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These 3 YouTube Critics Break Down Modern Music Better Than Anyone

With so much music dropping every single day, keeping up with today's very best artists is difficult. Check out these 3 amazing YouTube music critics who break it all down with charismatic and thoughtful takes.
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So much music drops every single day, which makes keeping up with the best modern artists incredibly difficult. But recently, I’ve stumbled into a wonderful rabbit hole of talented YouTube music critics who have introduced me to cool new artists, explained the juiciest beefs between musicians, and helped me garner a much better understanding of where today’s music scene stands. Watching their videos has helped broaden my music tastes and lead me to some of my favorite new artists.

In this age where YouTube content creators can establish incredible success with complete independence, these music critics are able to talk about their opinions in an extremely engaging way. Anthony Fantano, Alita B, and Shawn Cee all present their opinions on the latest music news with personality, solid production, and plenty of humor. Check them out!

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Anthony Fantano

YouTube / The Needle Drop

Anthony Fantano refers to himself as “the internet’s busiest music nerd.” He has been offering daily reviews of the latest drops in hip-hop, rock, pop, electronic and experimental music since 2009 through his channel The Needle Drop, which has racked up over 2.3 million subscribers in the last decade.

The internet’s busiest music nerd also has another channel called Fantano, which is dedicated to more specific discussions about music that don’t fit into the review style that The Needle Drop offers. On Fantano, which has over 1.2 million subscribers, you’ll find series like Let’s Argue, Reviewing Your Music, and Music Memes.

Videos I recommend from Anthony Fantano:

Dopeindi (Alita B)

YouTube / Dopeindi

Alita B‘s videos that she posts on her channel, Dopeindi, burst with energy, charisma, and hysterical takes on the music scene. Alita B says three of her favorite things are music, editing, and laughing. If you want to be a part of her #DopeFam, subscribe to her channel – she offers a whole lot of dancing, jokes, and hilarious reaction videos.

Some of her most popular uploads have stacked up close to and over a million views, making her a rising star in the YouTube music world.

Videos I recommend from Dopeindi:

Shawn Cee

YouTube / Shawn Cee

Shawn Cee is another prolific music critic and comedian. Since 2016, his channel has garnered over 743,000 followers. His opinions on music come in the form of rants; series like Hit Battles, which presents hotly contested song wars between star musicians; thoughtful album reviews, and rankings of the best and worst albums and songs over months, years and decades.

Cee also offers compilations of his favorite tracks from the artists he loves most, as well as reactions to current drama and controversy in the music industry.

Shawn Cee’s main channel has over 700 videos to choose from, so you’ll never run out of content. Peruse through his library and see if you fall in love with his hot takes, comedic voice and hilarious self-proclaimed “cyberbullying” of some of music’s most beloved figures.

Videos I recommend from Shawn Cee: