Marvel Characters Who Need Their Own Video Games
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Marvel Characters Who Need Their Own Video Games

Marvel has so much going for it, from comics to movies – but when are we getting more video games?
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I’ve played Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and so many other Marvel video games so many times–but I want more! So, after the year of amazing games we’ve had so far, when’s Marvel going to release some more solo superhero games? With the MCU expanding so much – literally going into different universes – there are plenty of characters I’d love to see in games. Here are my top 16 picks for the next Marvel video game.


Ant-Man on ant
Marvel | Disney

With all of Ant-Man’s capabilities not yet explored to their fullest potential in the MCU, I would love to see a game where players could master the abilities as Ant-Man would in real-time. Imagine being able to shrink and grow big to fight off enemies in a single-player game.

And the characters that could cameo or play a big part are endless. I, for one, would love to see Wasp and Stature joining Scott in his adventures. It could even spawn spin-offs following those two characters in their own games.

Black Widow

Black Widow
Marvel Studios | Disney

Yes, she doesn’t have powers in the MCU, but in the comics, Black Widow receives a version of the super serum that created Captain America. I’d love to see a video game following her missions as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent based on her comic origins.

The comics give her a different backstory and even more possible paths for the game, but the fighting abilities would be just as cool as in the movies. I sure hope the Marvel games hurry up and focus on Black Widow’s solo adventures already.

Anya Corazon

Anya Corazon in Spider-Man 2017 and Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics | Disney-ABC Domestic Television

With the popularity of Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, it’s only a matter of time before even more Spider characters get their own games. I’m hoping Anya’s Araña is somewhere high on that list. She’s constantly pushed aside for Gwen Stacy – nothing against Gwen, I just want someone new.

While Anya did take on the Spider-Girl persona after Araña, I would prefer the latter in gameplay. It would allow players to explore the origins of her abilities, as well as mastering said powers as she goes on missions in Brooklyn.

Madame Web and Spider-Woman

Cassandra Webb's Madame Web and Julia Carpenter's Spider-Woman
Marvel | Tokyo Movie Shinsha | Genesis Entertainment | New World Entertainment | Saban | Fox | Film Roman | Disney

There have been several Spider-Women and two Madame Webs so far, so why not showcase all of them in one or a series of games? I’d especially love to see Cassandra Webb take on her last mission before passing the Madame Web torch to Julia Carpenter.

As for the other Spider-Woman I’m waiting to see in both the MCU and games, Jessica Drew is on the top of my list. And if this somehow spawns a series of Spider-Woman games, please let Ultimate Spider-Woman have her own.

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Black Cat

Felicia Hardy Black Cat in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Felicia Hardy has been on my mind a lot recently. I just really think Sony’s upcoming Black Cat and Silver Sable movie is going to open the door to a whole new side of Marvel that we haven’t seen enough of. And with that possibility, so opens the door to a Black Cat video game.

Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales already explored the web-slingers of New York, but a Black Cat-centric game could focus on her unique powers. She can affect luck, either causing bad luck or good luck. Imagine seeing that executed in gameplay!

Silver Sable

Silver Sable in Spider-Man (Playstation) Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics | Sony | Insomniac Games | PlayStation

Much like with Black Cat, I think Sony’s upcoming movie about Silver Sable and Black Cat could really pave the way for a video game of the characters. With Silver Sable, it seems like it would be more of a shooter type than a superhero game.

Despite this, however, I think it could be just as major as some of the biggest games that came out this year. A Silver Sable-centric game could also bring in Spider-Man as either an ally, enemy, or both depending on how the player chooses to play.

Jean Grey-centric ‘X-Men’ Game

Jean Grey from Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy games were more focused on the teams as a whole rather than the individuals. And while I love the X-Men’s teamwork, I think a better way to incorporate them into a game would be to focus more on Jean Grey, AKA Phoenix.

Whether it’s her becoming the Dark Phoenix or just being Phoenix, I’d love to be able to play as her more than any other member of the team right now. (Except maybe one that I’ll get to later.) And, if the developers do it right, perhaps players could even make this game have multiple endings.

Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange
Marvel | Disney

Maybe a Doctor Strange video game will make me forget the hot mess that was Multiverse of Madness. (I didn’t hate it – it’s just not my favorite that’s come out recently.) But now that the multiverse is being explored more, why not have players explore it on their own?

