Diplo Hit With Restraining Order After Woman Accuses Him of “Revenge Porn”

The DJ has been hit with a restraining order after a woman accused him of "revenge porn" earlier this year. Get the details here.
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A Los Angeles judge has granted a restraining order against Diplo after a woman named Shelly Auguste claimed the DJ posted a sexually explicit photo of her as revenge porn earlier this year. 

The restraining order was granted on Monday, November 16, just a few days after Auguste filed for protection against the 42-year-old. 

Read on to learn more about this disturbing case.

Auguste Went Public With Her Story in October

Back in October, Auguste tweeted that Diplo “filmed her having sex without her permission and that he preys on young women.”

According to her attorney, Lisa Bloom, other women began reaching out to Auguste with their own stories about being taken advantage of by the mega-producer.

However, shortly after going public with her story, a Twitter account posted a recording of a text exchange between Diplo and Auguste, which included a photo of her genitals. 

“We believe that act of revenge porn was done to frighten and intimidate our client and other women from coming forward. That photo, she alleges, was only in the possession of two people: herself and Diplo,” Bloom shared in a statement. 

“Regardless of how someone obtains explicit images, it is illegal to post or distribute them without the consent of the person depicted. Our client maintains that she absolutely did not consent to this post.”

She First Met Diplo When She Was 17

In court documents, Auguste revealed she first met Diplo when she was just 17 years old in 2014 and that she lost her virginity to the music star in April 2019.

She explained she felt “pressured” by him to engage in sexual activities and that they “regularly exchanged sexually explicit photos.”

The pair then allegedly drifted apart in March 2020, that is until he contacted her the very next month asking if she was trying to speak to the mother of his child.

Auguste then revealed she was contacted by a private investigator in June 2020 in order to scare her “into remaining silent about our relationship.”

“We requested that he be ordered to cease and desist distributing sexually explicit photos of our client, identify everyone he has sent explicit photos of her, turn over all sexually explicit photos of her, identify where he has posted sexually explicit photos of her, and immediately remove any sexually explicit photos he has posted of her on social media or elsewhere,” Bloom continued in her statement. 

Hearing Set For December 8

The court granted all of Auguste’s requests and issued the restraining order this week. 

“The Court went even further, banning Diplo from distributing explicit images of our client without ‘express written permission’ from her or from the court, and that he ‘shall identify and remove any such images previously posted or distributed,’” the statement said.

A hearing is set for December 8, in which the issue of a permanent restraining order will be looked over. 

Diplo’s Lawyer Denies Allegations

Diplo has yet to publicly speak out about Auguste’s claims, but his lawyer, Bryan Freedman, issued a statement claiming there’s “evidence” as to why her claims shouldn’t be believed.

“This individual has been relentless in her harassment of Wes (Diplo), his family, and his friends,” Freedman told Us Weekly.

“There is a mountain of evidence as to why her outrageous claims should not be believed — and we look forward to having our opportunity to present them to the court.”