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Shocking Stories of Abuse from Hollywood Film Crews

From falling asleep while driving to ignoring major health issues, these film crew workers have had enough. They are ready to go on strike unless things change. See their horror stories here.
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    Hollywood is on the brink of a complete shutdown after the International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) voted to authorize a strike due to unfair working conditions for its members (more on that here).

    The union represents everyone from light crews and set builders to costume designers, makeup artists, and hairstylists. While actors and directors are vital to the production of a movie or show, nothing would get made in Hollywood without IATSE members.

    However, countless below-the-line workers have been mistreated on set for years. From not receiving fair compensation to working 16-hour days, many of these employees have been grossly mistreated by the industry as a whole. 

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    An Instagram account called @ia_stories has been giving these workers a platform to share their horror stories in hopes of making a change. With 147,000 followers and counting, these stories are bringing to light serious issues within the entertainment industry.

    From falling asleep while driving to being forced to miss important doctor’s appointments due to long work hours, the stories from these IATSE workers are horrifying. Scroll through to read some of the most shocking revelations from @ia_stories. We hope that posting these stories will help readers understand the extremely urgent need for change in the film industry.

    Content Warning: The following true stories may be upsetting to some readers. All stories are anonymous submissions from the Instagram page @ia_stories and some have been edited for clarity and for brevity.