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Best Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

You don't have to be Santa to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. You can't go wrong with these thoughtful and unique gift ideas!
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Searching for the perfect gift? Look no further!

Whether you’re shopping for a garden enthusiast or a Jeopardy! devotee, I’ve got a little something for everyone here. These unique and thoughtful gifts will have everyone raving.

So, get out your list and check it twice — it’s time to shop!

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Create Your Own Hot Sauce Kit
Uncommon Goods

There are tons of hot sauces out there, and you could buy any of them for the hot sauce fiend on your list. Or, you could give them a kit that lets them make their very own!

Being able to make small-batch hot sauces is a great way to ensure the flavor is just right for all your favorite recipes. But to be honest, the best part is getting to name them all! Will your friend whip up some “Sizzle Sauce,” or perhaps “Lucifer’s Lava?”

Check it out here: Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Cat Cactus Scratcher

cactus shaped cat scratcher

If there’s one thing that most cat owners can agree on, it’s that cat scratchers aren’t usually attractive. I mean, they’re necessary to keep Fluffy from shredding the couch, but no one’s ever accused a cat scratcher of adding anything visually.

For the holidays this year, why not gift that cat parent in your life a much better looking — yet still useful — cat scratcher for their fur baby? This one is shaped like a very cute cactus. But don’t worry, it’s not actually prickly.

Check it out here: Cactus Cat Scratching Post

2022 Jeopardy! Calendar

Jeopardy 2022 day calendar

I know there’s been a lot going on concerning who’s going to host Jeopardy! in the wake of Alex Trebek’s death. Why not skip all the drama and let this calendar host trivia instead?

If you’ve got a Jeopardy! smartypants on your list this year, this calendar is a must. It will give them a different question to answer each day. Plus, each question has a wager amount, and they can keep track of their hypothetical score.

Check it out here: Jeopardy! 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar

Luxurious Natural Soap Gift Set

handcrafted natural soap 6 pack gift set
LaMarcotterie | Etsy

Not all soaps are created equal, and this natural handmade soap is proof. Made from plant butters and oils, essential oils, and botanical extracts, these soap bars are 100% natural and vegan. Your recipient will be able to indulge and pamper themselves, while also not having to worry about synthetic fragrances, weird chemicals, or drying ingredients.

This gift set features six different bars with unique scent combinations, so there is a scent profile for any mood. You’ll find the likes of activated charcoal, cedarwood, lavender, eucalyptus, and rose petals; cinnamon and benzoin; and French pink clay, rosemary, lavender, and lemongrass.

Check it out here: Natural Soap Gift Set by LaMarcotterie

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

custom reel viewer
Uncommon Goods

Remember when View Masters were the coolest thing that ever happened to pictures? Now you can get a heavy dose of nostalgia with this grown-up version of your childhood reel viewer, loaded up with your own personal photos.

This reel viewer comes with a redemption code. Once you gift it, the recipient can use the code to have their very own photos turned into a custom reel. I guarantee that your friend or family member will think this is way cooler than a photo album.

Check it out here: Create Your Own Reel Viewer

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Bookshelf Board Games

scrabble, monopoly, and clue board games made to look like books

If you have a board game enthusiast in your life, I’ve got the perfect gift idea! These board games fit neatly into a bookshelf.

Board games are great, but storage isn’t always so great. You wind up with an avalanche when stacked boxes aren’t the same sizes, and all those boxes aren’t exactly pleasing to the eye, either. This bookshelf collection aims to fix all that, by making the games themselves look like books. Now you can hide your collection in plain sight!

Check them out here: Scrabble, Monopoly, and Clue Board Game Bookshelf Collection

Tiny Baking Set

tiny baking set

I am convinced that it’s impossible to watch Tiny Kitchen without saying, “I wish I had a tiny kitchen!” I can’t even explain it, but there’s just something about all that teeny tiny food. It’s so cute!

If you’ve got a fan of Tiny Kitchen, or even just an aspiring baker, on your list this year, check out this adorable miniature baking set. It comes complete with 24 pieces of tiny tools and bakeware, including measuring spoons, a pizza wheel, and a rolling pin.

