14 New Albums That Will Start Your Weekend Off Right

Need some new music to get you through the weekend? We've got you right here - all the latest releases, happening right now. Find your new favorite album on our list!
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Take this groovy mix of indie-rock, rap, electronic, folk, and hip hop with you into a crisp and cool fall weekend. These are some of the hottest albums by both up-and-comers and seasoned vets of the industry that just dropped today.

With releases by artists from Wilco, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and even Hamilton, you’re sure to find something you love in this eclectic mix.

Karma & Desire by Actress


You may not have guessed it by his stage name, but Actress is none other than Darren J. Cunningham, an electronic musician from Wolverhampton, England. The 41-year-old’s latest release follows a prolific output that began in 2004. He has about 8 albums and 13 singles and EPs to his name.

III by Fuzz

San Franciso rock trio Fuzz debuted their first work in only 2011. Just nine years later, they’re onto their third studio album, III, much to the glee of their fans.

Letter to You by Bruce Springsteen


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have teamed up with Apple TV+ to release a documentary about the making of this new album. Fans of “The Boss” both new and old can find a song to love on this record.

JP4 by Junglep*ssy

Junglep*ssy is the one and only Shayna McHayle, a 29-year-old rapper from Brooklyn. She started rapping in high school before debuting her first track as Junglep*ssy in 2012 called “Cream Team,” which Erykah Badu shared online. Before JP4 there was 2018’s JP3 and 2015’s Pregnant with Success. Check them out if you haven’t yet!

Visions Of Bodies Being Burned by clipping.


You may not recognize all of experimental hip-hop trio clipping. – but you’re likely to recognize lead rapper Daveed Diggs – he played the Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette in Hamilton from the start of the show’s run until 2016.

Now, he’s continuing his work with his best producer friends, William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, with their latest release, Visions of Bodies Being Burned.

My Echo by Laura Veirs

46-year-old Laura Veirs is a singer and songwriter from Portland, Oregon. She’s been active in the music scene since 1991. She also has a podcast about parenting and performing – and she’s even written a children’s book! It’s called Libba: The Magnificent Musical Life of Elizabeth Cotten.

Check out her new album, My Echo, which is backed by her band of Eli Moore, Eyvind Kang, Karl Blau, Steve Moore and Tucker Martine.

Love Is the King by Jeff Tweedy

dBpm Records

Jeff Tweedy, singer and guitarist of Wilco, is dropping his fourth solo album today. He’s following Together at Last (2017), Warm (2018), and Warmer (2019) with Love Is the King. In it, he explores the art of calmness amid a chaotic year. Even more sweetly, he recorded this album with the help of his sons, Spencer and Sam.

The Jungle by Plants and Animals

In 2003, Warren Spicer, Nic Basque, and Matthew Woody Woodley formed Plants and Animals, an indie-rock group with roots in both Canada and Halifax, Nova Scotia. They have four studio albums and three EPs to their name, though the last one they put out was from 2016. It’s been four years that Plants and Animals fans have waited for The Jungle, and it’s finally here.

Don’t Shy Away by LOMA


LOMA is Emily Cross (Cross Record), Dan Duszynski, and Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater). We met on tour together in 2016 and secretly formed a new band. Then we made an eerie and beautiful album way out in the country in Texas. Then, we made another.

We believe in dogs, waterfalls, avocados, frogs, scorpions, and the human spirit.

Monument by Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson takes a minimalist approach to social media and promotion, making it all the more impressive that the London-born singer has released six successful studio albums and even a graphic novel.

Of Monument, the 32-year-old Henson says, “It is not, I hope, a dark mud-mire of a record about grief and loss, but one about how grief and loss colour the rest of our lives, it is all the ups and downs of my past few years seen through a prism of losing people. For me the profound thing about dealing with someone’s death, is how much brighter it makes life seem in comparison, as though you have been staring at something so dark, and in such stark monochrome, that when you do look away everything else is suddenly in vivid colour, and the hopes and joys of light are more apparent than ever. So it’s certainly not that this album doesn’t have its share of the dark stuff, but it has the light, the hope, as well.”

Getting Into Knives by The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats have been around since 1991, bringing their version of lo-fi indie folk rock from Claremont, California to the entire world. Get into their discography with Getting Into Knives.

Forgotten Days by Pallbearer

Arkansas natives Brett Campbell, Devin Holt, Joseph D. Rowland, and Mark Lierly have been at work creating music since 2010, their first album being Demo. Ten years later, they “have distilled the last decade of music and touring know-how into songs that have an undeniable urgency” on Forgotten Days.

The Sick Season by Becky Warren

Becky Warren

Becky Warren describes her sound as “genuine American rock and roll,” plain and simple.

The Sick Season is officially out and in the world! [You] can check out the whole album in 60 seconds. I hope it makes you wanna hear the whole thing, which you can do with the link in the comments below. Thanks to all of y’all who already preordered and posted your authentic enthusiasm to social media and sent me messages of support. This has been a little scary, but you’re all so wonderful.

Maya by John Frusciante

John Frusciante isn’t just the guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers – fans of his know he’s released 12 solo albums of experimental, ambient and electronic rock.

Was it a woman who inspired the title of the album? Not exactly – it was Frusciante’s cat, who died prior to the album’s recording.

“Maya was with me as I made music for 15 years, so I wanted to name it after her,” he said.