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The Best Pop-Culture Makeup Collaborations

Have you bought any of these outstanding makeup collaborations?
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From Ulta’s Marvel collections to Colourpop’s Disney and Star Wars collections, more and more popular franchises are making the leap into the makeup realm. This trend first started in the 2010s, and it’s still going strong. How many of these pop-culture collabs have you tried? Are any of these shades in your regular makeup rotation?

Mac’s ‘Honor of Kings’

Mac's Honor of Kings collection
Mac Cosmetics | @ZhugeEX on Twitter

Honor of Kings is a popular game in China, but it wasn’t until Mac collaborated with the franchise that I found out about the multiplayer game. You’ll more likely recognize the international version, Arena of Valor, which was released in 2016.

The Mac collection based on the game featured beautifully packaged eyeshadow quads and lipsticks. There was also a highlighter palette. Regardless of whether you’re a diehard fan of the game, you have to admit Mac did a great job on this collaboration.

Funko’s Disney Villains

When Funko announced they were coming out with a makeup collection, I was a bit skeptical. Sure, I love their Pop! Funko figurines, but makeup? Really? But then I saw the collection, and it fits perfectly with their products. Best of all, most of the makeup matched the villains’ personalities and vibes.

There was only one product that I think missed the mark, but who am I to judge what colors Ursula would wear? The other three villains featured in Funko’s collection from 2019 were Cruella de Vil, Snow White’s Evil Queen, and Maleficent.

Urban Decay’s ‘Eternals’

Urban Decay's Eternals collection
Urban Decay

Say what you will about the MCU’s Eternals (I know some people don’t like the movie), but Urban Decay did a great job with this tie-in collection. Fans could get a 15-pan eyeshadow palette with 3-D elements, four eyeliners, four lipsticks, and two highlighters.

The colors in the palette were beautiful, most were shimmery, and the pigment was amazing. Every piece of the collection matched well with the costuming and special effects of Eternals. And I have good news: some of the products are still available!

Wet N Wild’s ‘My Melody & Kuromi’

Wet N Wild's My Melody and Kuromi collection
Wet N Wild

When I think of Wet N Wild, the first thing to come to mind is those “makeup for high schoolers” tutorials on YouTube. But then I remembered seeing My Melody & Kuromi collections lining Dollar General walls recently.

Though I never watched Hello Kitty or was obsessed with My Melody & Kuromi like some people, I will admit the collection itself made me curious. Each character had their own eyeshadow palette, lip gloss, and matte lip color. In addition, there was also a blue and highlighter palette and makeup brushes.

Colourpop’s ‘Powerpuff Girls’

Colourpop's Powerpuff Girls collection

While I was devastated at the state of The CW’s Powerpuff Girls live-action adaptation, Colourpop saved the day with their collection inspired by the super-girls. Colourpop knew what fans of the original show really needed to deal with The CW’s mistakes.

The 12-pan eyeshadow palette features each Powerpuff Girl, including new member Bliss. There’s also “colour stix” based on three villains, two bright blushes, hair clips, a star-shaped bath bomb, and a lip mask set. See, it’s not that hard to deliver fun, nostalgic stuff that fans love.

Revolution Beauty’s ‘Elf’

Revolution Beauty's Elf collection
Revolution Beauty

I’ve seen quite a few holiday collections from several makeup brands, but nothing can ever top Revolution Beauty’s Elf-inspired makeup and bath collection. In the makeup part of the set, there’s a large eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow book, lip glosses, lipsticks, and more.

But what puts this ahead of the rest are the bath and self-care products. The bubble bath is shaped like a syrup bottle; it’s absolutely genius. But there are also bath fizzers, body butter, and a lip care duo that smells just as sweet as you’d expect.

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Hipdot’s ‘Addams Family’

HipDot's Addams Family collection

Though Hipdot’s Addams Family collection is much too small to do the spooky franchise justice, the few products offered were perfect. My favorite part is probably the collectors’ box, which looks like the gothic door of my dreams.

The lipstick set had three colors: light grey, black, and blood red. These three colors are brought back into the makeup palette and accompanied by more neutral and red shades. Are there any other colors you’d expect to find in a grown-up Wednesday’s makeup set? I wish that Hipdot had done more with this collection since it was so much fun.

Colourpop’s ‘Malibu Barbie’

Colourpop's Malibu Barbie collection

Though Barbie is typically associated with pinks of all shades, Colourpop took a few creative liberties and added neon colors that perfectly matched Malibu Barbie’s branding. While it’s not necessarily the beachiest it could be, the collection is pretty perfect for Mattel’s leading lady.

There’s a bright eyeshadow palette that you’ll be able to see from space, a highlighter that could blind someone, and three lipstick-lip liner sets. There are also fake lashes and a heart-shaped hand mirror that are perfect for packing for a trip to Malibu.

