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New Trailer Unveils Details About ‘Pokemon Scarlet’ and ‘Violet’

In the most recent Pokemon Presents, the Pokemon Company unveiled tons of new details about the upcoming ninth-generation games.
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Pokemon is far and away the most popular media franchise in the world, and you can tell from the way The Pokemon Company introduced its latest Pokemon Presents video. The twenty-minute presentation is essentially a Pokemon-centric Nintendo Direct, complete with news updates about upcoming games and world-first reveals. 

After weeks of heated speculation and blurry images of leaked Pokemon, The Pokemon Company used the presentation to unveil some of the new creatures and features that players will find in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The new details include some interesting footage of the new legendary Pokemon, more details about the open-world region players will explore, and the storylines players will encounter in the games. The news is enough to send fans into hype overload, so we’ll break it down for you here.

Of course, Scarlet and Violet were the stars of the show, but The Pokemon Company had plenty of reveals about other Pokemon titles. The twenty-minute-long Pokemon Presents video included information about Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite, and even the cute puzzle title Pokemon Cafe. Moreover, The Pokemon Company unveiled more information about the 2022 Pokemon World Championships, an event that will include top-level gameplay from the best trainers in the world. 

Pokemon World Championships

After taking a few years off starting in 2020, the Pokemon World Championships are finally back. At their core, Pokemon games are rooted in the spirit of friendly competition. Since training and battling are integral to the fun in Pokemon, it’s encouraging for fans to see the World Championships back on the calendar for 2022. During the presentation, The Pokemon Company highlighted tournaments for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, and Pokken Tournament DX.

Competitive Pokemon events tend to draw massive crowds into convention centers. They’re not just popular among players: spectators love to see the best trainers in the world show off their skills. The Pokemon Trading Card Game tests trainers’ deck-building skills, while Pokken Tournament DX is a reflex-based fighting game that feels very distinct from the mainline RPG titles.

The Pokemon Company also announced that this year’s event will hold the first World Championships for Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite, respectively. This is great news for fans of these immensely popular spin-off titles, which each have their own distinct competitive metagames. 

Pokemon Go Gets More Ultra Beasts

The presentation showed off more details about an upcoming update for the massively popular mobile title Pokemon Go. One feature the video focused on, Ultra Beasts, has breathed new life into the game for longtime players. Since Pokemon Go debuted in 2016, it’s been one of the most popular spin-offs in the franchise’s history.

Ultra Beasts can only be found in specific areas during Pokemon Go Fest, an annual event that tasks trainers with gathering in public areas to tackle powerful monsters. If the groups of trainers succeed in taking down the Ultra Beast, everyone gets a chance to catch the super-powerful and rare creature to add it to their own party. They also announced a special Research Event that will take place late this month, and will offer trainers a chance to catch the extremely rare Pokemon Shaymin. 

Finally, the video highlighted a new type of Pokemon-attracting incense called Adventure Incense. This item will allow players to attract wild Pokemon to their locations so they can catch them even when they aren’t ablet to walk out in the real world. This new type of incense can last up to 15 minutes and can even attract Legendary Pokemon, making it one of the most impressive items in the game!

Pokemon Unite Updates

Pokemon Unite, the popular MOBA spin-off of the mainline Pokemon series, recently celebrated its first anniversary with a surprisingly generous giveaway event. The festivities are still ongoing, with the developers introducing numerous new features and Pokemon to the popular competitive game. Part of the event included a giveaway that offered playable Pokemon for players who log in during the festivities.

One adorable new feature is a special mode called Pika Party. In this adorable Quick Battle, every player-controlled and wild Pokemon is replaced by Pikachu. Don’t question it too much, just enjoy how cute and ridiculous the whole thing is. Who doesn’t love Pikachu? This mode is more laid-back and casual than the usual competitive mode, so it’s a great opportunity for newcomers to have some fun with the game.

