Lil Nas X: Taco Bell’s New Chief Impact Officer

Former Taco Bell employee and current superstar Lil Nas X is teaming up with this fast food chain in a bold way. Find out all the details about Lil Nas X's exciting new role as a Chief Impact Officer for Taco Bell!
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Lil Nas X and Taco Bell are teaming up, and I’d hazard a guess that the ad campaigns to follow will be hotter than Fire Sauce. Lil Nas X can’t even breathe without causing a stir on social media, and Taco Bell is ready to capitalize on his ability to get people talking.


After Lil Nas X took over the country and hip-hop airwaves with “Old Town Road,” the 22-year-old’s fame just kept rising. He gets a lot of flack for the way he dresses, the lyrics he sings, and the music videos he’s released so far. But no matter how much certain people try to bring him down, it seems like even more people really love Lil Nas X.

And honestly, it’s hard not to love Taco Bell. Lil Nas X is an amazing choice for the brand as a marketing ambassador, as he has the humor and the social media presence to reach young people in a way most celebrities can’t.

“Lil Nas X knows the job, the experience and the culture Taco Bell creates for its fans — including its people,” said Taco Bell CEO Mark King in a statement.

Lil Nas X Has a Special Connection to Taco Bell


Lil Nas X wrote in a tweet on Monday, “life has come full circle, i officially work at taco bell again.”

Yes: Lil Nas X actually worked at a Taco Bell in the Atlanta area before he became one of the most famous young rappers in the country almost overnight. The backstory just makes this partnership even better; I mean, who better to represent the brand than a former employee?

What’s even more mind-blowing is that Lil Nas X worked at a Taco Bell no less than five years ago. While many celebrities have humble origin stories from before they landed their big break, it’s rare to find one that has gone from entry-level employee to Chief Impact Officer as quickly as Lil Nas X.

 “Lil Nas X knows the job, the experience and the culture Taco Bell creates for its fans — including its people,” King continued in his statement.

“This unique partnership will deliver on more than just marketing, allowing us to tap into the genius of Lil Nas X to inspire our team members and align with our commitment to unlocking opportunities for young people.”

The Ads Have Already Begun


The campaigns featuring the “Panini” singer have already kicked off with advertisements for Taco Bell’s breakfast menu. There is already a commercial out featuring Lil Nas X called “Talk Show Dreams.”

Taco Bell might be experimenting with a formula other chains have been using for decades. McDonald’s, for example, has famously teamed up with celebrities like Michael Jordan, Travis Scott, and Saweetie to promote their deals. Just last year, Chipotle named one of their burritos after Miley Cyrus.

However, McDonald’s doesn’t usually give their brand ambassadors cool titles like “Chief Impact Officer,” which is Lil Nas X’s honorary role for Taco Bell.

If you love Lil Nas X as much as I do, give Taco Bell a follow on Twitter to see all the upcoming ads featuring this groundbreaking artist.