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Why Aren’t You Listening to These Podcasts?

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Podcasts aren’t anything new. For many of us, podcasts are the soundtracks of our lives. I’m listening to one right now!

Okay, not really. But I’m going to queue up one of my favorites tonight while I’m cooking dinner. Most of us don’t have commutes right now–AKA the prime territory for listening to a 20-40 minutes podcast. But as a backing track to chores or just a chance to chill out, podcasts are more essential listening.

If you’re looking for a new favorite, then you are in luck, my friend. Here’s a roundup of some of the best new (or maybe just new to you) podcasts for every type of listener.

If You Like it Spooky


Your first choice for spooky listening should be Welcome to Night Vale. This long-running show is a cross between A Prairie Home Companion and Twin Peaks.

Your next stop should be Lore. This podcast is far superior to the TV show adaptation. It’s like listening to scary stories around the campfire, but more educational.

If You Want to Learn Something


Speaking of education, there are a ton of education podcasts to choose from out there. A personal favorite is You Must Remember This, which explores stories about Old Hollywood.

Hardcore History does exactly what it sounds like. You’ll learn about fascinating historical figures and long-gone empires. Finally, check out Stuff You Should Know for random deep dives that are as fascinating as they are useless in your everyday life.

If You’re a Politics Junkie


The best liberal podcast out there is probably Pod Save America. You’ll get the latest news and an “inside baseball” perspective from the hosts.

The NPR Politics Podcast is straightforward reporting about the most important stories of the day. Left, Right & Center is a podcast that offers multiple perspectives on issues.

If You Love True Crime


True crime is basically the reason podcasts exist. Serial was one of the first breakout hits of the medium. For a quirkier take on the genre, check out My Favorite Murder. Another good one is Up & Vanished, which focuses on missing person cases.

If You Just Want to Laugh


Have you listened to How Did This Get Made? yet? It’s a reliably funny podcast about bad movies and the people who make them.

Another long-running comedy show you should check out is My Brother, My Brother & Me. It’s nominally an advice show, but it’s really just three brothers going on wild tangents together. The McElroys also host The Adventure Zone, a hilarious and moving Dungeons and Dragons show.

If You Miss Your Friends


YouTubers the Try Guys launched their podcast, The Try Pod, last year. It’s a bunch of friends who have known each other for years, talking about everything from politics to butts.

However, the team launched a new podcast this year that’s hosted by the Try Wives, the long-term partners of the Try Guys. You Can Sit With Us is a gem of a podcast featuring four women talking about their lives and current events.