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Avril Lavigne’s Music Videos, Ranked

It’s been two decades since Avril Lavigne’s debut album. How far have her music videos come since then?
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In the two decades it’s been since Avril Lavigne’s debut album, Let Go, she has released quite a few songs and music videos. And while I could spend hours ranking every single one of her songs, including her cover of the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, I’d much rather rank her music videos. From just standing and singing to a camera in a white room to actual storytelling, there’s quite a range within the videos. Similar to how I ranked Taylor Swift’s music videos, I’ll be grouping some together to save time. Where did your favorite Avril Lavigne music video rank?

Could’ve Done So Much Better: “Mobile”, “He Wasn’t”, and “Smile”

“Mobile” was originally an unreleased music video, but I managed to find it on YouTube. That said, I kind of wish I hadn’t. I get why it wasn’t released – it’s just Avril playing the guitar and singing to the camera with clips that look like found footage interspersed.

As for “He Wasn’t,” Miley Cyrus did a better take on dancing in a white room with “7 Things.” There was so much potential for a chaotic angsty music video to accompany “He Wasn’t”; instead, they went basic, and it didn’t work out well.

For the exact same reason I don’t like “He Wasn’t,” I ranked “Smile” low. The only thing “Smile” has over the other music videos in this ranking is that there were a few black and white scenes added to the video instead of just singing to the camera.

Not the Worst, But Not Good: “Complicated” and “Losing Grip”

When it comes to Avril’s first music video, “Complicated,” I have to separate my love for the song from the video itself. It’s just a bunch of Avril and her friends wreaking havoc in a mall. It had nothing to do with the song. Yeah, it was fun, but not really her best.

Maybe it’s because I don’t necessarily love “Losing Grip,” but I think the video just wasn’t done as well as it could’ve been. The music video just cuts between Avril performing at a concert and her being in another concert crowd. Just like “Complicated,” it didn’t fit the song’s lyrics well.

Kind of Boring: “Wish You Were Here” and “Goodbye”

The entire music video for “Wish You Were Here” really reflects the song’s lyrics. But I wanted something more other than Avril looking like she’s stuck at rock bottom. Maybe if there had been a narrative instead, I’d have liked it better.

For the exact opposite reason, I have “Goodbye” ranked low, too. There was entirely too much narrative in the music video before the song started. The only reason I don’t have it ranked at the bottom, however, was because of what Avril said in that two-minute intro.

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Lacking Quite a Bit: “My Happy Ending”, “Nobody’s Home”, and “Hello Kitty”

I absolutely love “My Happy Ending”, but I just felt something was lacking in the music videos. It reminded me of Taylor Swift’s “Picture to Burn” but didn’t hit the same. I think the reason I ranked it here is because of the flashing projector in some scenes.

The video for “Nobody’s Home” felt like a trailer for a movie that I would actually watch. And interspersed with a black-haired Avril acting to the song’s lyrics, we get a vintage-style Avril singing with an orchestra. It was interesting but not mind-blowing.

I really wanted to love “Hello Kitty” but just couldn’t. It might just be that I don’t love the song, but the video just felt lackluster. It was fun, yeah, but it just felt out of place for Avril if we compare the videos before and after these.

Same Concepts, Same Results: “Hot” and “Here’s to Never Growing Up”

When it comes to these two music videos, there are a lot of similarities in the composition while still being very different. “Hot” focuses more on the chaotic skater energy Avril had during the 2000s; “Here’s to Never Growing Up” is a bit more mature while still having some chaos in the background.

Both videos bounce between Avril singing to the camera and stuff going on around her. But, if I had to choose one music video to rank above the other, I’d much rather watch “Here’s to Never Growing Up.” But don’t make me choose one song to listen to because I can’t!

Back to Her Roots: “Bite Me” and “Love It When You Hate Me”

In the music video for “Bite Me,” we were really taken back to the early 2000s. The visuals reminded me of her videos for “Sk8er Boi,” “What the Hell,” and “Complicated.” The only reason it’s so low is that while I love it, it lacks that special something that would’ve put it higher.

