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Britney Says Her Family Betrayed Her While Benefiting From Her Fame

Britney Spears is done protecting her family from criticism. In a recent Instagram post, the Princess of Pop didn't hold back on her father and her little sister.
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Britney Spears just dropped a revealing post on Instagram that explained her true feelings about her family’s support (or lack thereof) during her conservatorship crisis.

“My so-called support system hurt me deeply.”

Britney Spears

The details she reveals will seem surprising to some, but if you’ve been paying attention to the progress of the #FreeBritney movement, you might not be all that shocked.

Fans who have long been suspicious that Britney is not living her best life while she’s tied to this conservatorship are ecstatic to see her asserting her truth.


For a long time, Britney didn’t engage much with fans who tried to ask if her life was being unfairly controlled by outside parties through her now-infamous conservatorship. The “Mood Ring” singer didn’t seem to want to reveal any intimate details about how exactly her conservatorship worked.

However, now that Britney has publicly declared a desire to be free from her conservatorship, she is much more open in talking about her family’s behavior throughout this legal battle. And if you believe what Britney says about her family, it’s easier to understand how isolated and betrayed she must feel.

Britney Explains Her Family’s Betrayal

Britney’s Instagram post from July 18 makes it clear that she feels her father, Jamie, and her little sister, Jamie Lynn, have been treating her with disrespect. The post is a graphic image of a declaration that reads, “Take me as I am or…” Through the caption, Britney responds to those who have been criticizing her, and she also calls out behaviors her family has been displaying that she is not okay with.

For example, it seems like Jamie Lynn has been a willing participant in her older sister’s conservatorship, which allows the family to control Britney’s finances and career. At the same time, Jamie Lynn has benefited from Britney’s success.

Jamie Lynn Spears / Shutterstock

“I don’t like that my sister showed up at an awards show and performed MY SONGS to remixes,” Britney wrote in the Instagram post. This is in reference to the multiple times that Jamie Lynn Spears has sung her sister’s songs at awards shows and other events.

Jamie Lynn’s performances could be viewed as a tribute to her sister. But knowing that Britney has been used by her family for years makes one question why Jamie Lynn would do such a thing while she knew her sister was suffering.

Holding Onto Hope

“My so-called support system hurt me deeply,” Britney continued in the recent Instagram post. “This conservatorship killed my dreams…so all I have is hope.”

We’re so happy to see Britney leaning on hope–and her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari–as she goes through the difficult process of laying her family drama out for the world to see. After years of the Spears family profiting off the work that she says they forced her to do, including her Las Vegas residencies and countless performances, it’s about time they were called out for their behavior.

Keep checking back for more updates on Britney’s journey to freedom from the conservatorship.