If someone was to bounce around the multiverse in a video game right now, I would expect it to be Doctor Strange and America Chavez. So, Marvel, get on it! Make a Doctor Strange video game continuing where Multiverse of Madness left off.

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Shang Chi
Marvel Studios | Disney

I just want to know when we’re going to see Shang-Chi again. So, of course, I’d be hoping someone would make a video game following him. Even better, bring in Xialing and make the game take place directly after the end-credits scene of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Or follow comic stories and bring in the three characters Xialing is based on.

If the game were to follow the comics storyline, I’d love to see some of Shang-Chi’s allies like Iron Fist or enemies like Midnight Sun. Just imagine the slow-motion action sequences from Spider-Man: Miles Morales but with the ten rings instead of webs.


She-Hulk from Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

With She-Hulk: Attorney at Law coming out soon, I’m hoping we’ll finally get the entire Hulk group in a game. But first and foremost, Marvel, give us more She-Hulk once the show has come out. I’d love a game where She-Hulk takes on all her enemies.

If the new show doesn’t introduce Maestro or Red Hulk, I think a game would be the perfect way to get fans of Marvel ready for them in the MCU. There are so many villains that She-Hulk constantly goes up against, so there are plenty of ways developers could take a She-Hulk game.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel
Marvel | Disney

I know a lot of people had problems with the Captain Marvel movie, but she’s an interesting character. I think a Carol Danvers-centric game could really get more people on board with her character from the MCU. That said, I don’t want the game to follow her MCU depiction.

What would be most interesting to me would be a game with multiple endings where her MCU take follows different paths from her comic origins. And with so many characters featured in her comics, there could be some fun cameos like Monica in Multiverse of Madness.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel
Marvel | Disney

The new Ms. Marvel show is fantastic – Marvel needs to capitalize on that current success with a game following Kamala. My only request would be to keep her powers comic-accurate instead of what the MCU did (not that I hate it, I just think her original powers would play better).

I’m not as familiar with Ms. Marvel, but I do think a game following her adventures mastering her powers and taking down bad guys would be just as popular as Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Captain America

Sam Wilson-The Falcon-Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Marvel | Walt Disney

When I saw Captain America, I mean Sam Wilson’s version. No hate to Chris Evans, but he left the role; let’s get as much of Sam’s Cap as we can while he holds the title. Even better, can the game pick up directly where The Falcon and the Winter Soldier left off?

If there was a Captain America game with this version of the character, the only villain I’m hoping will make an appearance would be Sin. While I’m sure John Walker would make an appearance as U.S. Agent, I genuinely wouldn’t care if he was left off the list of characters.

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Rogue from X-Men animated series
Marvel | 20th Century Fox | Saban Entertainment | Graz Entertainment | AKOM

Rogue was done so dirty in the original X-Men movies, but I think a game would fix that. Rogue is an independent woman with a Southern twang that I believe would serve as a great main character in a game. That said, it wouldn’t be complete without her lover, Gambit.

Her powers are so unique compared to many other Marvel characters, so I can’t imagine how cool it would be. With the way she absorbs powers, I genuinely think the gameplay could be so different than what we’ve seen so far.


Mystique from X-Men Apocalypse
Marvel | 20th Century Fox | TSG Entertainment | Bad Hat Harry Productions | Kinberg Genre | The Donners’ Company

Just like Rogue, Mystique has a unique power that could play out in several different ways. And what about the way she looks in the first place – would they go more in the comic-accurate costumes or what we saw in the films?

As long as Mystique is done justice in the game, I’ll be happy. I think it would be interesting to see her go up against the X-Men or maybe join them against a bigger enemy, like what we saw in the reboot films.


Spider-Gwen Gwen Stacy in Into the Spider-Verse
Marvel | Sony | Columbia Pictures | Arad Productions | Lord Miller Productions | Pascal Pictures

I won’t stop talking about Spider-Gwen until we get her in more games, more Spider-Verse movies, and the MCU. Marvel, just give us a drummer that can also climb the walls – that’s all I want.

While Gwen has the same powers as Peter Parker, I think she has an edge up in the crime-fighting world because of her father. She also just has a fantastic suit that could have so many variations like Miles’s in his game.