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DC and Marvel Cosplays That Are Next Level

Sometimes cosplayers do a better job at portraying comic book characters than the movies and shows we all love.
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I ended up on the cosplay side of TikTok three years ago, and it introduced me to so many incredible, creative people. I’m constantly amazed by how talented and committed these fans are as they bring their favorite characters to life. I especially love it when they collaborate with creators of fan art on alternative versions of the characters we all know and love. Some cosplayers even team up for group shots that are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

While this list doesn’t come anywhere near encompassing all the fantastic cosplays I’ve seen of DC and Marvel characters, it is an excellent start. Have you ever cosplayed as your favorite character? Maybe these talented folks will inspire you to finally try it out!

The Joker

Joker Cosplay from vain.virgos
@vain.virgos on Instagram

I have yet to see a Joker cosplay that I don’t love, but @vain.virgos blew me away with their take on the iconic villain. They took inspiration from the latest Joker movie, where Joaquin Phoenix portrayed the character as he went down the rabbit hole of madness.

The videos on Vain Virgo’s TikTok prove that some cosplayers can act just as well as famous actors. This version of the Joker was the first thing that introduced me to this creator, and they have yet to disappoint with other cosplays.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl from supernovatova
@supernovatova on Instagram

Most people don’t talk about Squirrel Girl, but @supernovatova is a major fan! Squirrel Girl is one of Tova’s most iconic cosplays, and you can see why. Although the costume isn’t that complicated, she just inhabits the character so well.

For those unfamiliar with this lesser-known hero: Squirrel Girl can communicate with squirrels. Oh, and she’s hilarious! Her costume has been pretty consistent since she was first introduced, but why change something that’s not broken?

Rogue and Gambit

Rogue and Gambit from euphoria.bjc
@euphoria.bjc on Instagram

Let’s be completely honest: The X-Men movies destroyed Rogue and Gambit (no hate to the actors). But thankfully, many fans who care about doing characters justice have recreated the couple in cosplays that look like they’re pulled straight from the comic book pages.

This cosplay from @euphoria.bjc (Rogue) and @vexvix (Gambit) is one of my favorites. Rogue has her signature curly hair, and Gambit has his trench coat. What more could I want from this cosplay? (Other than to hear that Cajun accent, that is.)


Star-Lord Cosplay from webheadedhero
@webheadedhero on Instagram

While Star-Lord isn’t my favorite Marvel hero, I can appreciate a good cosplay. First, look at the pictures and tell me @webheadedhero doesn’t look like the MCU version of the character. And bonus points for the baby Groot in the left photo.

Andrew McLean (@webheadedhero) just radiates Peter Quill energy. The costume is movie-accurate, right down to the helmet. And I’m willing to bet some classic rock and roll music was playing when he took these photos. I just wish he had a partner to cosplay Gamora!

Green Arrow

Green Arrow from midwestavenger
@midwestavenger on Instagram

This cosplayer has basically made a career out of recreating some of our favorite superheroes and various characters. One notable hero is The CW’s version of Oliver Queen. His costume is a straight replica from Arrow.

When you watch David (@midwestavenger) on TikTok, you’re bound to come across a few videos of him acting, and he honestly sounds just like Stephen Amell. In fact, Amell duetted a video of David’s with two other cosplayers a few months back.

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Wonder Woman and the Amazons

Wonder Woman and Amazons from alysontabbitha
@alysontabbitha on Instagram

Even though all of Alyson’s (@alysontabbitha) cosplays are amazing, this one just blew me away. Alyson does a ton of DC and Marvel cosplays from Mystique to Catwoman, but her Wonder Woman collab with Luxsteez (@luxteezcosplay) and Susie (@susie_creates_cosplay) is just perfect.

Alyson’s cosplay is a bit brighter than the costume from Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, but honestly, I might love it more than the original. Not to mention Luxsteez’s Amazon and Susie’s Antiope are nearly perfect.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn from hauntedhostess
@hauntedhostess on Instagram

This inspiration for this photo of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as characters from The Greatest Showman came from fan art from Brianna (@briannacherrygarcia). When Haley (@hauntedhostess) and Cassandra (@cassandracosplays) saw it, they knew they had to recreate the image as a cosplay.

Aside from putting together the costumes themselves, they worked with the original artist and a talented photographer (@rlbphotos) to bring them to life. Cassandra and Haley constantly collab on cosplays, and this is just one of my favorites.


Catwoman from tayamillerr
@tayamillerr on Instagram

Regardless of which version of Catwoman is your favorite, there’s no denying each iteration has had a killer costume. Taya’s (@tayamillerr) comic-inspired costume looks like it would fit right in one of the DCEU’s movies.

Taya released this photo around the time the trailer dropped for The Batman. However, she’s been cosplaying comic characters for years. In addition, she’s taken on Wonder Woman, Black Cat, Spider-Man, and Moon Knight. I wonder who’s next on her list.


