An Unconventional Valentines Playlist for the Zodiac!


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! And nothing gets our hearts all a-flutter more than a good love song. So I have created a list of love songs for the zodiac signs. But these aren’t just your everyday run-of-the-mill love songs. These love songs may sound a bit unconventional upon first listen. But as you take in the music and lyrics, you will understand why I paired each tune with its correlating sign.

Don’t forget to check your moon and rising sign as well as your sun sign. You may want to check your Venus and Mars signs as well since those planets rule our romantic inclinations and passion. You can check your birth chart here! 

Aries – Respect


Written by Otis Redding. Performed by Aretha Franklin. 

Aries get maligned as the most tempestuous sign in the zodiac. And because of this, people don’t always treat them with the respect that a human being deserves. If you want to love an Aries, you need to understand just how passionate and loyal they are to the ones they love. Listen to this song by the iconic Aries singer, Aretha Franklin, to understand the amount of love and respect that the cardinal fire sign is ready to give you. And maybe this song will inspire you to reciprocate that love and respect.

Lyrics Aries will love:

“I ain’t gonna do you wrong while you’re gone

Ain’t gonna do you wrong ’cause I don’t wanna

All I’m askin’

Is for a little respect when you come home”

Taurus – Banana Pancakes 


Written and performed by Jack Johnson.

Taurus is the most wholesome hedonist sign in the entire zodiac. They may not be a cardinal sign, but they sure are a “carnal” sign. But let’s not forget Taureans have a softer side. Some days they just want to curl up with their loved ones and creature comforts and pretend like it’s the weekend. Listen to this song by Taurean singer Jack Johnson when you want to feel cozy and snuggly with the one you love.

Lyrics Taureans will love:

“’Cause you’re my little lady

Lady, lady love me

‘Cause I love to lay here lazy

We could close the curtains

Pretend like there’s no world outside”

Gemini – Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy


Written and performed by Queen.

The tarot card for Gemini is The Lovers for a reason. As one of the most communicative signs in the zodiac, they are also some of the sweetest smooth talkers you will ever come across. So naturally, they will love this song about old-fashioned romance. If you have Gemini in a prominent place in your chart, then these lyrics will inspire you to open your heart to the one you love.

Also, the lead singer of Queen is Freddie Mercury, and Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet, so this song had to be on the list.

Lyrics Geminis will love:

“What’re you doin’ tonight, hey, boy?

Write my letter

Feel much better

And use my fancy patter on the telephone”

Cancer – Home


Written and performed by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Cancerians are not only known for their connection to the moon or their watery nature. They are also known for their need to provide a home and a safe space for their loved ones. Sometimes people feel at home just by being near them. On the flip side, the cardinal water sign likes to be with someone who feels like home. This song will inspire Cancerians and those who love Cancerians to create a safe, loving space within the relationship.

Lyrics Cancerians will love:

“Man, oh, man, you’re my best friend, I scream it to the nothingness

There ain’t nothing that I need

Well, hot and heavy pumpkin pie, chocolate candy, Jesus Christ

Ain’t nothing please me more than you”

Leo – Walking On Sunshine


Written By Kimberly Rew and Performed By Katrina And The Waves

Leo, you are one of the most flirtatious signs in the Zodiac, though Scorpio would probably fight you for that title. But the one thing that truly sets you apart from the other coquettish signs is just how absolutely endearing you are when you woo a suitor. This song really speaks to your sweet and playful side. Leos and their romantic partners should listen to this song when they feel alive and feel the love.

Lyrics Leos will love:

“I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that it’s true

And I don’t want to spend my whole life, just waiting for you”

Virgo – A Sunday Kind of Love


Written by Barbara Belle, Anita Leonard, Stan Rhodes, and Louis Prima. Performed by Etta James.

I’ve already mentioned a few times how loyal, kind-hearted, and sweet-natured a Virgo can be. And this song exemplifies that loyalty, kindness, and sweetness. The earth sign and their romantic partners will love listening to the dulcet tones of Etta James as she sings, “I want a Sunday kind of love, a love to last past Saturday night, and I’d like to know it’s more than love at first sight.”

