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Is the Honeymoon Over? Hailey Bieber Responds to Rumors There’s Trouble in Paradise

Justin Bieber's latest song and music video prove that he only has eyes for his beautiful wife, Hailey Baldwin. This sweet dedication to the love of his life comes as Bieber awaits the results of this year's Grammy Awards.
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Updated July 15, 2021

Hailey Bieber isn’t letting the negative rumors bring her down. After a video went viral over the weekend of Hailey’s husband, Justin Bieber, “yelling” at her as they walked through a Las Vegas hotel, the 24-year-old is clearing the air.

Read on to learn more about the incident, as well as what Hailey and Justin have been up to this year.

Clearing the Air

The model shared a photo to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, July 14 of her and Justin kissing. She also included the caption, “Reminiscing on how amazing last weekend was. Had the best time surrounded by so much love.”

Hailey and Justin Bieber

She continued, “Any other narrative floating around is beyond false. Don’t feed into the negative [bs] peeps.”

In the now-deleted TikTok (which has been reposted on Twitter), Justin was caught “aggressively” talking to his wife. While it doesn’t look great, some people have mentioned Justin had just gotten off stage when this video was taken, which may explain his “intense” demeanor.

Still Going Strong

Despite the rumors, Justin and Hailey have been going strong since they tied the knot in 2018. In fact, Justin shared an intimate music video for his song “Anyone (On The Road)” that features black-and-white, vintage-inspired vignettes of him and his wife, Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) as they take a road trip just a few months ago.

The song and video make for a romantic ode from Justin to Hailey, and the new release came with further details about Justin’s plans to bring even more new music to the world.

Instagram / @haileybieber


Bieber started out the year with another ode to Hailey when he released “Yummy” on January 4, 2020. While the catchy track paid homage to his wife in an extremely sexual way (but vague enough that it could still be nominated as a top pop hit for the Grammys), “Anyone” takes a far different tone. This new track features Bieber speaking with more vulnerability about the way he feels about his wife, with lyrics such as,

You are the only one I’ll ever love /
Yeah, you; If it’s not you, it’s not anyone /
Looking back on my life, you’re the only good I’ve ever done /
Yeah, you; If it’s not you, it’s not anyone /
Not anyone

In the track, Bieber even reflects on the idea that although Hailey promised to be his forever, she “can’t predict the future.” He has expressed similar sentiments in previous songs like “Forever,” in which he speaks of Hailey as a savior of sorts after his tumultuous and high-profile relationship with Selena Gomez.

In “Forever,” he asks in an almost nervous fashion, Do you want to look at me forever? He also mentions the stability Hailey seems to have brought to his life, saying, Every time I go the wrong way, you turn me back around.

The music video for “Anyone” features rare glimpses of Bieber – the camera’s attention is focused solely on Hailey as clips pass of her swimming in the ocean, riding in a boat, hiking trails and cuddling with her hubby.

YouTube / Justin Bieber

The quick shots we see of Justin himself only show his tattooed back and the sides of his face as the camera closes in on Hailey as they snuggle. The video is a sweet testament to Justin’s declaration to his wife in “Intentions,” in which he sings, When I create, you’re my muse.

Bieber dropped the music video on Twitter with the caption, “You <3 <3 <3.”