Check it out here: Tiny Baking Set

Bee Houses

bee house, wooden structure made for pollinators
TouchOfEco | Etsy

Garden enthusiasts know the importance of pollinators, and that’s why adorable little pollinator “hotels” are so popular all of a sudden. They create extra space for all those pollinators to settle. A good one will feature different-sized compartments to attract different kinds of beneficial insects.

There are plenty of different options out there, but this larger one on a pole is an adorable favorite of mine. It’s a great option for yards that don’t have many low branches to hang anything from.

Check it out here: Pollinating Palace Bee Hive & Butterfly Wooden Insect Hotel

Create Your Own Family Cookbook

create your own custom recipe cookbook

There are plenty of cookbooks out there, but for a truly spectacular gift, check out this DIY option. Cooks and bakers alike would love to get this fancy hardcover book that is ready to be filled with their own personal food creations.

I know that anyone can just write recipes down in a notebook, but this cookbook is the kind you pass down to your kids. It comes filled with recipe template pages, with space for over 80 recipes. You’ll also find a conversion table for quick reference, a photo gallery to fill, and even space for recipe reviews.

Check it out here: My Family Cookbook

Foodie Dice

foodie dice
Uncommon Goods

I know the feeling all too well: you’re standing in the kitchen trying to figure out what to make for dinner, and you just can’t make up your mind. If you have a friend or family member that’s just as indecisive as I am, why not gift them some Foodie Dice?

These little cubes are simple, but so genius. It’s a fun way to shake things up at mealtime, for beginners in the kitchen and seasoned chefs alike. Maybe they will whip up a brand new dish that’s so good, it’ll have to go in the family cookbook!

Check them out here: Foodie DIce

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

Most everyone who knows me knows I love coffee. So when I say that you should get Death Wish Coffee for the caffeine fiend on your list, it’s coming from a place of personal experience!

I actually received this stuff as a gift one year, and I’ll never forget it — in fact, I think I’ve been awake since then. That’s because Death Wish is dubbed “World’s Strongest Coffee,” thanks to its 54.2 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce. Pair it with a great coffee mug, and you’ve got the perfect gift.

Check it out here: Death Wish Coffee Co. Whole Bean Coffee

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Various Subscription Boxes on Amazon

vegan snack subscription box from Vegancuts

Did you know that Amazon offers all kinds of subscription boxes? Well, now you do, and they can make excellent gift ideas for anyone on your list that might be hard to buy things for. It’s like the gift that keeps giving all year long, and someone else is curating the gifts for you.

You’ll find options in all kinds of categories, like beauty, pets, toys, food, and more. The plant lovers in your life are sure to appreciate a Succulent Discovery Box that arrives on their doorstep each month. Or, send your vegan friend a Vegan Snack Subscription Box, because who doesn’t love snacks?!

Compact Swivel Serving Board

compact cheese and tapas board that swivels open
Uncommon Goods

What do you give the party host extraordinaire? Something like this really cool serving board set should do it! It provides “maximum spread with minimal footprint,” because the whole thing folds up into half its size for easy storage. No more taking up too much precious cabinet space with items that don’t get used every day!

When it’s party time, this serving board swivels out with ceramic serving bowls, and a drawer with three cheese knives inside. Plus, there’s a groove to keep the crackers neatly contained.

Check it out here: Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board

AeroGarden Smart Indoor Garden

AeroGarden Indoor Garden

Not everyone has the right conditions — or hey, even a yard — to grow garden-fresh herbs and veggies. Thankfully, technology has made gardening possible for everyone, by moving the garden indoors.

If you’ve got a friend or family member that has been dying to try their green thumb, check out the AeroGarden line of smart indoor gardens. You can grow your food right on the kitchen counter with these systems. It features a built-in grow light, and it reminds you when to add water or plant food. Plus, you don’t even have to mess with soil or seeds; you literally just pop in the seed pods and go.

Check it out here: See all AeroGarden Indoor Gardens

Personalized Pet Pillow

personalized custom pet pillows
Justyling | Etsy

Pet parents are always excited to show off their pets, so why not give them one more way to do it? These custom pet pillows bring the cuteness to the couch, a favorite chair, or a bed. All you need to do is send the seller a photo of the beloved pet.

These accent pillows could make great gifts for friends who may have lost a pet recently, or even for homesick college kids living in the dorm who don’t get to see their pups on a regular basis.

Check it out here: Custom 3D Pet Pillow by Justyling