Speaking of Ultra Beasts, Pokemon Unite just got its first playable Ultra Beast Pokemon, too. The newcomer, Buzzwole, is as powerful as his name is hilarious. He’s a giant, swole bug. He buzzes. Thus, he is Buzzwole. You can’t look at him with a straight face and say that Pokemon isn’t the funniest media franchise on the planet.

Scarlet and Violet News

Of course, the main reason that most fans tuned in and watched the Pokemon Presents stream was to see updates on the next mainline RPGs, Scarlet and Violet. These highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch exclusives will hit store shelves in November, but fans still don’t know much about them. The Pokemon Company has unveiled information about only a handful of the new Pokemon in the game, and a few videos of the upcoming game’s battle system and open world.

The three starters, (Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxley) offer the same grass, fire, and water choice that’s been present in each game. Some returning Pokemon, like Eevee and Pikachu, have been visible in some gameplay footage, showing the game won’t be comprised entirely of newcomers. However, the Pokemon Company has also showcased some exciting new creatures like the adorably-named Lechonk, a baby pig who looks like he could burst into tears at any moment. 

During the stream, The Pokemon Company confirmed that the two new Legendary Pokemon, Koraidon and Miraidon, will be critical modes of transportation across the open world. This suggests that the legendary dragons might join your party much sooner than expected, as they appear to play a vital role in traversing the sprawling landscape. Notably, these Legendary creatures likely won’t be usable in battle until later in the game. Traditionally, the cover Pokemon don’t become playable until between the seventh and eighth gym leaders. 

Open-World Gameplay

It’s a good thing that Koraidon and Miraidon are playing a role as transportation this time around. The new region, called the Paldea Region, is based on the real-world Iberian Peninsula. As such, the game has a sun-drenched, European aesthetic that is as welcoming as it is mysterious. The landscape offers sweeping vistas, epic views, and plentiful biomes for Pokemon to inhabit. Additionally, Koraidon and Miraidon will be able to surf across open water and even fly through the sky to help players reach certain areas. 

Like the previous entry in the mainline series, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Scarlet and Violet feature Pokemon that are visible in the overworld. Rather than triggering battles by randomly encountering Pokemon in tall grass, you can see which monster you’re about to encounter and be selective about which you battle. It’s also possible that these games will use a similar open system for battling and catching Pokemon as Arceus. This goes hand-in-hand with the open-world design of the game, which gives players more freedom than ever before.

During the presentation, The Pokemon Company confirmed that Scarlet and Violet will feature the series-standard gym battles and Elite Four quests. However, this won’t be the only storyline available to players. Apparently, it will be one of three story scenarios that players can embark on. Players will be able to tackle each story at their own pace, and even jump between them during the game. This will give the games a more open feel, making them much more modern-feeling titles than their recent predecessors.

The Treasure Hunt

Another interesting mechanic introduced during the presentation is called “terastalize” Pokemon, Pokemon that have treasure-like gyms on their bodies. This mechanic will work similarly to Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax transformations from the previous games, allowing trainers to alter their Pokemon’s moves using their Tera Moves. These moves can change a Pokemon’s type–one example given is a Pikachu with the Flying type.

The stream also noted that you’ll be able to find Tera Pokemon with unique and rare Tera types if you compete in raids with other players. These raids look nearly identical to the Gigantamax raids from Pokemon Sword and Shield, indicating that the Tera Moves mechanic will likely function in a similar way to that one-off ability. Notably, terastalized Pokemon also have a striking, jewel-like appearance. Apparently, they’re considered valuable in the Pokemon universe, too, with NPCs instructing the player to go on a “treasure hunt” to find these rare and coveted creatures.

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet will be some of the biggest releases of the year when they hit the Switch on November 18. Fans are excited to explore a new region, see new Pokemon, and tackle new challenges–and the new open-world direction of the game is enough to have newcomers and veteran trainers alike jumping for joy. Your adventure in the Paldea Region starts soon. Do you know which starter Pokemon you’re picking yet?