Harry Styles Golden music video

October Video Music Roundup: Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber & More

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After months of being deprived of content (thanks a lot, COVID-19), some of the biggest artists decided to drop music videos this October.

From Ariana Grande releasing the first music video off her new album to Harry Styles blessing us all with his fifth video off of his 2019 alum, Fine Line, here are some of our favorites.

“positions” — Ariana Grande

There’s a reason why many view Ariana Grande as the “Queen of Music Videos” and her new video proved it once again. 

In “positions,” the 27-year-old plays the President of the United States. She wears fabulous clothes, has time to cook in the kitchen, holds press conferences, and even walks the dogs. It’s clearly playing with the way society expects women to do it all while men, well, don’t. 

This is Grande’s first single off her sixth studio album, which is also called positions, and it is expected to be released Friday, October 30!

“Lonely” — Justin Bieber & benny blanco

Regardless of how you feel about Justin Bieber, his video for his latest single, “Lonely,” is an emotional gut punch.

Room star Jacob Tremblay plays Bieber during his “My World” era, even going so far as to wear his signature purple hoodie and side-sweep his bangs. 

The video shows Tremblay by himself before walking out to a theater of empty people. The video is incredibly simple, allowing Bieber’s melancholy lyrics to stand on their own. 

“Golden” — Harry Styles

The “Golden” music video really has it all. Italian backdrop? Check. Harry Styles running in a billowy white shirt? Check. A beautiful car, gorgeous fashion, and stunning water? Check, check, check. 

“Golden” is Styles’s fifth single off of his hugely successful 2019 album, Fine Line, but we have to say it might be his best music video yet. 

Not only does it give us intense wanderlust, but it reminds of us a time when COVID-19 didn’t exist and we were all happy and free.

“Commander in Chief” — Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato pulls no punches in her video for “Commander in Chief,” taking direct aim at President Donald Trump. 

“If I did the things you do / I couldn’t sleep, seriously / Do you even know the truth? / We’re in a state of crisis, people are dyin’ / While you line your pockets deep / Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still / Be able to breathe?” she sings on the record.

The video shows people from all different backgrounds singing these powerful lyrics, as Lovato uses her platform to encourage her loyal fans to vote in the 2020 Election. 

“Levitating” — Dua Lipa feat. DaBaby

This video is an ‘80s dream. Donning blue eye shadow, glitter, and a sparkly dress, pop sensation Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” makes us all want to get up off our couches, find the nearest club, and dance (once we get through COVID-19, of course).

And, as if we needed to give you another reason why this video is so fun, roller skating involved. Need we say more? 

“Don’t Stop” — Megan Thee Stallion feat. YoungThug

Arguably nobody has had a better 2020 in the world of music than Megan Thee Stallion and her latest single, “Don’t Stop” is proving once again that the rapper is here to stay. 

From the incredible outfits to the amazing Tim Burton references, we truly have no choice but to bow down to this queen.