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LL Cool J Has Some Choice Words for Kanye West

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Hey Kanye, you can add LL Cool J to the list of folks who aren’t too happy with your recent tweets.

In fact, the hip hop icon said Kanye should “piss in a Yeezy” instead.

LL Cool J, whose real name is James Todd Smith, appeared on Desus & Mero for an interview, where he talked about a bunch of different topics: his long career, his new project Come Dance With Me, his stake in Def Jam, and fatherhood.

LL Cool J Chats About Grammys and Kanye’s Twitter Stunt

But when he was asked what it was like hosting the Grammy Awards, the conversation shifted. I mean, you can’t talk about the Grammys without talking about Kanye’s recent stunt involving the iconic gilded gramophone.

Amid Ye’s wild Twitter ramblings over the last couple of months, he posted a video of himself involving one of his Grammy awards. And no, it wasn’t exactly good.

In the middle of his Twitter meltdown last month, Kanye tossed one of his 21 Grammys into the toilet. And then, well, he appeared to urinate all over it.

“Trust me … I WONT STOP,” Ye captioned the video.

Cool J thinks it’s probably time for Kanye to stop, though — at least stop peeing on his trophies, anyway.

“With all due respect, I think Kanye should just… maybe he should just piss in a Yeezy or something instead of pissing on a Grammy,” the rapper and actor said of Ye’s Twitter outburst.

He said he “felt some kind of way” about Kanye’s video, because he’s “been with the Grammys for five years.” He’s hosted the annual ceremony a total of five times, not to mention won the award a couple of times.

“I don’t understand the constant disrespect,” LL Cool J continued. “Look, now don’t get me wrong. There’s been some foul things that have happened to some artists around the Grammys. They are not without flaw. Don’t get me wrong. They are not perfect at all.”

Regardless, Cool J felt that Kanye, who has won 21 trophies, went too far.

“But homey, pissing on Grammys? Yo, piss on one of them space shoes!” he wrapped up. “C’mon, man.”

Kanye’s Video Amid Music Industry Twitter Rants

Kanye’s lovely video was shared on his Twitter after the rapper published screenshots of his contract with Def Jam Music Group, which is a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

LL Cool J and Def Jam go hand-in-hand, too. The legendary artist has spent his entire career with the label.

And while Kanye is busy ranting about his recording and publishing deals, or attempting to buy back the master tapes that he signed away, he probably could have learned a thing or two from LL Cool J.

Cool J has been talking about the importance of owning all his music for years. And in fact, he was a pioneer in making sure he owned his master recordings, a quality that other artists like Jay-Z and 2 Chainz have boasted about.

Chance the Rapper can also brag about owning his recording and publishing rights, too, after refusing a record deal with Kanye’s Good Music label in 2016.

He turned down the offer and opted to stay independent. Now he can brag that he owns “all my recording rights and publishing rights and distribution, everything.”