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Harry Styles’ Songs, Ranked

Here are Harry Styles' top songs ranked from worst to best. Let's see if you agree with our picks!
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Calling all Harry Styles stans!

In honor of Harry releasing “As It Was” — the lead single off his third studio album — earlier this month, his iconic Coachella performance, and for just being an absolute legend, it has come time to rank his best songs.

We’ve already ranked Taylor Swift’s top 50 best songs and ranked her music videos, so why not do the same thing for Harry? It only feels right.

Here are my top 10 Harry songs, ranked from worst to best:

(By the way — I am only ranking songs from Harry’s two solo albums, plus the new single from his upcoming third album. Though he has done a number of covers, performed unreleased music, and written songs for others, we’re just focusing on the officially released music for now.)

Honorable Mentions:

Though they didn’t crack the top 10, “Watermelon Sugar,” “Two Ghosts,” and “Fine Line” all deserve a quick shoutout.

“Watermelon Sugar” may be an overplayed radio hit at this point, but there’s no denying it’s an earworm. It’s Harry’s most-streamed song on Spotify, and it even won him a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance. Thank you, “Watermelon Sugar.”

“Two Ghosts” — which is almost certainly about Taylor Swift, by the way — feels like it was pulled straight out of the ‘70s. It’s easy listening in its simplest form.

If “Fine Line” doesn’t grab you straight away, it will by about the four-minute mark. In fact, Harry told NPR back in 2020, “When we wrote it, I kind of knew it was the last song of an album. And we ended up taking it to Bath in England, where I was making this one for a while. And I wanted it to turn into something else at the end. I wanted, like, a big, you know, kind of crescendo ending.”

I could listen to this outro forever.

10. “Kiwi”

I understand this song isn’t for everyone, but if it works for you, it really works. It’s brash, brazen, and a certifiable bop. 

While it’s not necessarily chock-full of lyrical poetry, it is a song that needs to be heard live to be loved. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve hand-banged to “Kiwi” in a room full of other diehard fans. 

9. “Adore You”

In full transparency, prior to creating this list, I reached out to a few people in my life who also love Harry’s music to get their top 10 rankings. I was curious, OK!?

While I’m not here to share their rankings, my cousin — who has been a Harry fan since 2015 — perfectly described what it feels like to listen to “Adore You” at top volume:

“You just feel like you’re in a car, at night, windows down — slightly muggy but cool summer air that you can feel and taste — and you’re doing that thing with your hand out the window where you let the wind push it up and down like a wave.”

I don’t think I can explain the feeling of listening to “Adore You” better than that. 

8. “Sign of the Times”

“Sign of the Times” was a cultural reset, plain and simple. While it seems like ages ago, there was a time when we didn’t know what kind of music Harry would put out post-One Direction.

And so, when he dropped “Sign of the Times” on April 7, 2017, I’m fairly certain every Harry fan’s soul left their body for about 2.5 seconds. 

He could’ve easily gone down the cookie-cutter pop route, but, instead, he went for a David Bowie-esque five-minute and 40-second masterpiece. It builds, it soars, and it was the perfect song to catapult us into the “Harry Styles: The Solo Artist” universe. 

7. “Sweet Creature”

Simply put, this song is timeless. It’s tender, romantic, and really shows off Harry’s vocal ability. Sometimes all you need is a guitar, a great voice, and heartfelt lyrics.

I can just picture this song being sung around a campfire, which is probably one of the biggest compliments I can give a song. 

6.  “As It Was”

Despite only just being released, this synth-pop jam deserves to be in the top 10. The lead single from Harry’s third studio album, Harry’s House, “As It Was” proves Harry knows how to push himself as an artist. 

Though not a total departure from his previous hit songs, it encapsulates the ongoing journey Harry finds himself on as a true musical icon. We have no choice but to stan. 

5. “Cherry”

I’m going to be honest, it took me a little while to warm up to “Cherry.” I didn’t really understand what all the hype was about and initially preferred more of his upbeat tunes on Fine Line. But, after listening to it more and more, it’s really grown on me. 

Yes, it’s a breakup song, but it also reminds me of a song that would play at the very end of a Greta Gerwig movie. Again, another high compliment in my book. 

The song also ends with a voice note from his ex-girlfriend, Camille Rowe, (who the song is presumably about), which is a real baller move. If you’re in your feels, this is a great song to turn to. 

4.  “Golden”

Do you want to feel pure joy for three minutes and 28 seconds? If so, listen to “Golden” at top volume. I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure it’ll do something to your brain chemistry. 

This is the kind of song you blast in your car on a beautiful spring day or return to when you need a pick-me-up. I’ve listened to this song more times than I can count, but I will never skip it. 

3. “Canyon Moon”

This is Stevie Nicks’s favorite Harry Styles song, which means it’s definitely deserving of its number three placement. Are you going to disagree with the Stevie Nicks? I didn’t think so.

To be fair, she probably loves this song so much because it sounds just like a Fleetwood Mac song. In an alternate universe, this song could’ve been on Rumours. 

2. “From the Dining Room Table”

Intimate, quiet, and vulnerable, “From the Dining Room Table” closes out Harry Styles on a perfect note.

About longing for someone after a breakup, Harry sings “maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry too.” I think we can all relate to that line in some way shape or form, right?

1. “Sunflower, Vol. 6”

I don’t know what Harry put in this song to make it so darn addicting, but I’d like it to be in every single song for the rest of time. 

It’s psychedelic, experimental, and a breath of fresh air on an album that runs you through the gamut of emotions. It may be a controversial number one pick, but it’s my number one pick.