Sir Paul McCartney at the ceremony posthumously honoring George Harrison with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Vine Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

Paul McCartney Reveals Who Really Broke Up The Beatles

Decades after the iconic Brits called it quits, McCartney says he's tired of being wrongfully accused. Now he's placing full blame on the bandmate who left first.
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    Just when we thought we may never be 100% sure who broke up The Beatles, Paul McCartney just laid any lingering speculation to rest.

    McCartney has described the iconic band’s breakup as “the most difficult period” of his life. And he says having so many fans blame him for their highly publicized demise back in 1970 didn’t help.

    Officially, McCartney is setting the record straight. He’s also confirming what many other fans have claimed for years: It was Lennon.