Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
chuggaaconroy via YouTube

How Finally Adding Brewster Could Save ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

Nintendo recently announced that Brewster is heading to 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons.' Here's how the update could save the game for bored fans!
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A new update is finally on the way for Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Nintendo via GIPHY

No, I’m not talking about a few seasonal items. A brand new update will introduce Brewster and The Roost cafe to the game!

Brewster moving into New Horizons serves as the first significant update that players have seen in over a year. There have been seasonal updates here and there, but nothing that’s added a ton to actual gameplay. Sure, the fireworks on Sunday evenings in August were cool, but it certainly wasn’t enough to satiate bored players.

The Last Substantial Update Came Last Year

diving for sea creatures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Miketendo64 via YouTube

The last big update that added to gameplay came back in July 2020, with the introduction of swimming and diving. Collecting sea creatures added something new to collect for the museum–and added a lucrative way to earn bells. It also brought back Pascal, who now hands out mermaid-themed DIY recipes in exchange for scallops; and Gulliver, a special visitor that washes ashore after falling off his boat and needs help finding communicator parts.

Brewster’s reintroduction could solve one of the community’s biggest complaints: The lack of fresh content and new ways to enjoy the island. I’ve heard from several of my friends that they haven’t bothered opening the game in months on end. This could bring enough interest to rope them back in.

Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
chuggaaconroy via YouTube

For anyone who hasn’t played earlier iterations of the game, Brewster is a coffee-slinging pigeon who operates a cafe called The Roost. We first met him in Animal Crossing: Wild World, which was released in 2005. The Roost was located on the lower floor of the museum, and K.K. Slider would play there on Saturday nights.

When Brewster and The Roost came back in subsequent Animal Crossing games, they served up more than just coffee. City Folk saw the introduction of Gyroid storage. In New Leaf, players could work in the cafe part-time to earn extra bells and cafe-style furniture items. New Leaf also saw The Roost become a stand-alone building.

We already know that The Roost will be joining the Museum again in New Horizons. As you can see during the reveal, the cafe appears at the top of the museum’s stairs.

What Are We Hoping Brewster and The Roost Will Bring?

Obviously, The Roost introduces a new spot to hang out. It could become a place for players to interact with new characters or even just interacting with existing characters in a new way. It could also serve as a new location for K.K. Slider concerts, instead of leaving him outside on Saturdays. Perhaps he might bring new songs that play exclusively at the cafe.

I can’t be the only one hoping that The Roost will also bring back the part-time gig opportunity. This minigame gives players something new to do, but also offers another way to earn bells or exclusive items. I’ve seen some of Brewster’s previous items, like the coffee grinder and coffee cup, appear in Nook’s Cranny, but perhaps New Horizons could get new ones!

More importantly, will Brewster bring along his love of Gyroids, too? These moving furniture items are all unique in the way they sound. They spawn randomly buried in the ground like fossils, but appear after rain or snow.

In City Folk, The Roost was associated with Gyroid storage. You would store one of each unique Gyroid you found, much like how the museum does with fossils and creatures. If this feature is reinstated, that could mean seeing Gyroids come to New Horizons — giving players something new to collect.

Clearly, I’m just speculating based on previous iterations of Brewster and The Roost, but I do think the November update will bring more than just Brewster himself. Nintendo didn’t actually share many details at all, but there will be more info in a dedicated Animal Crossing Direct presentation in October.

The fact that they’re dedicating an entire presentation to it seems to indicate it could be a major update. And that’s exactly what is desperately needed to bring players back to the game.