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Hipdot’s ‘Clueless’

HipDot's Clueless collection

While I’m waiting on Revolution Beauty and Colourpop to come out with Heathers or Jawbreaker-themed makeup collections, I’m living my 90s queen dreams with Hipdot’s Clueless collection. The packaging would definitely be Cher-approved.

The collectors’ box is a locker that perfectly fits everything from the collection. There were three tinted lip oils, a blush palette (in a flip phone!), and an eyeshadow palette. In addition, there’s even a pin set you can buy with Cher’s catchphrases like “As If!”

Revolution Beauty’s Dr. Seuss

Revolution Beauty's Dr. Seuss collection
Revolution Beauty

I never expected to see a Dr. Suess makeup collection, but I couldn’t be happier with what Revolution Beauty did. While the collection could have been way too childish to be wearable, it turned out fantastic! The shades are bright and bold, but not totally cartoonish. Plus, I love those makeup brushes!

There are eyeshadow and face palettes inspired by Cat in the Hat, Fox in Socks, and more. There’s also an eye crayon set, lip glosses, and a brush duo. My inner child is excited, and I haven’t been able to choose which one to buy yet.

Colourpop’s ‘Lizzie McGuire’

Colourpop's Lizzie McGuire collection

Given that Lizzie McGuire takes place during Lizzie’s middle school years in the early 2000s, there was no doubt in my mind we would be getting a Y2K-themed palette that’s the perfect starting point for any middle schoolers’ makeup kit.

The eyeshadow palette perfectly captured Lizzie’s personality and featured her animated persona on the front. Colourpop even made two glitter gels, two blushes, a lip scrub, and two plumping lip glosses that will make you want to relive your early 2000s memories. Maybe now we’ll get more nostalgic Disney Channel and Nickelodeon-inspired collections.

Revolution Beauty’s ‘Friends’

Revolution Beauty's Friends collection
Revolution Beauty

With as much as I quote Friends (specifically Joey and Chandler’s lines), it’s no surprise I grabbed a few pieces from this expansive collection. From scrunchies to lip scrubs to a Holiday Armadillo set, there are more than enough products to choose from.

My favorites are their lip glosses, but that sunglasses-wearing-turkey palette has caught my eye. Revolution even made Joey’s blue “lipstick for men.” I am fangirling all over the place that this is now a real product you can buy.

Colourpop’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’

Colourpop's Winnie the Pooh collection

The most recent of Colourpop’s pop-culture collaborations, we’ve got the adorable, “hunny”-filled Winnie the Pooh collection. While it’s nowhere near Colourpop’s largest collection yet, it’s definitely its cutest – and that’s saying something because they have a Baby Yoda collection, too.

Colourpop took their standard 12-pan packaging and made each pan honeycomb-shaped. The colors in the palette, highlighters, and lip glosses looked like they were pulled straight from the pages of A.A. Milne’s beloved books (and the Disney cartoon, of course.) In addition, there’s a lip scrub and lip mask that smell like “hunny.”

Revolution Beauty’s ‘Bratz’

Revolution Beauty's Bratz collection
Revolution Beauty

Out of all the makeup collection collaborations I’ve bought, the one from Bratz and Revolution Beauty might be my favorite. Anytime I put on eyeshadow, I check the five palettes first to see if they match my outfit. And the plumping lip glosses are the perfect touch. Of course, you won’t quite achieve the proportions of the fashionista dolls, but the glosses are still fabulous.

From the colors to the shape of the packaging, everything screams Bratz. Even the fluffy makeup bag is what I’d expect one of the girls to carry. There’s not one thing I’d change about this collection except make more products for Bratz fanatics like myself.

Colourpop’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

Colourpop's Avatar The Last Airbender collection

While I was expecting something completely different from this collab, I can’t help loving Colourpop’s Avatar makeup. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, or perhaps it’s a fact Iroh makes an appearance, but I couldn’t stop myself from buying the entire collection.

The only aspect I’d change of this collection would be making a 9-pan eyeshadow palette for each element, but I still love the 12-pan palette we got instead. There’s also a mask kit, gel liners, lip stains, highlighters, and a lip mask (green tea flavored, of course). Appa even graces the outside of a compact mirror.

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CoverGirl’s ‘Capitol Beauty’

The only Hunger Games collection that did the franchise justice was CoverGirl’s. It included eyes, lips, face, and nail products for each district and the Capitol from The Hunger Games. Sadly, it isn’t available anymore.

In 2013, CoverGirl came out with the “Capitol Beauty” collection to coincide with the first movie from The Hunger Games franchise. I remember watching beauty influencers at the time unbox the collection or recreate the looks accompanying the promo photos. I wish I’d been able to get at least one of the products then.