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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: New Story Trailer Shows Returning Fan-Favorite Characters

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Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, Beyond Light, is set to be a major turning point for the long-running franchise. For one thing, it sees the return of another area from Destiny 1, the Cosmodrome. Moreover, it will also see the return of some fan-favorite characters: Variks, the friendly Fallen, and the Exo Stranger from the first game’s base story.

In a newly-released story trailer for the expansion, Bungie showed off more of the villain of this tale. Eramis, a towering Fallen baron, is seen in the trailer granting powers to her followers. The powers she wields seem to be infused with Darkness, the primordial stuff that gives the enemy races of the game their abilities. Of course, as we’ve known for a while, Guardians will soon be wielding that same Darkness themselves.

Embrace the Darkness

The newest element that players will be able to wield, Stasis, is powered by the Darkness. Up to this point, players have been opposed to the forces of the Darkness, but, for whatever reason, in Beyond Light, Guardians will be using that power to their ends.

Whether this is a complete surrender to the forces of evil out of necessity or simply siphoning power from a hostile force is, as yet, unclear.

What is clear is that the new ice-themed subclasses for each class look extremely interesting. Slowing, freezing and shattering enemies looks to play a major role in the gameplay of each Stasis subclass.

Moreover, they’ll be modular in ways the three Light-based subclasses aren’t. Players will have options to influence how their Stasis abilities manifest in gameplay.

Returning Faces

Fans are ecstatic to see a longtime favorite character, Variks the Loyal, returning in Beyond Light. When he first appeared in House of Wolves, Variks made an impression on the player base by being the only non-hostile Fallen you can meet in the world. He ran the Prison of Elders content in House of Wolves, and his distinctive voice (courtesy the excellent Dee Bradley Baker) still brings back memories of that activity.

Moreover, the Exo Stranger from the first game is making a return. Her cryptic and unusual appearance in the first game was as frustrating as it was tantalizing. Her oft-repeated catchphrase, “I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain,” was emblematic of the problems with the first game’s base storyline.

That game’s troubled development and scrapped base story were bolted together before launch to create, well, something. Hopefully, now that Bungie has had some years to finally cook up a more robust story, the Exo Stranger can explain herself.

What’s New

The update of Beyond Light will remove four locations from the game’s files, though it will also bring in the new area Europa, and returning area of the Cosmodrome.

Moreover, the expected new goodies of an expansion will certainly be in play: a new raid, plenty of new weapons and armor pieces, as well as new quests and story activity will be ready for players to devour.

Beyond Light hits Destiny 2 on November 10, 2020.