pages.

Special Editions of Books

Special Edition Books
The Folio Society | Fairyloot

Is a milestone anniversary of your reader’s favorite book coming up? Or has it recently passed? Chances are there’s a special edition out there just waiting to get picked up. Sometimes, even when there isn’t a special day for a book, some people will still make exclusive editions.

Fairyloot and The Bookish Shop are constantly collaborating with authors to put out exclusive editions that only a few hundred people will be able to get. If you’re on the ball, you can manage to snag one. This is a fantastic way to give them something not everyone will have.

Special Dust Jackets

Dust Jackets The Wheel of Time
Juniper Books

This is one of my favorite ways to personalize my bookshelves, and I’m pretty sure your reader will love the idea, too. There are many places to find beautiful covers, but my favorites are from Nerdy Ink, Juniper Books, and The Bookish Shop. Lifehack: you can put dust jackets on paperbacks, too; it just requires a bit of finagling.

Nerdy Ink has A Court of Thorns and Roses, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and more. Juniper Books are expensive, but it’s worth it if you are in love with them. The Bookish Shop has The Hunger Games, Twilight, other books, and blank ombre cover sets. You can even find beautiful and customizable on Etsy, and they’re also usually cheaper.


Book Maps
@OakleafArrowStudios on Etsy

I love when books have maps, especially if they’re science fiction or fantasy maps, and I’m sure your book lover does, too. Some book preorder offers include a full-size map, but if you can’t get one of those, the internet is littered with map creators.

Etsy sellers have made a load of maps in different styles. Some sell maps that look pristine and just created, some look ancient, some are in color, and some are in black and white. You can even find book maps made into bookmarks, stickers, and pins.