Spider-Gwen from halcybella
@halcybella on Instagram

If you google Spider-Gwen on TikTok, you’ll find a ton of amazing cosplayers from around the world. And amongst those faces is Bella (@halcybella) and her endless amount of fun and well-made videos. Trust me, there’s no shortage of content from this creator.

I had to choose just one of her cosplays for this list, and it was a tough call. Honestly, her Yelena look is just as good as this one. But I have a soft spot for Spider-Gwen because of Into the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Man and Hawkeye from ‘What If…?’

What If...? Spider-Man and Hawkeye from heyimliam.png and armoredheartcosplay
@armoredheartcosplay and heyimliam.png on Instagram

What If…? might not be my favorite of the Marvel Disney+ shows, but I will concede that the zombie episode was great. Spider-Man getting the cape and Hawkeye just kicking butt like normal made the episode so likable.

Liam (@heyimliam.png) and @armoredheartcosplay look amazing as Spider-Man and Hawkeye. Liam might spend more time behind the camera for other cosplayers, but he’s got some amazing outfits of his own. Armored Heart is putting out new cosplays almost weekly, and you should definitely check them out.

Captain America

Captain America from midwestavenger
@midwestavenger on Instagram

Yes, I’m mentioning David (@midwestavenger) again. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about his Captain America cosplay with Mjolnir. While Steve Rogers didn’t use the hammer until Endgame, David’s suit makes it look like he could have wielded it long before then.

Like David’s Green Arrow suit, this cosplay is nearly identical to Captain America’s from Infinity War. The shield’s paint chipping off from the Civil War battle is a great touch. This cosplay has me wondering what would have happened if Steve had held Mjolnir earlier.

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Agatha and Wanda

Agatha and Scarlet Witch from thatqueenivy
@thatqueenivy on Instagram

While most cosplayers have been focusing on Wanda and her new Scarlet Witch get-up, Ivy (@thatqueenivy) focused on Agatha Harkness’s haunting outfit. Joining her in the picture is @notanaddams; their Scarlet Witch cosplay also has me in awe.

This picture was taken at MCM Comic Con last October. I can’t imagine how fun that must have been for these cosplayers to pose and interact with each other. Everything from the costuming to makeup to special effects has me shook.

Starfire and Raven

Starfire and Raven AU from martycipher and reyla_cosplay
@martycipher and @reyla_cosplay on Instagram

I couldn’t decide on just one Teen Titans cosplay inspired by Gabriel Picolo’s art, so I’m including two. Picolo is the artist behind the Teen Titans: Raven, Teen Titans: Beast Boy, and Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven graphic novels.

This first cosplay inspired by his art is an alternate version of Raven and Starfire if they dressed like normal teenagers. Marty (@martycipher) as Starfire and Reyla (@reyla_cosplay) as Raven look amazing, just like Picolo’s drawings. I can’t wait to see their updated cosplays this summer!

Teen Titans

Teen Titans AU from caitlinchristinee, caoimhe, and nohandleybars
@caitlinchristinee on Instagram | @nohandleybars and @caoimhe on Instagram

Bouncing straight to the second cosplay inspired by Picolo’s casual Teen Titans group cosplay, we have six cosplayers as Starfire (@caoimhe), Robin (@nohandleybars), Beast Boy (@mallory_scheidel), Cyborg (@omgleeroy), Raven (@caitlinchristinee), and Blackfire (@jasminepaigemoore).

Caoimhe has been one of my favorite creators since I joined TikTok. To see her collaborate and create this masterpiece of a photo and video shoot was everything to me. And trust me, you’re going to want to check out the groups’ TikToks of this cosplay. They even made some headlines recently with this cosplay.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman from cassandracosplays
@cassandracosplays on Instagram

I’m bringing @cassandracosplays back for another round, this time as a superhero. Every photo from this photoshoot with @rlbphotos looks like it was made for the Wonder Woman movies.

The caption of Cassandra’s Instagram post explained why she had light-colored eyes when Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has dark eyes, and it’s honestly so inspiring. The costume, wig, and makeup look perfect and like it was pulled straight from the movie set.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch from alicespixels and carlos_adama
@alicespixels and @carlos_adama on Instagram

You didn’t think I’d make a list about Marvel and DC cosplays and not highlight one of my favorite Scarlet Witch cosplays, did you? Honestly, if I could shine the spotlight on all of the Wanda cosplayers on TikTok, I would.

Alice (@alicespixels) blows me away with every cosplay she does, but her Wanda is just next-level. To get this shot, she collaborated with Carlos (@carlos_adama). And it’s just beautiful. Alice also has a Scarlet Witch shoot where she’s reading a hovering Darkhold–it looks like it was taken right out of the Multiverse of Madness trailer.