I’ll be honest, the beginning to “Love It When You Hate Me” is fun. But while I love the entire music video as a whole, it didn’t really reflect the lyrics in the best way. Yes, it was a cute music video that harkened back to her chaotic roots a bit, but I wanted more narrative from it.

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Chaotic Awesomeness: “The Best Damn Thing” and “Rock N Roll”

I absolutely adore the cheerleaders chanting along with Avril in the music video for “The Best Damn Thing.” And while there are a few things I don’t absolutely love about the music video, I think it’s perfect for the song.

“Rock N Roll” really surprised me. I hadn’t watched the music video for this song since it came out, so I was excited to see it was inspired by comic books. While the song’s lyrics aren’t reflected in the video, it was still a fun narrative that I loved. And those comic drawings? Amazing.

Middle Ground: “Let Me Go,“ Head Above Water,” and “Fly”

Something about the “Let Me Go” music video just hits different. And not just because it’s set in a beautiful mansion. Instead of relying on a narrative to reflect the lyrics, the video captures the vibe of the song in a really special way.

The same sentiment goes for “Head Above Water.” There’s not much to the music video other than Avril singing to the camera in a beautiful coastal setting, but it’s still a beautiful watch nonetheless.

I’m not quite sure if “Fly” is an official music video because I could only find it on New Media Entertainment’s YouTube channel and not Avril’s, but I wanted to include it. Instead of focusing on Avril, it drummed up excitement for the Special Olympics World Summer Games in 2015. It’s overall just a heartwarming song and video.

Early Successes: “Sk8er Boi” and “I’m With You”

Avril’s second music video was by far one of my favorite from the 2000s. In addition to the same kind of antics from the “Complicated” music video, we actually got footage of the girl and guy from the song. So while it’s not the best video, it is much more relevant to the music.

As for “I’m With You,” it was a much more chill music video. The party was in slow motion, and the singer actually acted in the video. It really highlighted the lyrics of the song without taking anything away from them.

Almost to the Top: “Alice,” “Tell Me It’s Over,” and “G R O W”

These two are only slightly lower-ranked than the next two because they lack the nostalgia factor. “Alice” is one of my favorite music videos because it puts Avril in Alice’s shoes. I adore the dark fairytale nature of the entire music video. I would also love to have that dress she wore.

“Tell Me It’s Over” is a great narrative music video. It reminds me of the “Lover” music video from Taylor Swift, but it’s an entirely different vibe. I absolutely adore the entire video as much as “Lover”, but I don’t love it enough to rank it higher.

As for “G R O W”, this collaboration with WILLOW and Travis Barker was a fantastic music video. It was both youthful and mature, and I’m sure the song and video are going to be relevant to Gen Z for years to come. Honestly, how did I only find this song just recently?

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Beautiful Videos: “We Are Warriors” and “I Fell in Love with the Devil”

“We Are Warriors” put frontline workers in the spotlight. They have been doing so much, so I loved seeing people show their appreciation for them in this music video. I honestly don’t think there was anything better that could have been made for this song.

The music video for “I Fell in Love with the Devil” reflects the lyrics so well, that I was shocked at how much I loved the music video. That said, I don’t think it’s top four material. In addition to the slight narrative present, the outfits Avril wears are just hauntingly beautiful.

Runner-Ups: “Don’t Tell Me” and “When You’re Gone”

I’m a sucker for music videos that actually tell a story alongside the song’s lyrics. So, of course, I have a soft spot for the video for “Don’t Tell Me.” The way Avril acted in the video opposite the guy really showed the angst she sings about.

Something about the “When You’re Gone” music video just stands out so much from Avril’s previous music videos. The song is much softer than the others she sang, and the music video reflects that. Everything from the coloring to the acting just perfectly mirrors the lyrics.

The Best: “What the Hell” and “Girlfriend”

While I love both of these music videos nearly the same, “What the Hell” got knocked out of first place only because of the nostalgia factor of “Girlfriend.” It incorporates the early 2000s chaotic nature of her first music videos but matures that early energy quite a bit and tells a story.

“Girlfriend” is one of the most iconic music videos of the 2000s. I grew up rewatching it and I still watch it every month just because it’s so fun. In addition to the video being awesome, the song is just so catchy and timeless.