BTS in black and white "Butter" promo video

BTS Brings Smooth Moves in New “Butter” Teaser Vid

BTS has dropped the latest "Butter" promo piece with a short clip featuring all seven members. The single will be available on cassette and vinyl.
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BTS fans, it’s time to get excited! The K-pop supergroup dropped an official teaser this week for their upcoming single “Butter” — and it’s as smooth as you’d expect.

Smooth Moves in New “Butter” Teaser Vid

In classic black and white, the twenty-second clip features all seven members sharply dressed in suit jackets. They bop their heads in unison to a funky beat, and then cover their mouths in surprise as an image of a stack of pancakes with a perfect pad of butter resting on top hits the screen.

At the very end, “Get it, let it roll!” are the only lyrics we get to hear from the new single.

That funky beat is reminiscent of Queen’s classic rock hit “Another One Bits the Dust” that was released in 1980. The legendary British band took notice and even gave BTS a shoutout as they retweeted the teaser vid. The tweet features the late Freddie Mercury singing, too.

Is that a hint that “Butter” isn’t just similar, but is potentially a collaboration? It definitely sounds like they sampled the hit. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to fans, considering Jin did a tribute to Freddie Mercury during BTS’ Wembley show.

“Butter” is the second English-language track from BTS, following 2020’s hit “Dynamite” — which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Due out May 21, the new track has been described as “a dance pop track brimming with the smooth yet charismatic charm of BTS.”

New Single Will Be Available On Cassette and Vinyl

Fans won’t be limited to digital albums for this smooth single. The supergroup is going old school with this one. Last week it was announced that BTS will drop limited-edition cassettes and vinyl for “Butter.”

The one-sided 7” vinyl can be yours for $7.98, while the $6.98 cassette features the song on both sides. Both are pre-orders and are slated to ship in June. You can check them out here.

Earlier this month, BTS teased fans with three other clips in anticipation of the new single’s release, too. In the first concept clip shared by Big Hit, J-Hope is mesmerized by a yellow lollipop before breaking it on the ground.

Another vid shows Jimin twisting open an orange soda and getting his groove on. And V is featured in the last clip, where he snacks on some gummies and tries throwing them up in the air and catching them in his mouth.

All three of these concept clips have a pulsating beat in the background, and they certainly have some retro vibes going on. The limited-edition release of “Butter” will be available in June as both a $6.98 cassingle and a $7.98 7″ vinyl single. Are you ready to go old-school with BTS?

BTS Performing “Butter” at Billboard Music Awards

As if this isn’t enough for fans, BTS has the ARMY covered. The seven-member boyband will also be performing “Butter” for the very first time at the upcoming 2021 Billboard Music Awards. They will perform remotely from South Korea.

The 2021 Billboard Music Awards are happening on May 23, starting at 8 pm ET (5 pm PT) on NBC. BTS are nominated as finalists in four different categories: Top Duo/Group, Top Song Sales Artist, Top Social Artist, and Top Selling Song (for “Dynamite”).