Princess Bride Game

Inconceivable! Princess Bride Board Game Captures Spirit of the Film

Great news for fans of the Princess Bride! A board game out now truly has captured the magic of the movie. Play as your favorite characters to defeat villains and find loves true purpose.
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A new board game from publisher Ravensburger promises to bring the world of The Princess Bride to life. The storybook-style board and charming visuals speak to the plot of the film, and the game is perfect for families.

While the recommended age is 10 or up, I imagine plenty of adults will be delighted by the presentation of this film-accurate board game.


In the game, players work to keep the storyline from fragmenting due to frequent interruptions. The actions of the villainous Count Rugen, Prince Humperdink, and Vizzini can also derail the players as they attempt to progress through the chapters of the “book” being told.

Suffice it to say, this game would delight any fan of the movie, or the book it’s based on.


The game itself is supplied with seven unpainted miniatures of the characters from the film. For hobbyists, this is an excellent opportunity to bring to life their favorite characters from the beloved movie.

Highly-detailed plastic captures the spirit of each of the characters perfectly, allowing those with a deft hand for painting to make them look as screen-accurate as they’d like.

Back of Princess Bride Game

The game’s board is a storybook-style spread with gorgeous art depicting the fantasy world of Florin. Additionally, players have 40 story cards, 30 special cards, and 20 plot cards, each serving a unique purpose in the game as the heroes try to overcome the forces of evil.

For fans of the source material, the luxurious art depicted all throughout the product makes it an awesome experience for bringing the beloved story to life.

The Game

During gameplay, players have to survive the numerous perils of the Kingdom of Florin. Players progress through six chapters as they attempt to best the villains, surviving menacing locales like the Cliffs of Insanity and the Fire Swamp.

Monsters like Shrieking Eels can complicate matters, as part of the struggle of the game is even keeping the very storyline itself on-track in spite of the constant interruptions from the villains.


Oh, and don’t forget the sick grandson trying to skip ahead in the story. That’s right, you can lose if young Fred Savage keeps interrupting you and pushing the plot off the rails.

If the players manage to survive all of that and push through to the final confrontation, they might just prevail. True love really does conquer all!

Where to Get it

The board game is available at Target retailers, and goes for $25. Even if it was just the seven miniatures, $25 would be a steal: these are high-quality plastic figures that you can paint up to a gorgeous level of detail.

Add to that the stellar art on display within, the lavish packaging, the attention to detail and the fun game that it’s all attached to? That’s a no-brainer.

If you’re a fan of the movie, or you know someone who is, this one is a must-buy. Get by Target so you can get your copy and help Buttercup, Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik prevail over the forces of evil.