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Feeling Anxious? Listen to These Podcasts Right Now

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2020, am I right?! We’re living through incredibly stressful times, there’s no doubt about it, and every day feels like another major hurdle we have to jump over. 

Everywhere you look there’s something to be worried about, another thing to stress over, and countless reasons to spend every waking moment doom-scrolling on Twitter.

While I’m sure many people have told you to just “put your phone away” or “go for a walk” when feelings of anxiety start to creep in, the truth is those tips don’t always work.

If you’ve tried everything under the sun to quiet your mind and calm your anxieties and nothing has really helped, give podcasts a try.

Here are some fantastic podcasts that focus on anxiety, mental health, depression and offer actionable tips. 

The Anxiety Guy

Created by Dennis Simsek, who was a former professional tennis player, The Anxiety Guy podcast focuses on anxiety and panic disorders.

Dennis shares stories from his past and tries to normalize living with a generalized anxiety disorder.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

We all need some more Oprah in our lives, right? In this podcast, Oprah talks to a wide range of guests — including authors, celebrities, wellness experts, etc. — and focuses on bringing positivity to the world. 

Whether you’re looking to live a happier life, want to be inspired to follow your dreams, or need help dealing with trauma, Oprah’s podcast covers it all. 

The Overwhelmed Brain

If you’re someone who suffers from negative thinking, this may be the podcast for you. Host Paul Colaianni suffered from depression following the end of a major relationship and has since learned a lot about dealing with depression and combating negative thinking.

Through this podcast, Paul tries to give his listeners the tools to live their best lives and move past the darkness.

The Anxiety Coaches

The hosts of this podcast are not medical professionals, but they are people who suffer from anxiety. However, they bring on therapists and other qualified guests to share things they’ve learned and to answer listener questions. 

If you’re looking for a podcast that focuses on mental health but keeps things fun, this is the podcast for you!

The Hilarious World of Depression

Sometimes all you can do is laugh, and that’s exactly what this podcast is all about. The Hilarious World of Depression is all about dealing with depression through the power of comedy. 

Host John Moe interviews a number of comedies who suffer from depression, but the show itself is anything but dark. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Not only will you feel less alone after listening to this podcast, but you’ll feel lighter too. 

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Host Nora McInerny created this podcast after her late husband passed away from cancer. “You know how every day someone asks ‘how are you?’ And even if you’re totally dying inside, you just say ‘fine,’ so everyone can go about their day? This show is the opposite of that,” she says in her episodes.

Nora talks to a variety of guests who are either suffering from grief, trauma, or something in between. The conversations are honest, open, and vulnerable. 

Whether you’ve been through something traumatic in your life or not, there’s a good chance you’ll connect with a variety of her guests.