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Lynne Spears Reveals Her Surprising Stance on Britney’s Conservatorship

Lynne Spears is opening up about her true feelings on Britney Spears' controversial conservatorship and what she calls "a time of crisis." Spoiler alert: she's not a fan. Well, not anymore, that is.
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Lately, Britney Spears is speaking up about feeling at war with her family. The highly-publicized falling out between Spears and her mother was one of the saddest aspects of her 13-year long conservatorship to see. Then, in 2020, they reunited and began making amends.

Britney Spears

Most recently, Lynne says she’s completely on her daughter’s side.

In official court documents obtained by E! News, Britney’s mom made it clear she’s standing behind her daughter’s wishes and claims she even offered to testify. Sure, Lynne was on board with the arrangement in the beginning but has now changed her stance.

Following Britney’s explosive testimony, Lynne let it be known she never signed on for the legal circus this conservatorship has ultimately become. Lynne stated, “I became involved in this conservatorship during what I will term a ‘time of crisis’ that began at the end of 2018 and continued into 2019.”

“The physical altercation between Mr. Spears and [Britney’s] minor children, my grandchildren, was perhaps the most appalling and inexcusable, and understandably destroyed whatever was left of a relationship between them.”

Lynne Spears

Most notably, Lynne attempts to make it painfully clear she doesn’t believe the conservatorship is in Britney’s best interests. As for the points of contention between the 39-year-old and her father? Lynne has plenty to say about that.

And she thinks Britney has every right to be furious.

Lynne Say Jamie “Exercised Absolutely Microscopic Control” Over Britney

After 27 years of marriage, Jamie and Lynne Spears divorced in 2002. Britney’s conservatorship came to be six years later. With this timeline in mind, it’s safe to assume Lynne hasn’t been entirely on Jamie’s side for some time. Still, Lynne admits to taking part in the “temporary” arrangement at first, albeit somewhat blindly.

Offering up some particularly revealing insights, Lynne Spears gave the court her boiling-hot take on the tumultuous nature of Britney’s relationship with Jamie and his real role in the conservatorship. As you might’ve guessed, the allegations are not pretty.

Throughout the conservatorship, Lynne reveals Britney’s feelings towards her father “dwindled to nothing but fear and hatred” due to his “complete control” over the pop star’s personal life, money, and career.

In the official court filing, Lynne claims Jamie “exercised absolutely microscopic control” over Britney, allegedly relying on everyone in contact with the “Toxic” singer to monitor their daughter closely. Lynne says the team, the nurses, the house staff, and even some friends were instructed to “report back to him each and every detail of every action that takes place.” Britney was never to be out of his sight. Sadly, that’s not even the worst of it.

Lynne’s Claims Fully Back Up Britney’s Statement


Lynn’s statements make it sound like Britney was indeed “telling the full truth” when she spoke with Judge Penny in June 2021.

In her filing, Britney’s mom offers specific instances that exhibit Jamie’s “mistrust of her, his coercion of her, his ‘bartering’ with her over what she can and cannot do for whatever reward or punishment he is willing to mete out, his constant threats, and his decision-making over all aspects of her life.”

“Such scrutiny is exhausting and terrifying, like living in custody,” Lynne explains. Ultimately, she believes the culmination of controlling behaviors, ongoing emotional abuse, and familial betrayals led to Britney’s “hatred” for her father.

However, there was one incident in particular that Lynne suspects forever damaged the father-daughter relationship.

Britney’s Mom Says The Final Straw Was “Inexcusable”

Lynn Spears reveals that out of all the actions “that solidified the failure of my daughter’s and Mr. Spears’ relationship,” it was “the physical altercation between Mr. Spears and [Britney’s] minor children, my grandchildren, was perhaps the most appalling and inexcusable, and understandably destroyed whatever was left of a relationship between them.”

It’s not crystal clear what she’s referring to, but many speculate she’s talking about an incident that took place in 2019. The pop icon’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, previously accused Jamie of child abuse, alleging he laid hands on their 13-year-old son at the grandfather’s home.

Britney Spears Kevin Federline

However, the investigation was soon dropped and no criminal charges stuck. Time and time again, it seems Jamie Spears Sr. gets away with way too much. Luckily, Federline made sure to obtain a restraining order that prevented him from coming anywhere near his grandchildren. Lynne says the already strained relationship was forever severed after that.

Above all else, Lynne Spears remains concerned for her famous daughter’s well-being. Her statement was submitted on the same day Britney filed her formal request to remove her father. The question is, why didn’t she speak up to the courts sooner if she felt this way? Why did it take everyone hating on Jamie Spears for her to publicly hate on him too? I guess there’s a lot we still don’t know.

Hopefully, having her mother’s “on the record” support will help Britney take back her life. That’s what matters most in the end.