Instagram / @itsanthonymichael & @ryleegoodrich

RIP: TikTok Stars Timothy Hall, Anthony Barajas Tragically Pass Away in Separate Incidents

Too many young TikTok stars have lost their lives in the last couple of weeks. Hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe are in mourning over these tragedies.
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The app TikTok has given people of all ages and all talents an opportunity to find a devoted fan base. Many of the biggest stars of the app, however, are in their late teens and early twenties. And tragically, too many of these young creators have recently passed away.

Thanks to TikTok, young entertainers like Timbo the Redneck and Anthony Barajas were taking their first steps toward stardom. The app introduced them both to millions of followers who adored their content and their character.

Sadly, however, Timbo and Anthony are just two of the most recent TikTokers who have passed away. Their deaths took place in different places and different times, but they were both sudden, tragic, and shocking.

While their lives were much too short, the impact these young people had on their fans is evident. Hundreds of thousand of TikTok users are coming together in support of Timbo and Anthony’s families as they endure these extremely difficult times together.

Timbo the Redneck

Instagram / @timbotheredneck

Timbo the Redneck was born Timothy Isaiah Hall. The 18-year-old had over 200k followers on TikTok, and he produced comedy videos about “living Southern.”

The recent high school graduate and Ottawa native often filmed videos in which he would do doughnuts in his pickup truck. Tragically, this turned fatal on July 31, when his truck flipped over while he was inside.

“My son was in a bad accident yesterday and didn’t make it,” his mother said in a statement on her son’s TikTok page. “I want to thank everybody for all the fans that he had. He loved TikTok and just believed in all the fans, everybody that supported him, it meant a lot to him.”

Fans donated almost $10,000 to a GoFundMe created in Timbo’s honor.

Anthony Barajas and Rylee Goodrich

Instagram / @itsanthonymichael & @ryleegoodrich

19-year-old Anthony Barajas was known on TikTok as @itsanthonymichael, and he had nearly one million followers on the app.

An absolutely devastating incident occurred last week–just a few days before Timothy Hall’s passing–when Barajas and a friend, 18-year-old Rylee Goodrich, were watching The Forever Purge in a California movie theater on July 26.

A shooting took place in the movie theater that night, and both Barajas and Goodrich were caught in the crossfire. There is no indication that the suspect had intentionally targeted them; they just happened to be in the wrong place when the senseless attack occurred.

The suspect, Joseph Jiminez, is in custody. Authorities have described the crime as “unprovoked.”

Goodrich passed away at the scene, and Barajas was transported to a hospital and put on life support. Eventually, he too lost his life.

Hundreds of thousands of fans have since been flooding the young star’s TikTok page with notes of love, mourning, and support for the Barajas and Goodrich families.

“Please don’t delete his account,” a fan recently commented on the last TikTok video that Barajas had posted before his passing. “I want to continue watching these videos where he sings and where he is happy.”

We hope that the family and friends of these young creators feel supported by the countless fans and young people who feel so connected to them.