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‘Metroid: Dread’ Review: Rewarding Challenge and Precision-Based Gameplay

Samus is back once again in 'Metroid: Dread,' the first game in the series set after 2002's 'Metroid: Fusion.' Is this game a worthy successor to the storied franchise, or is it just a cold copy of a once-great series?
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    Metroid: Dread is a hard game.

    It’s not just tough when you’re battling the nigh-invulnerable EMMI robots, all of whom can defeat you in one hit. Even just navigating the map and trying to get to your next objective in this game is a challenge. The basic enemies will require you to pay attention, learn their patterns, and be prepared to use your counter-attack to find an opening.

    It makes sense that a game called Dread would work overtime to make you feel a true sense of impending doom. After all, the player character is stranded on a hostile alien world with no backup. Wouldn’t you be a bit apprehensive if you were in Samus Aran’s shoes?

    Thankfully for Samus, she’s still outfitted with her suit of power armor, and she’s got her bounty hunting skills to see her through the environments of planet ZDR. The real question isn’t whether she’s got what it takes to survive this, but whether or not this game is a worthy successor to a long-dormant franchise.