Courtesy of 96.5 The Buzz

Another Incredible Local Radio Show Bites the Dust

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Radio has long been a tough industry to work in. Jobs are hard to find and difficult to keep, and with podcasts becoming ever more popular, radio shows are having trouble keeping listeners through all the commercial breaks. And budget cuts, especially amid the pandemic, are making things even more stressful.

A recent example of this comes out of Kansas City, Missouri. A unique and special radio show was abruptly cancelled due to budget cuts.

Jordin Silver / Courtesy of 96.5 The Buzz

Just a little over a week ago, Jordin Silver was the host of “Jordin Silver and Friends,” a feel-good program that aired locally in Kansas City from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on the city’s famous alternative radio station, “96.5 The Buzz.”

Silver moved from Los Angeles for the job, starting a brand new life in an entirely new city. Day-one listeners know that Jordin slowly grew to love Kansas City more than any other she’s been to over the course of her show.

The program had a personal touch, possibly due to the fact that Jordin rounded up her new Kansas City friends to join her on-air rather than hiring seasoned DJs.

There was the ever-sassy Stacey; the fresh-out-of-college KC Chiefs expert, Dustin; and there was the quirky new dad, Chris. How they managed to become one of the happiest morning shows available in the city in such a short period of time was nothing short of incredible.

But Silver shocked “the Buzz Family” when on September 10, she posted the devastating news on Instagram:

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to tell you, because of budget cuts due to COVID, I have been laid off from The Buzz.

I am so thankful for every morning we had together and how you’ve helped me change and challenged me so I could become a better person. This isn’t worth a boycott or trashing the station/company. Everyone’s hands were tied that had to make this decision. I saw all of them today and they were also broken hearted about this. It’s just how it goes sometimes.

Radio fans mourn loss of special show

The news was met with utter devastation from fans, proving just how special this fledgling show was:

Nooooo! I’m so devastated. You’re the reason I’m now cat dad of 3. What can I do to help?!?

This sucks! You filled shoes I never thought could be filled. I hope KC will remain your home!

Thank you for making my mornings happy. PLEASE just know you made a huge difference in KC.

The local love is palpable.

The replacement show for “Jordin Silver and Friends” is a syndicated program from 106.7 KROQ located in Pasadena, CA. It is called “Stryker and Klein.” Without local Kansas Citians hosting the show, it’s hard to imagine the mornings will be as bright, and not nearly as relatable.

To give “Jordin Silver and Friends” a try as a podcast, check them out and see what all the buzz is about in Kansas City.