DC Characters That Need Their Own Video Games feat
DC Comics

DC Characters That Need Their Own Video Games

There are so many DC games out there now, but these characters have somehow never gotten their own.
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To prep for the upcoming Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, I’ve been replaying some other DC games. Let me tell you, there aren’t enough of them. Sure, we’ve got plenty of Batman games and Injustice, but what about all the other characters in the DC universe?

These are the heroes and villains that have been overlooked by gamers and game creators for too long. I’d also like to add that these characters may be featured in a game, but they aren’t the main focus of any recent games for current consoles, so I’ll be including them anyway.


DC Comics's Catwoman
DC Comics

She might not swing around on webs around the city like Spider-Man, but Catwoman’s game could be just as thrilling as the Marvel Spider-Man games. Though she’s been a playable character in several video games in the last decade, there’s only been one game ever titled Catwoman (and that was in 2004).

I’d love to see a game where I can play as Selina Kyle donning the Catwoman suit to go on heists and escaping Batman, the police, and other heroes. It would break the mold of comic-inspired video games by focusing on the criminals instead of the heroes.

The Question

DC Comics's The Question
DC Comics

I don’t know nearly enough about The Question, and I think a lot of people are in the same boat. While he does have some fans from the comics and a few TV appearances, I don’t think I’ve heard much chatter about him. So, why doesn’t DC bank on bringing lesser-known characters to the screen with a game and a movie?

From what I do know about the character, a game following him would break the mold of superhero games. Instead of just fighting the bad guys, a game about this mysterious character would fit more in the “escape room” genre than “superhero.”

Aquaman and The Flash

DC Comics's The Flash and Aquaman
DC Comics

I really want a video game that allows players to craft the story as they go. And I genuinely think either Aquaman or The Flash would be the best for that. That’s the only reason I have them grouped together for this list.

With Aquaman, I’d especially love to see similar graphics to what’s in the 2018 Aquaman movie or this year’s The Quarry game. If it’s open-world and Aquaman is just traveling around, dealing with problems in the ocean, I would be delighted.

As for The Flash, I want the option to time travel and make Flashpoint. Every decision Barry makes affects everything in the comics and shows, so why not make a game with the same ramifications? If DC can make that happen, I will stop complaining about the suit from season five of The Flash, I promise.

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Green Arrow

DC Comics's Green Arrow
DC Comics

After Smallville, DC kind of lost its hold on live-action television. That is until The Arrow introduced a new generation of fans to Green Arrow and his origin story. And as much as I’d love a game adaptation of the first few seasons of the show, I’d rather have one that follows his comic counterpart.

Though I left Hawkeye out in the Marvel version of this list, I can’t skip this archer. He’s just a bit more interesting in my eyes. As for the game’s narrative arc, I want one where he’s an established vigilante already and facing off with one of his foes – preferably Count Vertigo.

Green Lantern

DC Comics's Green Lantern Corps
DC Comics

When I say Green Lantern, I honestly don’t have a preference on character. But what would make a possible game better based on the heroes would be to have several of the Corps as playable characters with their own strengths.

As long as it’s nothing like the movie, I’d be happy to play this for days on end. The Corps members I’d love to see make an appearance, either playable characters or as NPCs, would be Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Jessica Cruz. I’d also love to see the other Corps like Red, White, and Black.

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Poison Ivy

DC Comics's Poison Ivy
DC Comics

I just want to play as Poison Ivy and wreak havoc in Gotham. Is that so much to ask? She could go up against Batman and his sidekicks and maybe pair up with Harley Quinn a few times. Heck, go along with the comics now and make her and Harley Quinn a couple that does crime together.

I don’t know what narrative would be best for the character; I just want to see how a game would incorporate all her powers and how they’d level up as the game goes on. She has abilities that I’ve yet to see explored in any video game so far.


DC Comics's Supergirl
DC Comics

I’ll be honest – I’m tired of Superman getting all the spotlight. No hate to Superman and Lois; I just want other Kryptonian characters taking the spotlight. And who better to do that than Supergirl, a character who has a pretty strong fanbase after The CW’s show?

Now, what would the game be about? I think facing off with three of her enemies would make a good narrative arc. My top picks for those enemies are Reign, Silver Banshee, and Black Flame. We got to see all three in The CW’s Arrowverse shows, so bringing them to games would be easy.


DC Comics's Katana
DC Comics

How many superhero games feature heroes wielding katanas? I can’t find nearly enough, considering how impressive Japanese-style sword fighting is. Katana would be the perfect character to make that vision come to life.

Though she has been part of different teams, I’d love to see a game following her origin story and journey to being part of The Outsiders. We got a glimpse of her in Suicide Squad, but that movie didn’t do her enough justice. It’s time to get her some more attention with a video game.


Zatanna Zatara in Young Justice
DC | Warner Bros. | Cartoon Network | HBO Max

This might be coming out of the left field, but Zatanna has always intrigued me. The way magic works in the DC universe is very different than the way Marvel portrays it, so I think a game based on Zatanna could do exceptionally well.

I struggled trying to figure out what I’d like this game to be about (because anything would do, really), but here’s my pitch. Zatanna was one of the founding members of Justice League Dark, so how about a game following her journey to create the team? It could lead to a Justice League Dark-centric game later on, too.


DC Comics's Static
DC Comics

We’ve yet to see any character like this in a comics-inspired game, so I’m holding out hope Static makes a resurgence soon. Static Shock was a great show in the 2000s, and I’m still confused why it’s taking so long for a live-action movie about him.

Static, AKA Virgil Hawkins, has been a solo superhero, as well as part of a team, throughout his many appearances in the comics. Out of the DC games out so far, he’s yet to get the spotlight. He showed up in downloadable content for DC Universe Online and Injustice: Gods Among Us, but that’s it. It’s about time DC gets to it.

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Birds of Prey

DC Comics's Birds of Prey
DC Comics

I know the Birds of Prey movie left much to be desired for most people, but I loved the idea of seeing more of the characters team up in future films – and maybe a few games. And as much as I’d love a solo game based on any of the team members, I think I would enjoy an ensemble game even more.

With so many members throughout the Birds of Prey run in the comics, there’s no shortage of characters to make the focus of the game. And there are so many other characters who could be the antagonists of the game. Why hasn’t this been made yet?


DC Comics's Deathstroke
DC Comics

I wouldn’t dare skip Deathstroke. He’s made so many appearances in shows and movies, so when is he going to finally get his video game? Imagine how fun it would be playing the villain and going up against some of your favorite heroes!

If I were to design the game, I’d start the game with his origin story. Even better, let them upgrade the character as they play as he did in the comics. Let gamers play through what made him descend to villainy; it would be a distinct change from what we have from DC so far.

Teen Titans

Teen Titans from Teen Titans
DC | Warner Bros. | Cartoon Network | Kids’ WB

And last but certainly not least, my favorite superhero team from DC needs their own video game. We’re about to see Dick Grayson in Gotham Knights, but we’ve yet to see Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven team up in a video game. At least not recently.

There was one game based on the original animated show years ago, so it’s about time the Teen Titans get another shot at gaming. And as much as Titans is doing well, I’d prefer a game following more in line with the comics and have them actually be teenage heroes again.