11 Artists Who Went Solo and Flopped

Some of these musicians might've had what it took to become solo stars, but it was hard to take any of them seriously.
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    Sometimes, a group gets so big that the only thing more unimaginable than their breakup is their success without each other. Still, artists like Beyonce, Eric Clapton, Sting, and even Fergie have proven that successfully going solo is an achievable dream. However, as proven by the artists who went solo and flopped on this list, the breakout star formula is not foolproof.

    When a former group member fails on their own, it’s typically tied to the fact that they created musical magic within a tremendously successful group. In turn, they’re forever associated with their counterparts. And while some of these artists found mild success on their own, almost all of them realized they were better off working with the bands that first made them stars.