Travis Scott and McDonald’s Team Up for Cactus Jack Meal

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Travis Scott fans: Did you ever dream of going to one of the 28-year-old rapper’s legendary concerts, only to have your dreams dashed by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Well, do I have a consolation prize for you: You can have just as much fun (maybe) heading to your nearest McDonald’s to order the “Lithuania” rapper’s favorite meal.

And how do I know that a quarter pounder with cheese and bacon, a medium order of fries, a pack of barbecue sauce, and a Sprite is Scott’s favorite order? Well, he talks all about it in a new promo for his official partnership with the fast-food giant. (The only thing noticeably missing from the meal is a McFlurry with M&Ms, sweet like candy cane).

Travis Scott and McDonald’s Team Up

The new meal, dubbed “The Travis Scott Meal,” will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to grab yours before October 4.

“Travis is a true McDonald’s fan having grown up visiting our restaurants in Houston,” said McDonald’s U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, Morgan Flatley.

Scott founded a record label called Cactus Jack Records in 2017. McDonald’s is using the label’s imagery, as well as Scott’s iconic doll figure, in their new commercials for the meal.

“I couldn’t be more excited to bring the Cactus Jack x McDonald’s collaboration to life,” Scott said. “We are bringing together two iconic worlds.”

Trying to Be Like Mike

The only other celebrity’s name that McDonald’s has allowed to grace their menu is that of Michael Jordan.

In 1992, McDonald’s offered the limited-time “McJordan Special,” which was the same exact meal that Travis claims to love. This is somewhat suspicious, though perhaps great minds just think alike. Yes, I’m saying there’s a chance that Michael Jordan and Travis Scott share the exact same favorite McDonald’s meal.

In any case, the partnership still seems to be a win for both sides. Let’s be real: Millennials and Gen-Z’ers who worship Travis Scott are more likely to opt for Chipotle than McDonald’s, so the old chain might see a boost in young, hip customers.

As for Travis Scott, he’s basically confirmed that he’s as worthy of a McDonald’s sponsorship as the legendary Michael Jordan. That’s pretty sweet, if you ask me!

Fans of Travis Scott are already going nuts, despite the meal having dropped only hours ago. Reports are already in that the rapper was mobbed this afternoon when he showed up to a McDonald’s in California. You never know – maybe he’ll show up at yours, too!