Zendaya and Tom Holland

Written in the Stars or Destined to Fail? What Astrology Has to Say About Tom Holland and Zendaya

Want to know what astrology has to say about your celebrity couple crush? We're breaking down the birth charts of Tom Holland and Zendaya, and finding out if this duo is written in the stars.
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It feels like everybody’s got a crush on one particular are-they-or-aren’t-they couple these days. (Though if we’re being honest, we’ve been obsessing over them for years now.) And in the months leading up to the release of Spider Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland and Zendaya have only fueled the flames of our fandom, recently attending (and holding hands at) a wedding together and being “caught” kissing in a car.

But as we sit around wildly speculating on whether or not these two are really a thing or if the latest displays of PDA are all a publicity stunt, there’s one aspect we can analyze a little closer — their astrological compatibility.

So what say you, shall we delve into their birth charts and see what the stars have to say about these… er… stars? Let’s take a look.

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Their Sun Signs

Zendaya is a Virgo, an earth sign that’s known to be poised, put together, and driven. Anyone who’s seen the girl work a red carpet knows she handles herself with grace and confidence, though she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She lets loose, but has made it clear in the press that she loves to work. The consummate professional.

Tom Holland, on the other hand, is… not. Don’t get me wrong, dude obviously works his tail off. But his public persona isn’t exactly what we’d call poised. He’s the epitome of Gemini energy — the air sign is playful, energetic, and spontaneous. These two clearly have fantastic chemistry and great affection for each other, but the way they come across in interviews is like night and day. She’s calm and collected, and he’s spoiling plotlines during press junkets.

And while Gemini and Virgo don’t seem to make much sense on paper — Virgo usually seems too cautious and calculating for Gemini, while Gemini seems too frivolous and flighty for Virgo — they do have one thing going for them. They’re both mutable signs, meaning they have a pretty chill energy when they interact with others. They lack the pushiness of cardinal signs and the stubbornness of fixed signs. Mutable signs are a bit more go-with-the-flow, which is part of why these two always look so breezy together.

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Their Moon Signs

But it’s not all about sun signs, is it? Our moon signs give us a better understanding of how we relate to others on an emotional level, and how we process our own emotions. Zendaya’s moon is in Taurus, a fixed earth sign. This lends her an even more grounded energy. A Taurus moon knows how to hold her ground emotionally, and is stable and faithful in her relationships.

Tom, on the other hand, is a Sagittarius moon. Sag is a mutable fire sign, and this placement just underscores his overall playful, adventurous, and slightly chaotic demeanor. As a Sag moon, big emotional ideas probably don’t scare him off, though it could be easy for him to feel trapped or pinned down in a relationship. Could this be part of the motivation for keeping their status so hush-hush? Or is Zendaya laying down the law to safeguard her (their) privacy? Because let’s be honest — Tom’s not exactly known for his discretion. His loose lips could sink ships. Just ask Marvel.

So on one hand, no, this couple’s moon signs don’t exactly scream “compatible.” But on the other, Zendaya’s Taurus moon craves comfort, stability, and lasting connection — something that could make dating one of her closest friends very appealing.

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Their Rising Signs

In astrology, we need someone’s birth time, not just date, to get the most accurate picture possible. And it’s not always easy to track down those details for every celeb. (The nerve, right?) So while we know that Zendaya is an Aquarius rising, we do not have that info for Tom. That’s OK, though. We’ll make do.

The rising sign is like the lens we view the world through that colors our experience and perception of life. Because of this, we often externalize the traits of this sign, which is why you’ll see some astrologers say that it’s “the mask we put on to meet the world.” Personally, I disagree. It’s not a mask at all; it’s our truest understanding of ourselves.

Zendaya’s Aquarius ascendant reminds us not to get too caught up in her earthy sun and moon signs. It’s the side of her that’s rebellious, adaptable, innovative, and loves to subvert expectations. Aquarians often have something of an otherworldly quality. And while we don’t know Tom’s ascendant, in Zendaya’s we see that she can more than hold her own with his Gemini sun/Sagittarian moon antics. And in this interplay, we can see that they’re a creative force of nature as a duo.

Other Clues in Their Charts

We’re going to take a look at three more areas of this couple’s birth charts: The planet Venus, which shows how they approach relationships; the planet Mars, which describes their overall energy and drive; and the planet Mercury, which rules communication. And sorry, shippers, things don’t look all that great here either. At least not at face value.

His Venus is in playful and chatty Gemini, and hers is in sentimental Cancer. His Mars is in strong-willed Taurus, and hers, again, is in emotional Cancer. And while his Mercury is once again in stubborn Taurus, hers is in peace-keeping Libra.

But here’s where things start to get interesting. All of this Taurean energy in Tom’s chart ties back to Zendaya’s Taurus moon. And while the bull is stubborn and, well, bull-headed, it’s also nothing if not a sensualist and hedonist. And Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, as is Libra. This gives their Mercury signs — or communication styles — some common ground.

And as a fellow Gemini Venus, I feel the need to defend this placement. Because while many astrologers will say this makes Tom a “flirt” or a “tourist” it can also mean he has a need for intellectual connection in his relationships. So between some witty repartee, a deep, sensual conversation — and let’s be honest, that accent — I have no doubt that Peter Parker could make MJ go weak in the knees with very little effort.

So What Does It All Mean?

Ambiguous rising sign notwithstanding, something noteworthy about Tom’s chart is the total lack of water energy (no Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces placements). At first glance, this might indicate someone who lacks emotional depth or sentimentality. And sure, that’s possible, but not likely.

But even if it is true, attraction is a funny thing. We’re often unconsciously drawn to those who will challenge us and make us grow into more evolved, better people. This is why opposites attract, and sometimes they even last. So even when compatibility looks iffy, astrologically speaking, that doesn’t mean two people can’t have a real, amazing, soul-mate level connection. And maybe that’s what we’re seeing here.

Or, you know, maybe they’re just friends. What do you think?