Robin Williams: Celebs, Friends Reminisce on Late Legend’s 70th Birthday


The legendary Robin McLaurin Williams is being remembered by friends, family, and fans on what would have been his 70th birthday.

“You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

Robin Williams

Williams passed away on August 11, 2014, at his home in Paradise Cay, California. Later, autopsy reports revealed that Williams had been unknowingly suffering from severe diffuse Lewy body dementia. Williams also had a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

Lewy body dementia helps to explain why Williams experienced a sudden onslaught of intense depression, anxiety, and insomnia in the year before his death. Eventually, the Lewy bodies in his brain caused him to experience memory loss, paranoia, and delusions.


Robin’s widow, Susan Schneider, has said that “however you look at it, the presence of Lewy bodies took [Robin’s] life.”

As one of the greatest comedians and actors of his generation, the entire world was devastated at the news of Robin’s passing. But seven years later, people are coming together online and in real life to remember the great man he was on his 70th birthday.

Celebrity Tributes to Robin Williams

Yesterday was a day of beautiful remembrance for the star of Good Will Hunting, Night at the Museum, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, and of course, several others of most people’s favorite films. People who were in Robin’s inner circle, as well as those who just loved him from afar, came together on Twitter and Instagram to share memories, photos, and quotes from the man who managed to pull the world’s heartstrings and make us laugh all at once.


“Thanks to everyone who sent thoughtful things on Poppo’s bday. Celebrated him in my own way yesterday, grateful for the space to do so. It’s gotten a little less strange over the years, and I’ve gotten a bit less scared of being me in the face of it. All things in time I guess…”

–Zelda Williams, Robin’s daughter (Twitter / @zeldawilliams)

“Today would be 70. Missing you especially much today. Love you always evermore.”

–Zak Williams, Robin’s son (Twitter / @zakwilliams)


“Gone too soon. #RobinWilliams would have been 70 today.”

–Bill Sienkiewicz, Marvel Comics artist (Twitter / @sinKEVitch)

“‘You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.’ Today is Robin Williams’ birthday, he would’ve been 70. Thank you for the smiles, the laughs, the tears, and the inspiration.”

–The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY (Twitter / @capitoltheatre)

“The brilliant Robin Williams would have been 70 years old today. This [photo] was taken @TheComedyStore backstage main showroom after #robinwilliams got done annihilating the crowd like only he could!”

–Jimmy Shubert, comedian (Twitter / @JimmyShubert)


“Remembering the brilliant & kind #RobinWilliams who would have been turning 70.”

–David Wild (Twitter / @Wildaboutmusic)

“Robin is Eternal. Pure Joy. #RobinWilliams.”

–Greg Proops, comedian (Twitter / @gregproops)

Robin Williams was loved by so many, and he will continue to be missed by millions of fans across the globe until the end of time. Beware: A scroll through the #RobinWilliams hashtag on Twitter might leave you teary-eyed and with a desperate need to watch Aladdin. Clear your schedule and grab your tissues; that’s all I’m saying!