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Kylie Minogue is Ready to Dance the Night Away With New Album ‘Disco’

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A lot of clubs might be closed right now, but that isn’t going to stop Kylie Minogue from hitting the dance floor — at least in spirit, anyway.

Go ahead and dim the lights and give the old mirrorball a spin, because Kylie’s Disco is open for business. And let me tell you, she is giving some serious disco diva vibes.

Of course, the Australian singer has dabbled in plenty, from bubblegum pop to indie, and with 2018’s Golden, a little country, too.

Kylie Minogue’s Heading to the Disco for Her Latest Album

However, after trading her pumps for cowboy boots for a country detour, this dancing queen is once again ready to dance all night long.

Her latest LP, the aptly named Disco, just dropped today. It’s a glittery throwback to the glorious days of Donna Summer and Studio 54, full of sequins and flashing lights. Do you have your platforms and glitter eyeshadow ready?

Disco is the Melbourne native’s 15th studio album. It’s what the singer has described as “grown-up disco,” when she sat down for an interview with GQ.

“[It’s] difficult even for me to explain,” she said. “But even grown-ups need some pure pop fun.”

She continued to say, “I loved disco as an eight-year-old, so it’s been a long love affair,” and admitted, “I’m loving the modern interpretations of the genre now.”

Kylie, much like the rest of the music industry, spent her days in quarantine working on her album. She’s hoping that the feel-good vibes will provide a sense of escape.

“The songs that are pure escapism have even stronger purpose,” she noted.

Disco features previously released tracks titled “Magic” and “I Love it.” But expect more disco goodness with tracks like the impossibly bouncy rush of “Monday Blues.” There’s also the galactic groove, “Supernova,” and the aptly named “Dance Floor Darling.”

If Kylie’s intention was to provide the over-the-top excess and escapism of disco’s prime, she’s definitely nailed it here.

Does anyone have one of those sweet light-up floors from days gone by?

Stream the new album here:

Kylie’s Disco Tour Dreams

Earlier this week, the pop princess talked to Zane Lowe on Apple Music about her vision for a Disco tour — whenever that might be, that is.

“It’s a dreamscape right now, the idea of touring. If, when, how, if, when, why, what. But my vision I have, whether this would come to be or not, is usually the concert is… I’ve never performed in the round,” she said.

She also envisions “the biggest disco ball ever made,” which is enough to make me giddy, if I must say so myself.

“And I just would love the idea of a show where almost people don’t feel like they have to look at what’s going on on stage. We’re just all at a big nightclub,” Kylie said.

While not exactly the same as a live concert, Kylie did perform songs from Disco for a global streaming event last month: Kylie: Infinite Disco. It was co-directed by Kate Moross and Rob Sinclair (who also previously directed Kylie’s Golden Tour in 2019).