Tips For Saving Money on Concert Tickets

Concerts are back! While some people may be ready to drop serious money on upcoming shows, others may be looking for ways to save. If you're hoping to see some of your favorite artists, here are some hot top to see live music on the cheap this summer.
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Concerts are back, baby! After over a year of no in-person shows, live music has officially returned. We can all finally sing, dance, and jam out in public once again. And, as someone who has been to more concerts than I can count, I couldn’t be more excited to see a live show ASAP.

But, while some people may be ready to drop serious money on upcoming shows, others may be looking for ways to save. And I don’t blame you — concerts are expensive, especially for big acts. 

So, if you’re wanting to see a few shows this summer but don’t want it to cost you an arm and a leg, here are a few tips for saving money on concert tickets:

Tip #1: Pay Attention to the Stage Layout

Long gone are the days of musical acts just performing on a simple stage at the front of the room. Now bands, pop stars, rappers, and singer-songwriters float through the air, play on B-stages in the back of the arena, and strut down catwalks. 

In fact, some even play in the middle of the arena. Because of the different stage layouts, it’s important to strategically pick the location of your seat. Being in the front row doesn’t automatically guarantee you’re going to have the best seat in the house. It may be more economically beneficial, and enjoyable, to sit in the bowl rather than be on the floor.

Tip #2: Purchase Re-Sale Tickets the Day of the Show


Scalpers have always been annoying, but they’ve really gotten out of hand in recent years thanks to re-sale sites like Stubhub. They drive up the price of concert tickets so high that most fans can’t afford to see their favorite musical act. 

However, there are ways to game the system. If a show is sold-out and you’re forced to buy second-hand tickets, do your best to wait until the day of the show to purchase them. I know it’s stressful, and you may feel like you won’t get a seat, but you will 100% get the best price if you wait until the day of. 

Tip #3: Go on a Weekday, Not a Weekend

If you’re going to be traveling out of town for a show, try to pick a show that’s on a weekday, rather than a weekend. While this most likely requires you to take a day off of work, it will save you a good chunk of change. Most people want to go to concerts on weekends, which is why those tickets are usually more expensive (or in higher demand). If you can swing it, pick a show in the middle of the week instead. You’ll also most likely save on a hotel and airfare too.

Tip #4: Don’t Overlook Lawn Seats

women sitting on a lawn

A lot of musical acts play shows in amphitheaters during the summer, which usually means lawn seats are available. For those who aren’t familiar, amphitheaters tend to have a big lawn behind all the seats and they sell lawn tickets for a lot less money than they do regular seats. While it does require you to bring your own blanket or lawn chair, sitting on the lawn for a concert is so much fun! 

For one, you’re not squished into a tight row with a bunch of other people, you have plenty of room to spread out, and you’ll save a lot of money in the process. Sure, the person on stage is going to be pretty far away, but you’ll still be able to hear the music just fine.