Jennifer Aniston on set of Friends in the 1990s

Filming ‘Friends: The Reunion’ Wasn’t As Fun As Jennifer Aniston Thought It’d Be

The 'Friends' star is opening up about what she calls a "brutal" experience. Oh, and she dishes on those spicy costar romance rumors.
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Jennifer Aniston has a confession to make. As it turns out, the Friends alum caught some majorly unexpected feelings while filming the highly anticipated series reunion.

It’s been 17 years since the beloved sitcom came to an end. With the reunion in the works for what felt like forever, the Friends cast had plenty of time to think about what it might be like. But who could really prepare for this one?

She Says “Time Travel” Drudged Up Old Feelings

Pre-reunion, Aniston had said she envisioned the special as a happy homecoming. There’d be catching up, lighthearted laughter, and reliving all the small screen magic over table reads.

“In your mind, you think, ‘Oh, this will be really fun to time travel,” Aniston said while visiting Rob Lowe’s podcast. “It turns out … it’s kind of hard to time travel. A lot has gone on for each of us.”

Jennifer Aniston at critics choice awards

“Sixteen years ago, we were all sort of wide-eyed, bushy-tailed, and sort of had our whole lives ahead of us, even though we were heartbroken to say goodbye to these 10 years and … the job we all loved to do,” Aniston continued.

Back when Friends was in its heyday, Jen says going to work was like “taking a happy pill every day,” but returning to those oh-so-familiar surroundings so many years later hit differently. “We have all gone down different roads…Some easy and some not so easy, for each of us,” she said.

At one point, Jennifer says she and her costars were so overwhelmed with emotion they were all “in a puddle,” but quickly added “maybe” David Schwimmer was the only one that didn’t cry.

“It was brutal. And you also can’t turn it off! … There are cameras everywhere, and I can’t stop crying,” Aniston said of the on-set experience.

Speaking of David Schwimmer, some people have been claiming that gutwrenching nostalgia wasn’t the only stirred-up feeling on the reunion set.

Jen Says “The Chemistry” Was Real, But That’s It

Much to the fans’ disappointment, Jen denies that she and her onscreen on-again, off-again boyfriend ever had (or currently have) a romantic relationship. But some fans feel her former costar has been hinting that there could be something between them. Or rather, there could’ve been. And Jen’s not denying that part.

Schwimmer says he had a major crush on his costar during season one. “And I think we both, at some point, were crushing hard on each other,” he admitted during the reunion special. “But it was like two ships passing because one of us was always in a relationship, and we never crossed that boundary.”

So, why didn’t give a real-life romance a try? According to both Aniston and Schwimmer, bad timing always played the biggest role in why they never dated.

Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer at People's Choice Awards

A few months back, Jen told Howard Stern “We were in relationships, it was always never the right time, and it wouldn’t have worked.” She goes on to say that “the beauty” of their onscreen love affair was that it allowed them both a much-needed outlet for whatever real feelings they had. Eyebrows were immediately raised.

Aniston revealed, “We just literally channeled everything into Ross and Rachel…And I think that’s maybe why it resonated the way it did.”

So, as we suspected, all of that palpable onscreen chemistry was rooted in offscreen feelings. However, Jen continues to shut down any and all romance rumors.

In case you missed it, an “insider” recently stirred up trouble, claiming those mutually confirmed “old feelings” vividly came flooding back while Friends: The Reunion was filming. They even claimed Schwimmer flew from New York to see the alleged object of his affection in LA after filming wrapped. But Aniston is telling a much different story about their relationship status.

In an interview with ET, she called the latest rumors “bizarre” and a “fan fantasy,” adding, “Like, really? That’s my brother.” Needless to say, long-held dreams were instantly dashed.