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Suspect208 Features Sons of Guns N’ Roses, STP, and Metallica, Debut Single

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A new “supergroup” featuring the sons of three of hard rock and heavy metal’s most renowned bands have released their debut single, “Long Awaited,” drawing instant comparisons to their famous fathers.

SUSPECT208 features sons of Guns n’ Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, and Metallica

It’s hard to walk in the shadow of a famous parent but once you hear the debut single, “Long Awaited,” from new band SUSPECT208, you’ll realize these young men will have no problem standing firmly upon their own musical skills and leading the next generation of hard rock and metal.

SUSPECT208 features Noah Weiland, 20-year-old son of late Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland; drummer London Hudson, 18-year-old son of Guns N’ Roses and former Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash; bassist Tye Trujillo, 16-year-old son of Metallica and former Ozzy Osbourne bass player Robert Trujillo; and guitarist, 18-year-old Niko Tsangaris, Blabbermouth reported.

The group has released its debut single entitled: “Long-Awaited.”

SUSPECT208 draws instant comparison to father’s bands

So what does a group that comes from the lineage of Guns n’ Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, and Metallica sound like? Exactly what you’d expect – all of these groups rolled into one with some of their own style.

Lead vocalist Noah Weiland is the son of late Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer. He immediately prompts a comparison to the vocal sound of his famous father, Scott Weiland. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, far from it.

Being compared favorably to a voice that has sold millions of records for two separate groups only means having an instantaneously accessible, familiar sound with extreme marketability. This group is undoubtedly going places and will find a ready-made fan base.

The group’s video on YouTube has garnered nearly a million views, and almost all positive reviews. Not only are fans excited about Weiland’s vocals, but have commented on the strength of the “killer” musicians as well. Many fans argue that the group should not be compared to their fathers as the member’s talent stands on its own.


Band members are far from newcomers or riding on parents coattails

On bass guitar is 16-year-old Tye Trujillo, the son of Metallica bass player Robert Trujillo, who also worked with Ozzy Osbourne and others. Tye Trujillo was already working as a professional at the tender age of twelve, when he filled in for one of the best bassists in the business, Korn’s Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu.

Tye stepped in on KORN’s South American tour after Fieldy was unable to make the shows due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

Back in 2016, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo said he “never forced” his then-12-year-old son Tye to play music, Blabbermouth reported.

“I always felt that if he wanted to embrace an instrument, great – I’d try to help him with it,” Robert said. “So initially, at first, it was drums. And then around that same time, when he was one, he had a little plastic guitar, and he would play it all the time, just strumming it — always strumming it everywhere, to the point where the plastic was worn down.”