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Massive Star Wars Squadrons Update Surprises Fans

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During the run-up to the release of Star Wars: Squadrons, many Star Wars fans were apprehensive. EA’s Motive Studios releasing a starfighter simulator so soon after Battlefront II had launched was cause for confusion. Would the game be like Battlefront was at launch, replete with loot boxes and heavily-monetized content? Would it be a soulless cash-grab that banked in players’ love for the legendary early-90s games X-Wing and TIE Fighter?

Motive was insistent that the game would ship “as-is,” with no plans to treat it as a live service. It would launch with five ships per faction, the maps in the base game, a brief campaign, and a robust multiplayer experience.

Beyond that, they promised, the game was going to be a straightforward retail release with no ongoing content. And this put fans’ worries to rest. However, it was also somewhat bittersweet: the lack of ongoing support meant the game wasn’t going to see updates like new maps or ships.

A Surprise, to be Sure, But a Welcome One

Then, out of nowhere, the team announced back in October that it would be adding new cosmetic options in honor of the new season of the Mandalorian. These included a plush version of The Child that can be placed on the dashboard of your starfighter and a holographic Blurrg for fans of Quill’s favorite pack animal.

However, since these cosmetics were minor, and only accessible through in-game currency, it seemed Motive was mostly keeping their word about the lack of ongoing content.

Then, on Wednesday, Motive announced that they would be introducing sizable drops of new content to the game. A new map, based on Fostar Haven from the game’s prologue, will be added to the Fleet Battles game mode.

What’s more, the company has also promised two new ship types, one for each faction. The legendary TIE Defender, made famous in the original TIE Fighter game, and the iconic Rebel B-Wing will be added to the game via a free update.

Fans Delighted

The news of such a robust addition to the game surprised fans who largely believed that Motive was going to leave the game alone after launch. However, it seems the great commercial performance of the game and fan dedication has led the company to supporting it with a full-fledged update.

Now, many fans are wondering whether this means they can expect Motive to support Squadrons with as much post-launch content as DICE supported Battlefront II with.

For over two years after the launch of Battlefront II, developer DICE continued dropping new content, like skins, maps, new character classes and even entire game modes. If the same is true of Squadrons, fans are likely to continue to flock to the unique flight simulator.

The game, for those curious, is excellent. Being at the controls of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter just feels right. The first-person view is perfect for playing in VR, and gives an amazing tactile sense of what it’s like to pilot a starfighter in the galaxy far, far away.