Lyrics Virgos will love:

“And my arms need someone

Someone to enfold

To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold

Love for all my life, to have and to hold”

Libra – Summer Lovin’


Written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey and performed by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta

Libra, you are constantly seeking a balance between your ascetic and amorous tendencies. This song finds that balance by juxtaposing Sandy’s wholesomeness with Danny’s…shall we say lasciviousness. I can just imagine Libra singing this duet with the love of their life at karaoke. This song is also perfect for the playlist because Olivia Newton-John is a Libra! We can pretend dualistic Sandy is as well, even though I have already paired her with Aquarius.

Lyrics Libras will love:

“Took her bowling in the Arcade

We went strolling, drank lemonade

We made out under the dock

We stayed up ’til ten o’clock”

Scorpio – I Put A Spell On You


Written and performed by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Co-written by Herb Slotkin.

We are pairing sensual Scorpio with a sexy and spooky hit! And no, this isn’t the Disney version (though the fixed water sign would probably like that one, too). It’s the original! With its entrancing lyrics and steady rhythm, this song will certainly keep Scorpios and their loved ones warm on chilly nights. Anyone who has ever loved a Scorpio knows what it’s like to be under their spell.

Lyrics Scorpios will love:

“I put a spell on you because you’re mine

You better stop the things that you do

I ain’t lyin’, no, I ain’t lyin’”

Sagittarius – Rooms On Fire


Written and performed by Stevie Nicks and co-written by Rick Nowels

Stevie Nicks is a Gemini, a mutable sign, so her fellow mutable signs will absolutely adore this song. Like all fire signs, Sagittarians seem to take up all the space in the room. And anyone who has ever loved a Sagittarian knows it’s like magic every time that they walk in the room. The fire sign will enjoy dancing to this song with their romantic partner.

Lyrics Sagittarians will love:

“She had trusted many

And then there would be someone who would enter into her presence

That she could sense for miles

She dreamed of her wanton luxury

And she laughed and she cried and she tried to taunt him”

Capricorn – I Will Always Love You


Written and performed by Dolly Parton. 

Capricorns know how to love themselves and take care of themselves. But they, like their fellow earth signs, also know how to take care of others as well. Capricorns know the importance of self-love and self-care, but they also understand the importance of self-sacrifice. This song can help heal a Capricorn’s broken heart, or it can give them hope for a new romance.  

You should also listen to Whitney Houston’s iconic version!

Lyrics Capricorn that will love:

“I hope life treats you kind

And I hope that you have all

That you ever dreamed of”

Aquarius – Strong Enough


Written and performed by Sheryl Crow. Co-written by Bill Bottrell, Kevin Gilbert, Brian Macleod, David Ricketts, and David Baerwald.

Sheryl Crow is an Aquarius sun. She is also an Aquarius Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Dang girl, leave some Aquarius for the rest of us. With all of these Aquarian placements, I had to include one of her most famous ballads on this list. This song perfectly illustrates the water-bearer’s need for a companion who truly understands them and can be there for them even when they are their own worst enemy. Aquarians can listen to this song with their loved ones when they are in need of a little extra understanding.

Lyrics Aquarians will love:

“Nothing’s true and nothing’s right

So let me be alone tonight

‘Cause you can’t change the way I am

Are you strong enough to be my man?”

Pisces – The Poison


Written and performed by The All-American Rejects.

The imaginative water sign will love the Wonderland imagery in this song from the Almost Alice companion album to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. This is a great song for anyone who has Pisces somewhere in their chart or for anyone who loves a Pisces. It illustrates the Piscean childlike wonder and need for escape. The mutable water signs and their loved ones can listen to this song when they need to introduce a little sentimental fantasy into their relationship.

Also, the lead guitarist for The All-American Rejects, Nick Wheeler, is a Pisces! 

Lyrics Pisces will love:

“And you’ll fall down a hole

That’s the one place we both know

You’d take me with you if you could, but I wouldn’t go

I guess sometimes we both lose our minds, find a better road”

Ophiuchus – Love Song


Written and performed by Sara Bareilles 

Ironically, this song is not really a love song. Just like Ophiuchus is not really a zodiac sign!