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Nine TikTok Artists on the Verge of Becoming The Next Big Thing in Music

These nine TikTok artists are on the verge of blowing up! Check them out now so you can say, "I was listening to them back when..."
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We’ve all heard of Bella Poarch, Dixie D’Amelio, and Doja Cat, but there are plenty more singers and songwriters that have blown up on TikTok that deserve more love (and streams).

You can listen to all of these artists on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms.



i wrote a thing…. “thank me later” is out everywhere babes🖤🖤 #thankmelater #kings

♬ original sound – KINGS

This 21-year-old musician has been making music for years and writes most of her songs on guitar. Her most recent solo, “Thank Me Later,” has been a hit with followers and those who see her on the For You page. She even included an audio recording of when she found out the two people she wrote the song about broke up while she was recording the song.

KINGS has another song coming out on August 18 that is a collaboration with the next artist on this list called “Skeletons.”

Drew Ryn

Drew originally started her music career in 2015 when she auditioned for The X Factor. Since joining TikTok, she gained popularity with her “3 Random Words Song Challenge” on her page. The song that got my attention, “Orchestra,” was actually one of these as well.

Her collaboration with KINGS, “Skeleton,” was also one of these challenges that fans loved. I can’t wait to hear the full-length version. Find her at @drewryn on TikTok.

Leah Kate


My new song!!! BOY NEXT DOOR. PRE SAVE LINK IN BIO. BLOW THIS UP AND ILL RELEASE IT EARLY😆 #originalsong #singer #newmusic #SkipTheRinse #singer

♬ original sound – Leahkatemusic

Leah Kate started her musical journey when she was a teenager emailing record labels and being denied at every turn. Now, she has the labels contacting her, trying to work with her. She’s said that she’s basically running her own label music label from her bedroom.

Her song “F-ck Up the Friendship” is what initially went viral. Her page (@leahkatemusic) is full of covers and originals that she posts daily.

Crimson Apple

This band of sisters has been making music for years now but recently went viral with their TikTok covers. Their fans love their dark themes paired with upbeat music that creates a mesmerizing sound.

My favorite song of theirs is “Break Your Heart Worse.” Their covers are amazing in how they convert everything to rock, regardless of which genre it was before they got a hold of it. Their TikTok handle is @crimsonappleband.

Beren Olivia

This 22-year-old fell in love with writing lyrics at a young age when she got a poetry book from her mom. She taught herself how to play guitar at 13 and has been writing music since. Her debut EP is currently being recorded, and she plans on releasing it soon. Find her on TikTok at @berenolivia.

Taylor Bickett


THANK YOU for making this song go viral last year!!! it’d mean the world if you streamed & followed me on spotify 🖤 #newmusic #breakmyown

♬ Break My Own – Taylor Bickett

When she got on TikTok (@taylorbickettmusic), she started gaining attention, but she finally went viral with a snippet of an unfinished song. That song eventually became her debut single, “Break My Own.” The song itself shows her range from the low notes to whistle notes.

She’s also written songs for other artists, including “Bottle of Sunshine” by YouTuber Adelaine Morin.

Leah Marie Mason


2.2 MILLION ?! 😭 yall.. my heart is so full🥺 this song means so much to me, your support is everything i needed and more🤍here’s the lyric vid! #fyp

♬ original sound – Leah Marie Mason

Leah’s debut single “Far Boy” was written about her ex, who is now her boyfriend again, and it blew up on TikTok for its relatable lyrics. Leah recently finished the music video for the duet version of the song with Austin Burke.

She originally auditioned for American Idol but didn’t make it to the end. Her songs meld country and pop music effortlessly. Check her out on TikTok at @leahmmason.



the fact that this is our own choreo to our own song…….sounds fake but ok!! #ghostmode #girlgroup #FootlongShuffle

♬ Girlfriends – Boys World

Contrary to popular belief, this is actually a girl group that was put together in 2019 but kept secret until January 2020. Their debut single “Girlfriends” was released in October 2020 and is a staple on most of my playlists.

They soon followed up with “Wingman,” a girl-power anthem and the first song they recorded. Their EP While You Were Out was released in April this year and is full of bops. Find the group on TikTok at @boysworld.

Abigail Barlow


#duet with @abigailbarlowww Bbg it is a musical and u ended up writing it and the album’s coming out SEPTEMBER 10TH AHHH #bridgertonmusical

♬ original sound – Abigail Barlow

While Abigail is last, she is nowhere close to least on this list. I’ve been following Abigail for a while now, and each of her songs is a hit. Her song “Heartbreak Hotel” wasn’t her first release but was what made her go viral the first time.

The second time she went viral was when she started posting her Bridgerton-inspired songs. That blew up so much that she partnered with another musician and wrote a whole album entitled Bridgerton the Musical that will be released on all music platforms on September 10, 2021. I’ve already listened to it in full on their joint Soundcloud account. Find Abigail on TikTok at @abigailbarlow.