From Jolene to Vaccine: Why Dolly Parton is an Inspiration to Us All

Dolly is a never-ending ray of sunshine. Now in the middle of her seventieth year, she keeps on inspiring all of us, while gaining a whole new legion of fans with another generation.
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Dolly Parton has an ever-upbeat attitude, even making getting a shot fun, she received her COVID-19 vaccine today singing ‘vaccine, vaccine,’ to the tune of her own ‘Jolene, Jolene.’ Here are the many ways she inspires us all!

From ‘Jolene’ to ‘vaccine’: The many ways Dolly Parton continually inspires us all

Dolly Parton, 75, is a woman of many talents with a long list of accomplishments that include GRAMMY-winning singer, songwriter, twice Oscar-nominated actress, humanitarian, amusement park owner/developer, and more.

As a person, Dolly is a never-ending ray of sunshine. Now in the middle of her seventieth year, she keeps on inspiring all of us, while gaining a whole new legion of fans with another generation.

Here’s a look at the many ways Dolly part in inspires us all!

1. Dolly sings “Vaccine, vaccine to her own “Jolene” to inspire us to get the COVID-19 shot.

Nashville, Tennessee: Dolly Parton received her dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday, March 2, and the happy-go-lucky singer found a way to bring fun to the occasion while inspiring others to get vaccinated.

One of Dolly’s most famous songs is titled “Jolene.” And being the master songwriter that she has, she found a way to perform a little tribute. With a lyric change to encourage others to do make sure they get vaccinated.

Dolly posted a video of herself on Instagram singing a little song just before she received her vaccination, giving the post the caption: “Dolly gets a dose of your own medicine.”

“I even changed one of my songs to fit the occasion,” Dolly says in the video post. “It goes, ‘Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, I’m begging of you please don’t hesitate.”

It’s good advice since many people today are hesitant to get vaccines of any kind for themselves and for their children. Doctors say we are seeing a return of diseases that were largely eliminated because of anti-vaccination beliefs and myths circulated across the Internet.

Dolly explained back in February that she was going to wait a while before receiving the coronavirus vaccine. She said her reason for waiting was that being a celebrity, she didn’t want to look like she was jumping to the head of the line. However, at 75, Dolly is at the age that is prioritized for the vaccine because of higher risk.

2. Dolly donates $1 million for coronavirus research

In April 2020, when the coronavirus was ravaging its way through the United States, Dolly Parton donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee toward coronavirus research.

Dolly’s donation helped fund research on the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine, CNN reported.

3. Dolly volunteers to read bedtime stories to kids for 10 weeks

Dolly Parton dubbed herself “the book lady” as she volunteered to read bedtime stories for kids over eight 10-week spans in the segment titled “good night with Dolly.”

The program started on April 2, 2020, WBIR reported.

“I want you to join me April 2 when I start ‘Goodnight with Dolly,'” Dolly said in announcing the free program. “I’m going to be reading some stories from the Imagination Library.” </div></figure>

4. Dolly’s birthday wish is a call for kindness and urged service to others

When Dolly Parton reached the major milestone of age 75 on January 19, 2021, when it came to her birthday wish, in her typical fashion, she focused on others. She had one simple wish: Kindness. At the same time, she urged service to others through time, volunteering, or donations, WCYB reported.

“My wish is that everyone does something a little different today,” Dolly wrote in a letter to her fans posted online. “Let’s call it a call for kindness. If you want to donate to your favorite cause, then donate. If you want to give an old friend a call during these lonely times, give them a call. If you can safely volunteer, then raise your hand to do so. If you decide that today is the day you get a dog, then run down to the shelter and find your new buddy. The choices are limitless.”

5. Dolly’s letter to Santa: Please bring love, joy and healing

With the world going through hurt due to the coronavirus pandemic, Dolly wrote a letter to Santa that appeared in the “Love Letters” series that was published in the December 2020 issue of Good Housekeeping.

“Santa, please bring lots of love, enough to heal this wounded world, enough to help mend our differences, enough to open our eyes to the fact that we’re all God’s children and we all have an equal right to live in this world together in peace,” Dolly wrote. “Well, anyway, Santa, you do what you can. You be very safe this year. Remember to wear your mask, because you’re going to be going in and out of a lot of houses. And we’re still praying for a vaccine enough to heal everybody all over the world. Can you help us with that one?”

6. Dolly makes inspirational “5 to 9” Super Bowl commercial

Dolly was featured in a commercial for Squarespace, a service that helps people easily launch their own websites and businesses. For the commercial, Dolly flipped the numbers on her famous “9 to 5” song, changing it to “5 to 9.” The numbers referred to entrepreneurs who have to pursue their visions and dreams after their regular working hours, from 5 PM to 9 PM.

Even Dolly herself is setting up the Squarespace website to launch her new perfume at, the Associated Press reported.

“Well, I work 365 (days a year),” Dolly said. “I’m always working five to nine, nine to five. I work all hours of the night and day. Whatever you need to do, you gotta get it done, however many hours it takes.”

7. Major media notices Dolly’s positive influence on the world

Two major media organizations CNN and the BBC both took note of the positive influence Dolly part in was making on the world. CNN published an opinion piece titled: “Just let Dolly Parton rule the world already.” The BBC published an article titled: “How Dolly Parton Became the world’s best-loved celebrity.” The thing is…Dolly has always been Dolly. As we are at a point in the world where there are some dark times, it’s only made her light shine ever brighter.