John Cena

The Most Down-to-Earth Celebs

Not all celebs are spoiled socialites and arrogant actors! These celebs have managed to stay humble and approachable.
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Most of the time, we think of celebrities as being stuck-up, to put it mildly. Fame and fortune apparently come with a hefty dose of self-centeredness and overconfidence.

Hey, all those assumptions come from somewhere! Celebs like Kanye West and Paris Hilton are known for having massively inflated egos. Madonna once stated, “I won’t be happy until I’m as famous as God.” And we all know that Charlie Sheen is completely detached from reality at this point after seeing all his bizarro behaviors and public meltdowns. He went from being the highest-paid actor on TV to being fired in a snap.

Don’t let all the arrogant famous folks out there ruin it, though. There are some celebrities who managed to achieve fame and success without becoming egotistical or losing touch. These are the ones that feel down-to-earth and even approachable. They aren’t rude, and they don’t even mind taking photos with fans.

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You’ll find them hauling their kids around town or spending time posting memes on social media. They go out in public makeup-free to grab a coffee, and they balk at the cost of going into space with Jeff Bezos. You might even catch them singing to their plants!

It’s more than that, too. These humble, unpretentious celebs are also often ready and willing to help out others. Throughout this list, you’ll see plenty of them that regularly support charities, raise money, and help fulfill a few kids’ wishes. Some have even established their own foundations!

Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri in sunglasses

If you watch Food Network, it probably isn’t much of a surprise to see Guy Fieri on this list. Although he has some over-the-top style choices – that signature spiky blonde ‘do and the epic shirts – he never seems like anything more than a regular dude. Fans that have met him say he’s down-to-earth, modest, and very approachable.

It’s reflected in the ways he supports others, showing that he is clearly not out of touch with reality. During the pandemic, the Mayor of Flavortown made the Bloomberg 50 list for his help in raising more than $21.5 million to assist unemployed restaurant workers. He has also officiated a mass wedding ceremony for 101 same-sex couples and provided free meals to first responders during California’s wildfire season.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Even when she’s at big events packed with famous celebs, she just seems so normal. She seemed genuinely surprised when she won her first Oscar (“This is nuts!”), and she tripped on the stairs on the way up to the podium. It all makes her incredibly relatable.

On top of that, she has quite an easy-going but shockingly honest nature. During interviews, she has never shied away from saying anything and everything that comes to her mind. Lawrence has given fans a glimpse into her real life with embarrassing childhood stories and jokes about what she gets up to when the cameras aren’t rolling. She is also never afraid to be vocal about what she believes in.

John Cena

John Cena

John Cena is both a WWE superstar and a popular actor these days, but he isn’t letting that get to his head. He came from humble beginnings in Massachusetts, and it doesn’t seem like he has forgotten that – despite how much time he spends getting ripped in the gym so he can look good on camera!

Cena actually spends a lot of time helping other people, dispelling that age-old stereotype that celebs are self-absorbed. Just this year, he broke a record and became the first celebrity to grant over 650 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation! He has also traveled across the globe visiting troops and supports multiple charities. Hey, he might even pay for your groceries!

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston

Loki might be the villainous and tricky God of Mischief, but actor Tom Hiddleston is anything but. In fact, he’s actually one of the nicest guys in the universe. Ask any fan that has been lucky enough to meet him, and they’ll tell you the same. Look, he even brought a thermos of tomato soup to a red carpet reporter one time because it was so cold out there.

Hiddleston said that his pledge to be nice came many years earlier, during his first job as a waiter.

“It was at a showy opera festival in a barn in Oxfordshire,” he told Empire magazine in 2013, according to Bustle. “I did it for a whole summer and people would be so extraordinarily rude that it made me decide that I would never be rude in my life, specifically to people who were kind enough to serve me things.”

And despite all the money, the fame, and everything that comes along with it, he has remained true to it.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is another actor who plays a not-so-nice character, even though she’s the complete opposite in real life. On The Good Place, she’s actually made her way to the “Bad Place” because she’s a self-proclaimed “Arizona trash bag.” It’s nothing further from real life because Bell is actually a pretty cool human who has managed to stay pretty grounded.

When she’s not walking the red carpet, she leads a pretty normal life. She goes makeup-free in public, and she carries purse snacks like every other mom out there. Bell admits that her house isn’t spotless, she’s behind on laundry, and the kids leave stuff everywhere. And while she eats a mostly healthy diet to stay fit for the cameras, she eats pizza and pasta just like the rest of us.

George Takei

George Takei

George Takei has an impressive, decades-long career and is a hero to just about every sci-fi fan out there. He’s legendary. Did you know that he has been in both Star Trek and Star Wars? But there’s a lot more to this actor than his acting roles.

Takei is definitely more than just a star. He has used his celebrity to help others, becoming a huge proponent of LGBTQ rights, a vocal advocate for the rights of immigrants, and is active in state and local politics. He is both a founder and a member of the board of trustees for the Japanese American National Museum. But just like the rest of us regular folks, Takei spends time on Facebook posting funny pictures.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner feature

Actress Jennifer Garner came from humble beginnings in West Virginia, and it seems like she never forgot where she came from. She has managed to stay humble, even after becoming a big star. When she’s not on the big screen, you can catch her more often than not just kicking it around town with her kids. She really just seems like a normal, everyday person – just with a lot of red carpet gowns in her closet, of course. I mean, the woman posted a video of herself singing to her vegetable garden to help the plants grow for Earth Day.

Garner also works as an activist for early childhood education and serves as a board member of Save the Children USA. She has spearheaded anti-paparazzi campaigns focused on protecting the children of celebrities, too. And if that’s not enough, she also founded an organic baby food company. She’s a national treasure if you ask me.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks red carpet

Generations of moviegoers have fallen in love with Tom Hanks over the years, but he’s just as loveable when the cameras are off, too. Compared with other celebs, Hanks has literally zero scandals in his decades-long career. Every fan who has ever met him raves about how kind, personable, and grounded he is. He kind of seems like a regular dude who just happens to be really famous.

Here’s a really good example of how the actor is just like the rest of us: he was offered a chance to go into space with Jeff Bezos, but he turned it down. Why?

“It costs like 28 million or something like that,” he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live last year. “I’m doing good, Jimmy.  I’m doing good, but I ain’t paying 28 [million] bucks.”

Yeah, I don’t think I could fork over that kind of money (even if I had it) for a few minutes in a shuttle, either. It seems like there are a lot of better ways to spend it.

Keanu Reeves

LOS ANGELES - MAY 15: Keanu Reeves arrives for the John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum' L.A. Special Screening on May 15, 2019 in Hollywood, CA

No list of nice, grounded celebrities would be complete without Keanu Reeves. Now, I’ve never met the guy myself, but he is often lauded as one of the sweetest guys ever – fame or no fame. Fans who are lucky enough to meet Keanu usually gush about how warm and friendly he is. Even his co-stars praise him. He really is just all-around humble and kind.

Keanu donated $64 million of his own money to the people behind the scenes of The Matrix trilogy. He is often seen chatting with random people, and he answers fan questions while playing with puppies. The actor was randomly captured one time as he hung out and shared food with a homeless man. He takes the subway just like any other regular person. And to top it off, he regularly gives to charities and even runs a private foundation that funds children’s hospitals and cancer research.

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