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7 Magic Kingdom Secrets Every Disney Lover Should Know

In the most magical place on earth, not-so-hidden treasures are everywhere. And in Disney's most magical of locales, they're hiding in plain sight at almost every turn. The question is, how many have you spotted?
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The Magic Kingdom is famously loaded with easter eggs for all who enter its sparkling gates. In fact, the more of a Disney buff you are, the easier they’ll likely be to find and boast about them.

Here are seven of the biggest secrets hiding in plain sight, but I’ll do my best not to spoil the fun if you’ve yet to stumble upon them.

Smellitizers (and The Magic of Main Street)


Any Disney fan who really knows the most magical place on earth will be familiar with this one.

If nothing else, the Magic Kingdom experience is all about immersion. Through sight, sound, touch, and smell, the park comes to life. This particular special effect can also make you crave a plethora of snacks on occasion.

Here, distinctive scents permeate the air. From the smell of popcorn and cotton candy to the candles of the Haunted Mansion, these aromas are no accident. “Smellitizers” are cleverly hidden all over the place, ready to turn every scent into a memory that’ll take you back to Disney.

Also, if you’re at the Main Street Railroad Station, keep those ears open. You might hear a Morse code message. When decoded, it’s reciting Walt Disney’s opening day speech from 1955.

Strange Findings In Cement

Disney Footprints

Word to the wise, watch your step in the Magic Kingdom. If you don’t, you might overlook something truly special on the ground. With so much to see right in front of you, this one can be easy to miss, but having a keen eye is part of what makes the Disney experience so personal and memorable.

Never skipping on the Disney details, the pavement is filled with familiar footprints. For each park you visit, they’ll all be different, but they’ll all be there. From robots to dinosaurs, it’s kind of like the walk of fame for beloved Disney characters. And it’s not just paw prints and footprints you’ll find.

engagement ring

Near the Haunted Mansion, you may notice an engagement ring smooshed into the cement. The legends surrounding this one are abundant, with the most popular being that the ghost bride-to-be once tossed it off the balcony after murdering her beloved. But here’s what really happened.

According to The First Drop, the ring was once just a piece of metal “from a former gate in the line.” Once Disney decided it was time to include interactive elements back in 2011, they incorporated a legitimate engagement ring into the ground.

So the next time you’re in the Magic Kingdom, look down.  

A Familiar Presence In The Pet Cemetery

pet cemetery

Near the Haunted Mansion, you’ll find a pet cemetery full of classic creatures who didn’t make it out of their storylines alive. And if you pay close attention, the mystery about one well-known character’s fate has finally been determined.

In the spirit of dark humor, Mr. Toad’s journey is cleverly mapped out all over Disney. Following his famed ride being replaced by Winnie the Pooh, many fans rightfully wondered where he went next.

If you’re paying attention to your surroundings, you can follow his travels all the way here. As it turns out, Mr. Toad can be found in his final resting place in the pet cemetery, forever immortalized with a statue. But I won’t spoil the hunt.

Willie The Giant

Willie the Giant

Looking for a one-of-kind souvenir in Fantasyland? You’ll have to brave an encounter with one of the most infamous giants in history to get it. But it’ll totally be worth it.

At Sir Mickey’s, the theme includes a Disney tale as old as time. As noted by Screenrant, it’s inspired by the cottage from the Mickey and the Beanstalk segment in Fun and Fancy-Free. Not only is there a replica of the famed beanstalk weaving its way through the windows, but Willie the Giant is peeking in as well.

Cinderella’s Steed

Prince Charming's Regal Carousel

When you find the Magic Kingdom’s merry-go-round, you might not think it’s anything special, but you’d be wrong. To the untrained eye, it looks like any other merry-go-round, and in some ways, I guess it is. But the beautiful ride boasts one very special stallion worth noting.

Disney fanatics undoubtedly know about “Cindy,” dubbed Cinderella’s personal steed. Once you spot the white mare and its gold ribbon, hop on fast. She’s said to be sprinkled in good luck and Disney magic. Obviously, I can’t confirm that part, but I too have taken a ride on “the princess horse” just in case.

Spirited Silhouettes In The Window

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

The Haunted Mansion is home to plenty of its own famed easter eggs. In fact, many park-goers come from far and wide just to spend all of their time scoping them out, never venturing far beyond the ghoul-filled attraction. With that said, some findings are a bit spookier than others.

At nightfall, the ghosts inside the mansion really stir. If you’re waiting in line, look at the windows to pass the time. I dare you. Chances are, you’ll see many ghosts passing by, moving around, and in some cases, looking back. Obviously, this is a brilliant move by Disney. Because nothing sets the tone for a spookfest still to come like a haunting preview while you wait.

Hidden Mickeys

Mickey Mouse

Allegedly, you’ll discover thousands of “Hidden Mickeys” all over Disney World if you’re really looking for them. And those who’ve gone on the endless hunt tend to believe that most of them can be found in the Magic Kingdom.

Disney lovers who’ve done the leg work recommend starting your search on Main Street, heading over to Tomorrowland, and tackling the park counterclockwise from there. I personally think it’s a bit more exciting to see them hiding right in front of your face when you least expect it.

After all, hidden Mickeys are everywhere, and being surprised by Disney Easter eggs is half the fun.