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Aly & AJ Are Back!

Aly and Aj are back! These former Disney stars and sisters have just dropped a new single, and are working on their first full studio album after 14 years! Here's what they've been up to - and what we can expect from them.
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After a long break away from the music scene and the public eye, sisters Alyson and Amanda Michalka, also known as Aly & AJ, are back with new tunes!

Diehard fans who have followed the duo since the days when Aly was a star on Disney Channel’s Phil of the Future from 2004-2006 couldn’t be more excited to see what the sisters have in store.

What Have Aly & AJ Been Up To?

Many fans wondered if Aly & AJ were done with music after the release of their very popular 2007 album, Insomniatic. At the time of writing, two out of five of Aly & AJ’s most popular songs on Spotify are from the 2007 album: The iconic “Potential Breakup Song” has nearly 72 million streams, and “Like Woah” has brought in about 14.5 million.

The sisters also released a shortened and much more explicit version of “Potential Breakup Song” in 2020 that’s so far gained about 6.1 million streams on the platform after going viral on TikTok.


But in the several years since Insomniatic, Aly & AJ have been relatively quiet. They both pursued acting for a time, with Aly showing her incredible comedic chops in 2010’s Easy A, and AJ scoring leading roles in films like Secretariat (2010) and Super 8 (2011). The two have kept their profiles and plans on the low – they have rarely been the subject of tabloid fodder or negative press.

The Goldbergs / ABC

And as the pair grew up, it seems life simply got in the way of making music. 31-year-old Aly met independent filmmaker Stephen Ringer in 2013, whom she married in 2015 in a small ceremony in Italy. Meanwhile, 29-year-old AJ has been busy taking on serious TV parts, one of the most successful being her role as Lainey Lewis in The Goldbergs and its spinoff, Schooled, which ran until May of 2020.

However, after releasing an EP called Ten Years in 2017, another called Sanctuary in 2019, and a compilation of 13 tracks called We Don’t Stop in 2020, the duo is ready to step back into the mainstream with their recent promotion of an upcoming project that will be their first studio album in 14 years.

The Upcoming Music

Our first taste of this project came from their recently released lead single “Listen!!!”, a track about a troubled relationship. Thematically, it could be considered a more mature and grown-up version of “Potential Breakup Song,” with the girls singing lyrics including:

I tried to empathize
Still, you’re so dismissive
Night after night
I express what I feared from the start
That your heart would never listen
I’m feelin’ like I’m a hostage here
It’s clear something went missing
I might be lost, but I know my way out

The track contains guest vocals from the legendary Nancy Wilson of Heart, who spoke highly about working with the two girls. She’s even been promoting their recent singles on Twitter:

Although we don’t know when Aly & AJ will officially release their new project – the title of which is still unknown – fans everywhere can’t wait to see what these sisters will bring to the table after so much time away from the pop culture spotlight.