Jennifer Hudson

Every EGOT Winner in Award History

Jennifer Hudson just joined one of the most elite clubs in Hollywood: the EGOT club! Let's look at every person who has gained EGOT status by winning all four major American entertainment awards.
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The EGOT club is an elite one.

No, it’s not a physical “club.” It’s a title given to entertainers that manage to win all four major American entertainment awards: an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, an Oscar, and a Tony Award. 

Not everyone reaches EGOT status. In fact, out of the long history of these four major entertainment awards, less than twenty people have been awarded at least one of each over the course of their careers!

Most recently, Jennifer Hudson managed to snag her first Tony Award, completing her journey to EGOT status. That makes her only the seventeenth person to join the elite EGOT club, as well as the youngest.

Let’s take a look at every person who has managed to earn at least one Emmy, one Grammy, one Oscar, and one Tony!

Richard Rodgers

Richard Rodgers and his wife Dorothy

Year their EGOT was completed: 1962

Considered one of the most important American composers of the 20th century, Richard Rodgers was also the very first person to earn all four major American entertainment awards. He managed to win a Primetime Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, and a Tony Award all in 1962, solidifying his EGOT status. Over the course of his career, he actually won six Tony Awards, three Special Tony Awards, two Grammy Awards, one Academy Award, and one Primetime Emmy Award. In addition, Rodgers was also awarded a Pulitzer Prize.

Helen Hayes

Year their EGOT was completed: 1977

Nicknamed the “First Lady of American Theatre,” Helen Hayes had a legendary career that spanned 80 years. During that time, she won a total of six competitive awards: two Academy Awards, one Emmy, one Grammy Award, two Tony Awards, and one Special Tony Award. Her EGOT status was complete when she earned a Grammy Award in 1977, making her the first performer and the first woman to do so. On top of that, she also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the National Medal of Arts.

Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno

Year their EGOT was completed: 1977i

It was only several months after Helen Hayes’ win that actress Rita Moreno also earned EGOT status! Later in 1977, Moreno was awarded her first Primetime Emmy Award. Before that, she had already brought home an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, and a Tony Award. Her extensive career has covered film, television, and theatre projects for more than 70 years, and she is one of the few remaining stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Moreno has also received many other accolades, including a Kennedy Center Honor, the Screen Actors guild Life Achievement Award, and the Peabody Award.

John Gielgud

Year their EGOT was completed: 1991

English actor John Gielgud was the first non-American to achieve EGOT status when he was awarded a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in 1991. Previous to that, he had already received one Academy Award, one Grammy Award, two Tony Awards, and a Special Tony Award. Supposedly, though, he didn’t didn’t really care and was largely indifferent to awards!

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn
Paramount-photo by Bud Fraker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Year their EGOT was completed: 1994

Although Audrey Hepburn is remembered as an iconic actress, she never achieved EGOT status during her lifetime. This might be due to her leaving Hollywood behind. She actually retired from acting after only appearing in sixteen films. In any case, she won a Primetime Emmy Award in 1993, the year she died. She posthumously achieved EGOT status when she was awarded a Grammy Award the following year.

Marvin Hamlisch

Year their EGOT was completed: 1995

Composer Marvin Hamlisch is one of only two people to have ever achieved EGOT status and won a Pulitzer Prize. He’s a PEGOT, if you will. (Composer Richard Rodgers is the other.) During his career, he composed scores for Broadway musicals like A Chorus Line, scored films like The Way We Were, and event composed songs for artists that ranked on the Billboard Hot 100. Aside from the Pulitzer, Hamlisch won a total of twelve awards: three Academy Awards, four Emmy Awards, four Grammy Awards, and one Tony Award.

Jonathan Tunick

Year their EGOT was completed: 1997

Jonathan Tunick has worked as an arranger or conductor on recordings with the likes of Barbra Streisand, Paul McCartney, Judy Collins, Bernadette Peters, and more. He is also well-known for orchestrating Stephen Sondheim’s works, with their collaborations spanning 50 years. When Tunick won a Tony Award for Best Orchestrations in 1997, he achieved EGOT status.

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks

Year their EGOT was completed: 2001

The legendary Mel Brooks joined the EGOT ranks in 2001, when he won not one, but three Tony Awards for The Producers. It seems fitting, considering that film was an adaptation of his 1968 film of the same name – a film that he won an Academy Award for! All in all, Brooks received a total of eleven awards. This includes four Primetime Emmy Awards, three Grammy Awards, three Tony Awards, and one Academy Award.

Mike Nichols

Year their EGOT was completed: 2001

Director Mike Nichols finally rounded out EGOT when he picked up two Primetime Emmy Awards for the film Wit, which starred Emma Thompson. Nichols had already started earning major American entertainment awards starting in 1961, with a Grammy Award for a live comedy album. He continued to earn major awards through 2012, with a total of 15 awards over 51 years.

Whoopi Goldberg


Year their EGOT was completed: 2002

Actress and talk-show host Whoopi Goldberg has received numerous accolades over the course of her career, so it isn’t much of a surprise to find her among EGOT winners. However, you might be a little surprised to find that Goldberg has ventured into producing Broadway plays. It was for one of those musicals, Thoroughly Modern Millie, that she received a Tony Award in 2002 – solidifying her EGOT status.

Scott Rudin

Year their EGOT was completed: 2012

Scott Rudin is a film, TV and theatre producer that joined the EGOT ranks in 2012 thanks to his Grammy win for Best Musical Theatre Album. However, Rudin has won much more than just four of the major American entertainment awards. In total, he has received a total of 21 awards! Impressively, 18 of those are Tony Awards, with the first in 1994 for Best Musical, and the most recent in 2021 for Best Play.

Robert Lopez

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Year their EGOT was completed: 2013

Songwriter Robert Lopez holds a neat distinction from the rest of this list. He was the fastest to complete his EGOT award wins, doing so in only nine years. He definitely earned his awards, though. You can’t ignore songs like “Remember Me” from Coco and “Let It Go” from Frozen. He was also responsible for the score for shows like Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon, and the composer for WandaVision.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Year their EGOT was completed: 2018

The legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber is responsible for several musicals that have run for more than a decade, both on Broadway and in the West End. He’s the mind behind Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, and many other very well-known musicals. That’s why it’s not surprising that Lloyd Webber holds EGOT status, after picking up a Primetime Emmy in 2018. Aside from his 11 major awards (Academy, Emmy, Grammy and Tony), he was also awarded a Grammy Legend Award and a Special Tony Award.

Tim Rice

Year their EGOT was completed: 2018

TIm Rice is a regular collaborator of Andrew Lloyd Webber, so they share some of the awards that earned them bot EGOT status. However, he has certainly earned his own accolades, as well. You likely know a few of his award-winning songs. His repertoire includes songs like “A Whole New World” from Aladdin and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King. He also co-wrote Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Evita. All in all, Rice holds a total of 12 major awards.

John Legend

John Legend

Year their EGOT was completed: 2018

Musician and producer John Legend earned EGOT status in 2018 when he picked up a Primetime Emmy Award. This also made him the first African American man to snag all four major awards. He is certainly no stranger to major entertainment awards, though – Legend has earned 12 Grammy Awards to date. That means he holds the most Grammy Awards out of any EGOT recipient.

Alan Menken

Year their EGOT was completed: 2020

Composer and songwriter Alan Menken joined the EGOT ranks in 2020. That’s when “Waiting in the Wings” from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song in a Children’s, Young Adult, or Animated Program. It’s worth noting that Menken racked up a whopping 11 Grammy Awards, coming in just behind John Legend. But he also has the most Academy Awards out of any EGOT recipient, with eight.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Year their EGOT was completed: 2022

Our most recent EGOT member is the incomparable Jennifer Hudson! She just received her fourth distinct award in 2022. Hudson won a Tony Award for Best Musical for the musical A Strange Loop. She had already won an Academy Award for Dreamgirls, a Daytime Emmy for Baba Yaga, and two Grammy Awards for the albums Jennifer Hudson and The Color Purple.