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Taylor Swift Songs That Should Also Be Short Films

Taylor Swift proved she knows how to do a short film well – so what would happen if she tried her hand at making more film based on her other songs?
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Since Taylor Swift made the “All Too Well” short film, I haven’t been able to stop letting my mind run on the idea of other short films based on her songs. Swift proved that she knows what it takes to put together a story in both music and short films, so why not continue that journey?

Which of her many songs would be the best choice for her next film? I went through her entire discography and picked out the thirteen I think would translate best to script.

“folklore” Mashup

The “folklore” album has several songs that crossover into each others’ stories. “betty,” “august,” and “cardigan” are three parts to one long love story. “betty” and “august” follow the love triangle during the same timeframe.

“cardigan”, on the other hand, takes place decades later, according to Taylor. She said it’s from Betty’s perspective after she and James have finally gotten together. So, why doesn’t Taylor combine all three songs into a mashup and make a short film to it?

Picture it: we see a love story play out between some teenagers over the course of “betty” and “august.” Then, after an instrumental part, we see them grow up. Then, “cardigan” starts up, and we see Betty and James as an older couple living their lives together.

“The Way I Loved You”

This song has so much anger, love, and passion that I think it would be perfect for a short film. It’s a lot like the argument from “All Too Well” but in a whole song. “The Way I Loved You” is about a girl who’s in love with a bad boy while in a relationship with a better guy.

I think it could start with a peaceful shot of the girl and the better guy having a date night. But something’s off: she doesn’t seem into it, and he’s oblivious. Then, throughout the rest of the film, shots of the girl and the bad boy pop up in between shots of the current couple.


I don’t know why, but every time I listen to this song, I imagine flowing ball gowns and fairies flitting about. Maybe it’s because the music just flows so well; perhaps it’s because it’s literally titled “Enchanted.”

Imagine it: Taylor goes full-on fairytale with this short film. She channels her early years wearing ballgowns in her concerts and on red carpets. And we get something that looks straight out of A Court of Thorns and Roses. Imagining this makes me want it even more now.

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“Never Grow Up”

As ironic as it sounds, “Never Grow Up” sees a child grow up from toddler to young adult. I can’t imagine a single person watching this and not tearing up as the now-adult goes off on their new adventure. I’m shocked nobody has made a short film inspired by the song yet.

If Taylor managed to write a ten-minute version of “All Too Well”, she could find a way to either lengthen the song or write a script inspired by “Never Grow Up.” I think it would be interesting to see things from both the perspective of the parent and the child.

“No Body, No Crime”

I know I said I wanted to see these songs as short films, but I need Taylor to branch into the feature filmmaking industry with a movie based on this song. There are plenty of movies out there with a similar premise to what Taylor sings about, but nothing that’s caught my attention like “No Body, No Crime.”

I need to see a woman team up with her friend’s sister to get revenge on the friend’s cheating husband. Maybe even rope the husband’s mistress into the conspiracy to get rid of him. Or don’t and stick to the song. No matter what happens, as long as it’s based on the song, I’m sure to love it.

“Speak Now”

Did anyone else see that New Girl episode where Taylor ran away with Cece’s groom? It was a perfect callback to “Speak Now.” If you’ve also seen the lyric book artwork, there’s already a sneak peek at what could be a fun little short film.

Instead of leaning into the serious side like in “All Too Well,” we’d be able to see the comedic side Taylor doesn’t get to show off too often. The costuming could be as extravagant as possible. And imagine the girl debating whether to object or not and then finally doing it!

“the last great american dynasty”

Everything needed for a short film (or feature film) is already there in the song. “the last great american dynasty” was inspired by Rebekah Harkness, one of the United State’s richest women. I’d love to see Taylor Swift exploring this story more.

Or, and this is just reaching a bit, Taylor directs a short film following the next “Rebekah Harkness” in a big house on a hill. Imagine the imagery and Easter Eggs she could put in it. And I know she’s not re-recording “folklore” or “evermore”, but I can still hope for some short films from the album.

“Everything Has Changed”

Much like many of Taylor’s music videos from before “Reputation,” “Everything Has Changed” looked like a very short film. But imagine if she and Ed Sheeran collaborated on a real movie, whether it be a feature film or short; it would be as amazing as their music.

If they were to make a short film, however, I would prefer the focus to be on the adults rather than the children. Or maybe watch the children grow up into adults, just to see the cycle repeat with another pair of kids. It would be so adorable.

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“Dear John”

For the same reasons I love “All Too Well,” I love “Dear John”. And since there was never a music video for it, I think Taylor would have free rein to tell her side of the story behind the song. Just like with “All Too Well,” I think Taylor has a ten-minute version of “Dear John” somewhere in her vault.

I would love to see Taylor create another doomed love story before our very eyes. It would follow from the beginning to the end and then further as the stages of heartbreak pass. Instead of focusing on the fight that broke the couple up, it would be more about the girl reaching out constantly and getting nothing back.


While the music video for “Mine” is already basically a short film, I want more. Heck, if Taylor wants to make a full-length film based on the song, I’d watch it tons of times. Even years later, I still think about the “Mine” music video and how cute it was.

If she was to recreate the music video (or make a feature film), I think it would be amazing to see the same story built up a bit more. It would allow us to see more of those highs and lows and choose to stay together that’s present in every lasting relationship.

“Begin Again”

After watching “All Too Well,” all I could think of was the possible follow-up. After a horrible breakup, it’s only natural for a new love to begin one day. If I had a choice in what the next short film Taylor makes, I would hope it’s “Begin Again.”

The song is all about finally feeling healed after heartbreak and finally starting fresh. Think about it: Sadie Sink comes back in as the girl, and she starts falling for a new Guy. We see the hope building as these two start falling in love. It’s just a beautiful story.

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“Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)”

The song literally tells a story, so why not make a short film based on “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)”? Wouldn’t it be amazing to watch two young children grow up and fall in love? I think Taylor would do this story justice.

“Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” doesn’t have an official music video, but MainstayPro on YouTube made one that I think captured the story well. The only thing it was missing was Taylor’s usual Easter Eggs that are present in everything she does.

“Back to December”

We already got a glimpse of what a short film based on “Back to December” could look like in the music video. But imagine if Taylor went all-in with it. We could get the happiest and saddest moments intermingling with beautiful imagery.

Taylor wrote “Back to December” about her relationship with Taylor Lautner. Neither seems to have bad blood between them, so I have no doubt she’d do a great job recreating that puppy love while creating it. And if she wants to write a ten-minute version of this song, too, I wouldn’t be mad.