Bronco: La Serie, tv series based on Mexican group Bronco
Pantaya via YouTube

Series About Iconic Mexican Band Bronco Premieres Next Week–See the Trailer Here

'Bronco: La Serie' is a TV show based on Bronco, a Mexican group with nearly four decades of success. The series is coming to the U.S., with its debut on streaming service Pantaya. Watch the official trailer here!
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A series inspired by the iconic Mexican group Bronco is about to make its stateside debut!

Bronco: La Serie is set to make its debut on Pantaya on Thursday, March 11.

Series Based on Iconic Mexican Band Bronco

In the event you’re unaware, Bronco is a Mexican grupero band who has enjoyed decades-long success. Their popularity is thanks to their modern take on regional Mexican music. Their sound pays tribute to the norteño tradition, while also incorporating a more melodic pop style and modern instruments like keyboards.

With a career spanning nearly four decades and a number of international hits, it’s easy to see how Bronco became a household name in Mexico, the United States, and beyond.

And after all that success, Bronco: La Serie is here to tell Bronco’s origins and rise to fame. The series is an adaptation of the book Cicatrices de un Corazón, written by Bronco’s frontman, Guadalupe Esparza.

Bronco: La Serie was actually originally released in 2019 by TNT Latin America. It aired solely in Latin American countries at the time. However, despite the band’s decades-long career and solid success in the states, the show has never aired in the U.S.

Series Debuts on Spanish-Language Streaming Service in U.S.

That changes on March 11, when Bronco: La Serie is set to make its streaming debut in the states.

The 13-episode series is heading to Pantaya, a streaming service from Lionsgate that features Spanish-language movies and TV shows.

The series explores the four original members’ ascent from extreme poverty, and their rise to fame. They will have to overcome discrimination and other obstacles in the industry.

“Four musicians try to earn a place in a soulless industry,” the show’s description on Pantaya reads. “On their way to fame, they’ll discover that they’ve lost control of their lives and will do whatever it takes to recover them.”

Pantaya released the official trailer just yesterday. It gives us the first look at the actors chosen to portray the band’s original members: frontman and founder “Lupe” Esparza, Ramiro Delgado, José Luis “Choche” Villareal, Javier Villareal, and the late Erick Garza.

Check Out the Trailer Here:

Bronco’s Worldwide Publishing Deal

These days, the group’s current members include Esparza, his two sons José Adan and René Esparza, Javier Cantú, and Arsenio Guajardo.

Just last year, Bronco signed a worldwide publishing deal. The deal was with Warner Chappell Music — the music publishing division of the Warner Music Group.

The deal covered the group’s classic hit songs like “Dos Mujeres, un Camino” and “Vamos a Amarla Los Dos.”

Carlos Ruiz, managing director of Warner Chappell Music Mexico, released a statement on the deal. He noted, “Bronco’s timeless hits have brought a contagious feel-good energy to fans of all ages across North & South America for decades.”

And now, the music publisher is ready to bring Bronco’s music to the rest of the world.

“The Mexican regional genre is a staple among Spanish-speaking communities in Mexico and the U.S., and we know it has the power to command recognition on a global scale,” said Gustavo Menendez, president of Warner Chappell Music Latin America. “As the genre continues to explode, we’re proud to work with an iconic group like Bronco to help bring their incredible music to even more fans.”